Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday night results

Forestry Tasmania Premier League

Clarence United 1 (Stevens 54) b Kingborough Lions United 0


Clarence United 2-3 Kingborough Lions United

Hyundai A-League

Melbourne Victory 0-2 Central Coast Mariners


Greg Ludford said...

A huge result for CU that leapfrogs them into 4th & a chance for the N-S finals.
This PL season goes to the wire on a number of fronts that makes for an exciting final two games in this last round.

Uni need to keep winning (v HZ & NTE) to avoid relegation but Eagles need just one point (v SH & UNI) to stay up and sink Uni. These sides meet in the final game. Can UNI roll Zebras? Could it be all over this weekend?

Finals Series
4th place and a berth in the NS finals series is up for grabs between CU, KL & HO.
CU meet KL away then SH at home, KL also have HO last game while HO have GK on Friday for the Knights 3rd game in 7 days. Anything could happen here & all these sides will target the finals series because they are all capable of winning when playing at their best.

SH require a point and have the opportunity to finish on a high at their home ground this weekend v NTE
HZ need to keep winning but require SH to falter. They also have GK for their last game & if they play like they did on Tuesday evening they will give HZ a run for their money.

So, big games all round as we get to the pointy end of a rollercoaster season.

Captain said...

If Kingborough get a point off Clarence on Saturday they'll be confident of 4th, with a win over Olympic in last round.

Clarence will seal 4th only with a win on the weekend. On form they'd have to be favourites to do that.

South are home surely and well earnt given the troubles they had midseason.

Tommy said...


I'd argue that all clubs have had troubles at various points.

Zebras had to play three games in seven days against fresh/rested opposition each time, that week came during a period where they had the least amount of players to select from all season. One game in that run they had twelve players out across seniors and reserves.

Regardless South have done well given their issues, they do also bat a lot deeper than most other clubs.

Dr Richard Kimble said...

Watch out for Nick'The Mountain' Harrison back from injury for the Knights ressies tonight at KGV. The Mountain may cause a few headaches for the Olympic defence.

ginger said...


can you please clarify what you mean by the 'N-S finals' series.

as a player i have heard basically no information on what format this will take.

does N-S mean:
- north-south? (most unlikely)

- non-statewide (likely)

- no-silverware!! (most likely, perhaps FFT will give the winners an old womens junior knock out cup trophy for photo opportunities as has happened in recent past!!!)

all clubs and players accept finishing on top is the true indicator of the best team for the year. not sure what we hope to achieve with a meaningless finals series.

league both top and bottom to be concluded this weekend. no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Kimble where have you been, the Mountain has been quietly achieving achievable achievements the past couple of weeks!

Dmitri Nester said...


I reckon finals are a great idea, even if the prize is less meaningless than finishing first. At least clubs like Olympic, Clarence & Kingborough have something to play for in the last few matches of the season rather than just going through the motions.


New final series replaces the old state champioship where the winner of the North played the winner of the south.

Under this scenario you can finish 4th in your respective league but still be state champions.

idea keeps intereset for those who cant finish first and also increasees statewide exposure.

ginger said...
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Greg Ludford said...

Ginger – I meant North-South
This year there is a final N-S series where the top 4 sides in each Prem league play a knockout series over 3 weeks to decide a state winner. This replaces the previous 1st South v 1st North playoff.
The format was on FFT’s site a few weeks ago but it seems to have disappeared. The match days are still on the PL roster. From memory the format was something like:
Round 1
1st South v 4th North at South
2nd South v 3rd North at South ??

1st North v 4th South at North
2nd North v 3rd South at North ??

Round 2 = Round 1 winners – venue ?

Round 3 = Final – venue ?

I reckon it’s a good idea & should be a well attended series. It’s an entirely separate competition to the h&a league & should not be confused with it. It gives 4 clubs from each league an opportunity to play knockout games and in the first round it gives fans an opportunity to see a double header involving new sides at each end of the state.

As for silverware I assume FFT will take the cash and the clubs will be rewarded with the debt (particularly the travellers), as is standard practice for football in this state. (Please excuse the cynicism, I’m a little bitter and twisted!!)

R U Serious Ref said...

Dmitri. You say that having the final series stops clubs from going through the motions towards the end of the season. I agree but I guess Olympic kind of ruined their chance of the finals by playing goal keepers, against Uni, that made it look like the club were going through the motions. I could be wrong but from where I sit, & I know a fw others that thought the same, it did look like Olympic had given up because they knew they couldn't get relegated so didn't really care who played or didn't have enough players to pick from. As I said, I may be wrong & I hope I am

Dmitri Nester said...

R U serious ref, unfortunately myself and stratos were both interstate last weekend and therefore the opportunity presented itself for the under 19's keeper who has trained hard all year and deserved a chance. It was unfortunate for him and the club that he didnt have his best game by reports but he tried his best as did the rest of the team. From what I have heard we had our chance to win the game in the second half after trailing 4-0 in the first. How can this be a sign of a team that is going through the motions?