Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday results

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy Final

Clarence United 2 (own-goal 2, L Huigsloot 66) b Northern Rangers 0

Women's State-wide Cup Final

Hobart Olympic 4 (Cantrell 3, Morris) b Clarence United 1 (Crow)

Under-19 Cup Final

Clarence United 1 (Reibel) b Tilford Zebras 0

Division One

Taroona 4 (Atkinson, Luttmer, Elliott, Dove) b Beachside 0
Hobart United 6-3 Christian United
Metro 2-2 Nelson Eastern Suburbs


Taroona 0-0 Beachside
Hobart United 3-0 Christian United


Taroona 6-0 Beachside
Hobart United 3-0 Christian United

Division Two

New Town Eagles White 3-4 New Town Eagles Red

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Devonport City 6-2 Burnie United


The Phoenix said...

Walter I think that should be Luke Not jacob that scored for the seniors .

Walter said...


Of course you are right. Thanks for alerting me to it. Have fixed it. It's been a long but enjoyable day!

FFT deserve congratulations on the way they organised it and the way it ran. Even the PA system worked. Top officials, particularly in the Milan Lakoseljac Final, and great effort by all teams and players.

The atmosphere was tremendous and it was great to see a northern side with new faces for us in the south and lots of supporters from Launceston.

Ril said...

Personally I wouldn't be raving too much about FFT as the presentation/PA side was pretty amateur from my view, not that I was expecting any different. Although I agree that the refereeing was pretty good.

The crowd was also good and the Men's game was supported in good spirits from both sides. Pretty impressive turnout from Clarence supporters/players, helped no doubt by having 3 teams in finals of course.

Congratulations to Clarence for a good win in the Men's final, and for gaining some silverware at the top level for the first time in 31 years apparently.

Coxy said...

so how many people turned up for the day?

Walter said...

Coxy, the various estimates ranged from 500 to 750. I'd probably settle for 500. There was no gate-keeper until just after noon and there were some people already in by then and quite a few cars. Perhaps FFT can give us more accurate attendance figures.

How many at your game?

How many at North Chigwell? I haven't heard a word from Metro. No scores, no news. In fact, no team news before the weekend yet again. Very disappointing for a team that is the league leader!

Captain said...

So what constitutes an own goal?

Young McIntyre's shot was on target but took a wicked defelection to beat the keeper. Shouldn't he be credited with the goal?

I was surprised when the ground announcer said that was an og and obviouslt the ref has backed that up.

I would have thought the crowd (although in good voice) was much smaller than the Summer Cup Final, which was pegged as 600.

Walter said...


Own-goals are interesting. Some places have match or goal review committees which view video footage of such things and determine whether they're an own goal or not.

We aren't that sophisticated here, although in this particular case it wouldn't be too difficult as Stefano Lufi filmed the match and the footage could be viewed.

The Italians are the most rigorous in regard to own-goals. In Italy, even the slightest touch by another player (a defender) results in the goal being deemed an own-goal, even if the initial shot was on target.

In this case, perhaps some would argue that the keeper would have had it if there had been no deflection, even if the free-kick was on target.

I went with the referee on this one as I didn't have a clear view of who it came off and how much of a deflection there was.

Unknown said...

In association football, when players kick or otherwise cause the ball to go into their own side's goal, it results in a goal being scored for the opposition.
An own goal cannot be scored directly from an attacking throw-in or a defending free kick (a corner kick will be awarded to the attacking team if so should happen), and under certain other circumstances, for example, directly from a corner kick.
It doesn't matter if the defending team violates the rules when a goal is scored, so an own goal can be scored with the hands.
The player who caused the ball to go into their own goal is personally "credited" with the goal as part of the statistical abstract of the game unless a goal is scored after a shot (by the attacking side) is deflected into the net by a defending player. In that case, officials determine if the original shot was on target. If so, the attacker is awarded the goal, even if the shot would have otherwise been easily saved by the goalkeeper. Some scorers will give credit to the attacker if the defender's mistake caused the own goal, similar to ice hockey.

Unknown said...

the abovementioned is a wiki description. The jury is out whether wiki is a good source.

Corey Smith said...

Top Officials? Questionable I would say some of the decisions on off side in particular there was one in the second half i was in line with that was about a metre onside when pulled up.....
Why were the top 3 officials in the state officiating the final?

Captain said...

Corey - why were or why weren't ??

Captain Australia said...

From a Ranger point of veiw, Refs were ok at best we thought, but in the north, they let us play, without bowing the whistle every time some one sneezes, also wouldnt even allow the center back to call for offside during the game???

centre ref came into the rooms and said (with over baring authority) he would be holding the whistle back for 2 seconds to look and allow for advantage, however, the guy must have had it as a breathing assitant as he blew it pretty quickly all night. Very supprised to see Connors booked for diving when he copped plenty of boot late in the second half.

I wouldnt say they did a bad job, I am just a fan of seeing the game played rather than officiated!

Ril said...

Unfortunately Captain, it's been that way down here for too long. So much so, that any refs that come along and let play flow a bit more rather than turning it into a game of Netball like certain refs that get a lot of the top games (not Kim), begin to lose control of the game/players, as they are not used to a bit of physicality in the game. It's a shame, as when you look at the EPL etc., it's a completely different game in terms of what you can/can't do on the field - the way it should be played.

There were a few soft/bad calls, but thought they went both ways throughout the game, but overall have seen plenty worse. The majority of the offside calls looked spot on from where I was, but there was only one that I can think of that seemed wrong which I think Corey is referring to. Again even if one was wrong, seen many worse games, and players made a lot more mistakes!

Captain said...

Hey Ril, I wasn't commenting on the refs - just trying to clarirfy what I thought Corey's question was.

Ril said...

Sorry, I meant the other Captain above my post, I didn't notice the two posts being by similiar names, otherwise I would've put his full name.