Monday, October 12, 2009

Northern Rangers, University, Hobart United and other news

Adam Whitemore will take over from Roslan Sa’ad as senior coach of Northern Rangers next season.

Sa’ad, who took Rangers to the Northern league title and to the final of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy, will return to Singapore in December to continue his teaching career in the island republic.

Whitemore is no stranger to Northern Rangers, having had a stint there as coach in 2005.

He coached George Town United in the 1990s and played for them in the State League.

He is also a former player and captain of Northern Rangers.

His assistant will be Tony Ludby, who has also been associated with George Town United and Northern Rangers in the past as a player.

* * * * * *

University must be complimented on their website, which contains an extensive history of the club which was founded 60 years ago.

Former player Jeff Connolly had devoted years - and many, many hours during those years - in compiling the club’s history.

He has painstakingly researched “The Mercury” and recorded all references to the University club in that 60 years.

If one is interested in the club’s senior side of any particular year, for example, the line-up, results and scorers can be found on the website at:

There are also some very interesting photos from matches, which were taken by former player Rhett Knight, who is now a Barbershop Quartet singer.

Connolly deserves a medal for his detailed work because, when the University clubrooms were destroyed by fire in the 1980s, he rescued much of the historical material that was stored there.

If it hadn’t been for Connolly, much of the club’s history would have been lost.

The website even contains referee reports from games involving University, and dozens and dozens of player registration cards, complete with photo ID.

If you were a University player in the 1970s and you were sent off, you may well find a referee’s report on the site detailing the circumstances of the send-off.

The site is well worth a look (there is a link on the FFT website) and it is easy to navigate through it.

It may give other clubs some ideas for their own sites. Incidentally, the number of club sites is increasing and the standard is improving.

* * * * *

Launceston United are keen to do better next season after collecting the wooden spoon in the Northern Premier League this season.

Hobart United coach Mark Broadbent has, apparently, been approached to be coach, while it has also been reported that Corey Smith has been offered a playing position at the club, with no requirement tor him to train with the club. He can just travel up for matches.

Goalkeeper Michael McKenna is a possible addition to Taroona’s Premier League squad for next season as they return to the top flight.

McKenna is currently employed by Vikings Futsal and is hoping to be fit for the outdoor game next season.

There are also reports starting to trickle through that Hobart United may fold.

They won the Division One league title in 2008 and this past season determined the destination of the title when they beat Metro in the final league match of the season to hand promotion to Taroona.

Many of the club’s committee have resigned and it will be up to the remaining players and supporters to take over the reins.

If they choose not to do so, the club will be history.



Walter on FFT web site and my contacts up here, Mark Egan has been appointed Lonnie United (current FFT development officer for north).

Find the Corey Smith thing very unlikely but you never know

Old Man River said...

Would Taroona want McKenna back? Once bitten twice shy...

Southern said...

Into the fray,
Mike back into Taroona's squad???

Seem to be some good keepers there at the moment and fitness may be an issue for him.

Captain Australia said...

c'mon Corey, confirm or deny?

Would Corey ever leave the beloved Knights?

Walter said...

Rangers President

My news was probably a little dated. Perhaps they approached Mark Broadbent before they finally appointed Mark Egan. Anyway, good luck to Launceston United and to Mark Egan for the coming season.


Yep Corey come on mate confirm or deny. If you are willing to travel all that way to play with a team that is rumoured will be weaker, I am positive our staff could find a place for you in our squad.

Rosland speaks highly of you, through your futsal contacts

Dr Richard Kimble said...

I Heard Corey has been approached by Brisbane Roar after the sacking of Frank Farina.

mad old man said...

I heard Corey took on a male grizzly bear with his bare hands and won!

eightball said...

this corey/launie thing is a little more complicated than most think. sad but true smithers was approached a towards the end of this season, with word of him having to spend more time up north for futsal. arrangements are still needed to be met, but apparantely as usual, knights were trying to drive a bargain for the anteater. as it turns out, a few players from launie city are looking to move to hobart for uni, so some swap may be made so long as certain players apparentely including matt russel, and jackson marsh can make the move also. save themselves some petrol in these economic times for sure.

Also early news for player moves already, include charlie "china" white, who was overheard talking to some knights players last sat night after his induction into the lions life membership about a switch to glenorchy. word was that the three time best and fairest was not happy with his current club wantiong to move him on for a fresh batch of new players. china white is a proud player, and any club looking to make a run for next year could def use the big swing mans ability.

googles said...

eightball i think you might be a bit off mate, jackson marsh is on contract at knights and will not leave there, have heard russel might be seeking game time at a higher level thoough and have heard south hobart are interested as morton is a fan of his, on the corey smith case i think he must of hacked in to walters computer just to get his name on the blog

Old Man River said...

Don't get me wrong Southern, his experience would be valuable, but it's pretty destabilising when your first choice keeper is out for half the season. I'm sure Metro would agree.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Geez, Hobart United may not play Div 1.
That leaves 6 clubs. A success for FFT's grand plan you would think.
A plan that has weakened a lot of clubs, mine included.
I hope United dont play Div 2. I still have nightmares chasing their players around the park a couple of years ago.
Maybe the "criteria" for Div 2 is more alluring for clubs like this, Cannons, Huon Valley, or dare I say DOSA.

Corey Smith said...

Haha a mountain from a molehill.. I am surprise surprise not signing for Launceston and will to my knowledge be playing for knights again next season?? Haven't really thought about it too much as Futsal is my main priority.... and will be going forward......
Thanks rangers president! if i was to travel north every week which is actually a fun but unfortunately impracticle idea i would certainly look around first... from watching the clips on you tubes it looks as though you are actually aloud to tackle in that league?? lol

oh and mad old man i did have a few scratches after that run in with the bear!! but other than that unscathed!! lol

Rage against the machine said...

Eightball, you are trying to be something you are obviously not...knowledgeable. Charlie White is a lion. He's retired due to family reasons but if he plays with anyone it would be in the Lion's colours. If you are going to deal in rumours, at least try and make them plausible.

ginger said...


i have a couple of questons about your post.
1. how is it that knights have marsh on contract? i thought the league was fully amateur now???

2. if they are paying him to play, they may want to be a bit wiser in future. from my recollection he spent most of the season on the pine. (not a comment on his ability as i think he is senior material)

charlie white will never play in different stripes. end of story.

Marcus said...

disgruntled knights player perhaps!
Matt Russel? marsh? hardly trade talk potential.

Has Russel ever actually played a game of senoirs before?

also found out something interesting. a reliable source tells me that corey literally has about 6 accounts. any wonder why he gets talked about so much lol.

some ego aye

Anonymous said...

Haha how funny. Fellas, they are taking the piss, it's a joke obviously. Thought you'd pick up on it!

And yes, i've played a bit of seniors in the past, not under Kelly, though.

googles said...

ginger im only saying what i have been told mate, i got told that jackson marsh is on a contract to knights not to fft, he is on 100 a game as he catches a taxi to training twice a week plus boots and rego wich has been confirmed by a committee memeber of the club so dont shoot the messenger mate, diamond eye it wouldnt suprise me if corey had 15 accounts fighting with himself

Corey Smith said...

plain and simple! what a load of rubbish this post is!

get a life guys!

Marsh - None is true

Russell - None is true

Myself - Nothing true

Charlie White - Nothing true

All you are doing is making a creditable blog site a joke!

Walter I would look at banning some of the url's.

googles said...

omg i can not beleive corey has asked for someone to get banned after all the stuff he has wrote on here what a joke, as for the jackson marsh issue i was very wrong as i spoke to his mate brad marsland at isobar last night and he is definatly staying as he lays carpet and takes phone calls for eamonn's buisness

Anonymous said...

Marsland best on ground all year with OHA according to many sources

jerrie kruijver said...

any more news on the fate of hobart united walter?