Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Both Tasmanian sides lose at Newcastle tournament today

Both Tasmanian sides lost their matches at the 2010 Veto Under-13 tournament in Newcastle today.

FFT North-West went down 2-0 to the Newcastle Select XI, while Capital Football New Zealand overcame FFT South 4-0.

These results put FFT North-West in 6th place on the 8-team ladder, while FFT South are last.

FFT North-West meet FFT South tomorrow morning.

In the evening, FFT North-West take on Capital Football New Zealand, while FFT South have an appointment with South Australia Metro.

On Thursday, FFT North-West play Northern NSW Country and FFT South meet Alice Springs.


Anonymous said...

Some transfer stories for you. Young Sammy Mac to south.
Jono Ladic to knights.
Brendan garth to olympia.
Shae Hickey to olympia.
The national Under 19 Korean team to south.

Anonymous said...

samm mac to olymmpia as well as liam scot...?

marsh said...

Ladic not welcome at Knights.

Anonymous said...

also Mackenna to put the gloves back on for Olympia

Anonymous said...

Money talks........

Anonymous said...

17 tasmanian teams traveled to brisbane last week for the vikings futsal national school championships of which two teams made grand finals, 3 players made all star 5 selections and 3 coaches won awards for coach of the tournament in their age group. Any chance this may get covered?

I'm Back said...

Don't worry about Mackenna pulling on the gloves for Olympic. How is he going to pull on a top ?

Anonymous said...

who cares about vikings?

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that out of 170 players only 3 players achieved representative honours?
Lets guess who the coaches were Corey Smith (Vikings Employee), Romeo Frediani (Vikings Employee) and who else probably one of your night managers Mckeena, Huigsloot or someone like that.

Anonymous said...

having been to a vikins national championship finals, allstars, rep players etc. means very little, its all very mickey mouse, even I was selected as a rep and I am happy to admit I'm not very good, just went for fun

correct assessment said...

It actually means that in every age group they pick 5 all stars and a coach, which is voted on by EVERY coach in the tournament unlike in the past. So out of around 10-15 teams in an age group and over 70 odd kids they pick the best 5 and a coach. We had 3 players make these sides and 3 coaches. Who cares about vikings? probably about 300 kids that go away each year and most of the players around the state who are part of the 200+ teams playing weekly in tasmania?

Anonymous said...

correct assessment

You are clearly a vikings employee. By looking at your website (www.tasfutsal.com) it isnt near 200 youth teams. 100 in the south maybe, but not near that in the north. You dont even run in Launceston.

Do you even have a senior competition?

Corey Smith said...

Hi All,

Just to clear up this non sense.

Vikings Futsal Tasmania will have over 200 teams across the state this year. Most don't have rosters up on web yet as they are not starting until next week.

Juniors Hobart - 110
Seniors Hobart - 50
Devonport Juniors - 15
Burnie Juniors - 20
Burnie Seniors - 25
Dodges Ferry - 15

We will also have competitions starting in first term in other areas with confirmed teams already and other initiatives. Nothing in Launceston at present and more than happy to chat and explain why and what plans we have there. We also have several other regions that we believe will be up and going in the next 24 months. Happy to provide strategic plans to anyone interested. Small steps.

If you are going to question what we are doing with Futsal than please do it with education of what they are actually doing.

We had 160 kids travel away to School Championships in Brisbane last week and had a bit of success but a lot of these teams are not the best of the best as we select these teams from local school championships as we do across the board in every state. We do trials and select the best tasmanian sides for national club in january, our trials are next week.

Hopefully in the future there will be less Vikings knocking and we can all work together and try and offer the kids what they deserve to be offered?

Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and I know that this will get negative comments written about it as normal but I feel it was far from the truth above and needed reply. Wouldn't be too hard to guess who some of the people above commenting actually are either.

Any Futsal queries email me on corey@vikingsfutsal.net