Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Premier League coaches for 2011

Photos (Top to Bottom): Nick Harrison, Glenorchy Knights coach, in conversation with South Hobart coach Ken Morton last Sunday; Anthony Grundy is Glenorchy Knights' new assistant coach; Romeo Frediani is back at the helm of Tilford Zebras; Andrew Brown has been retained by Clarence United; George Krambousanos will be in charge of New Town Eagles for a third year in a row, ignoring the famous Bela Guttman's advice that 'a third year is fatal'; Chris Hey will be seeking to consolidate at Olympia Warriors; Brett Pullen (left) is in charge at Beachside after Nathan Robinson (right) relinquished the position [PlessPix]

It seems as if Kingborough Lions United are the only Premier League side still to name their senior coach for the 2011 season.

The club are expected to name their supremo soon, so watch this space.

Champions South Hobart will again be coached by Ken Morton, the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League coach-of-the-year for 2010.

Morton has just returned from the UK, where he introduced a party of youngsters to life at Manchester United and also established links with other clubs such as Newcastle United.

Some of the boys even met Wayne Rooney in the car park at one of United’s training grounds.

There will be more on this story later.

Runners-up Tilford Zebras have reappointed Romeo Frediani, a former ex-player who cut his teeth as a coach in the Premier League last season.

The club has also appointed former senior coach Nick Lapolla as its coaching director.

Glenorchy Knights’ coach in 2011 will be Nick Harrison, and his assistant will be senior player Anthony Grundy.

Clarence have stuck with Andrew Brown, but the club’s director of coaching Franco Previdi is taking a break until January before making a decision about whether he will continue in the role next season.

George Krambousanos will again be in charge of New Town Eagles. It will be his third straight year with the club.

Olympia, who survived in the Premier League by the skin of their teeth in 2010, will have Chris Hey at the helm again as they continue his program of rejuvenation.

Their new headquarters and artificial pitch will be a huge talking point in 2011 and it will be fascinating to see how the club performs.

Newcomers Beachside will be coached by Brett Pullen, who has vast playing experience.

Life in the top flight is always tough for promoted teams and this assignment will test Pullen’s mettle.


Anonymous said...

chris heys head was on the chopping block last year and now all of a sudden olympia and chris hey are all the talk, if all goes to plan they might win three games instead of two this year

Anonymous said...

will be an interesting season next year, south the team to beat still but without beecroft,lo,scott,roach,kanarkis,brown,hickey this will bring them back to the field, zebras will drop i feel they wont improve and will not pick up players, knights need a centre back,centre mid and a decent striker without these they will drop down the ladder, eagles will be eagles and start poor and finish mid table, clarence need to produce with all the money being spent over there can not see it happening though, kingbrough tough to beat at home but terrible away will be a relegation candidate, olympia will be a big improver and will have home ground advantage on the fake grass and will b top 4, beachside will be hard to beat at home on a tight sandown park and will survive

my ladder predictions

MR Jingles

Anonymous said...

browny going again??? really....

Anonymous said...

With south losing absolute quality next season, it will be interesting to see how long morton stays when they arent sitting top any more. I hope for the clubs sake he doesnt leave but as soon as they cant win the title any more, he will be on the next plane out of here. Knights will finish 4th or 5th depending on who stays. Same with Clarence, if they only lose a couple of older guys and not the young ones, with the players they will pick up next season should finsh better than 4th. zebras top three, Olympic 6/7. Playing on synthetic will only help the futsal kids of which olympic have very few. Kingborough will battle with beach for relagation. New Town is the dark horse for me. could scrape 4th in but more likely 7/8. No depth. A long list is the key to success in this league.

South = Best and longest list. Will still be the team to beat. But a trip can become a fall very quickly.

Zebras = Good list, ressies and 19's under performed, possibly coached poorly.

Knights = Better depth than Zebras, if they dont pick up senior players they will struggle.

Clarence = Next longest list to South, which showed in ressies/19s results. but need top end quality to have a chance.

New Town = Average list, need an attitude adjustment from the top down to get any success.

King = Average list, worse depth, hardly any decent kids coming through.

Olympic = Good depth, average top end, need to recruit. Have good attitude and lots of financial backing.

Beach = Will have strongish senior list but absolutely no depth. will win games but will struggle to stay up.

Anonymous said...

Farrel Shaw confirmed as Beachside senior assistant coach.

Anonymous said...

kingborough doesnt have anyone coming through? are you joking? they have the youngest team in the league and decent players such as bevan, bremner, leamey and schuth coming through who are all 18-20. their u19s have some quality players finishing 3rd (from 8th the year before), and couldve easily done better. kingborough will be up there again soon dont worry about that

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:39 PM said "King = Average list, worse depth, hardly any decent kids coming through."

My friend
If you looked at the under 19 league you would see that the Kingborough Under 19's team came third behind South and Clarance, maybe if things went their way they could of finished higher. Don't write off the youth at Kingo yet!!

Anonymous said...

Olympia will need 3 or 4 quality recruits to be out of the relegation battle. It may take a copule of years to break into the top 4. BUT the coach must be the best looking out of a pretty ordinary lot. Walter, was Browny on drugs when that photo was taken or what?

Walter said...

Anonymous 10.41pm, Andrew had just won the 2009 coach-of-the-year award and I think he was just jubilant.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the way some people postulate of how a club/team/player will do in the upcoming season? The one thing I have learned about teams, you have no idea who is going where until the first ball of the PROPER season is kicked. Even the Summer Cup is not reliable as a form or player guide. So to suggest one team is premier and one team is relegation bound is a bit like pissing in the wind. Relieves pressure on the bladder but makes you look both wet and if some people on here need confirmation of that.

Anonymous said...

Gary Sweet look a like?

Anonymous said...

ANON 12 27, not too sure i agree with all that my friend. Olympia 2nd? Zebras below Clarence? Uh uh. Top three will still be, as it always is!!!


your comments make a little more sense, although for South, i do believe they will pick up a few, Zebras NEED to hold onto players like Ladic and Crosswell, Knights problem is not a centre back, they have Huigsloot and Holmes, both state players of the past, a very good pairing. They just need to be both played in their right positions! A centre mid looks more realistic though. Boro, terrible. No one can stick up for Boro, their youth coming through isn't that great at all, i agree with comments suggesting they need a coach from outside the club.

Anonymous said...

Kingborough's oldest senior player is 23 of course they are going to be inconsistent.. they do have the skill and team to push top 2-3 and there wouldnt be many players/coaches 75% confident of winning against lions at any ground.. BRING ON THE SEASON!!

Anonymous said...

"Quote" - there wouldn't be many coaches 75% confident of winning against the lions on any ground...

Mate are you kidding???

Having played in and watched alot of the premier league in Tassie over the past 10 years or, I would like to think that if ANY coach wasn't confident in BEATING the lions home or away, then I wouldn't want them coaching me as the Lions aren't much chop. I know if my coach said to me, we are going to struggle today as I think the Lions are a slick unit.. I am afraid I would have to laugh at him!!!
Good luck to them and Yes, bring on the season but i doubt they will be mixing it with the top 4.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Self heading down to Beachside pre-season.

Anonymous said...

King are terrible

Anonymous said...

kingorough finished 6th, oldest senior player is 23, 19s finished 3rd and everyone says they will get relegated, while olympia survived the drop by goal difference, their reserves and 19s also finished last and 2nd last but everyone thinks they will be a top four club!?
what a joke! if any of these teams are going to get better it will kingborough

Maxi said...

Bring on the new season! Only 5 and a bit months to go!

Anonymous said...

Kingbourgh been promising for years delivered nothing u need to have a good look at your club stop giving in house coaching jobs all the time smell the roses and make the change!

Anonymous said...

kingboroughs 19s team were older on average than many reserve teams

Anonymous said...

no kingborough's 19s actually had quite a young team, mostly 15/16 and only one of them will be too old next season. they have an excellent coach who got them playing good football, going from last to 3rd with the same players in one season

Anonymous said...

turn it up, most clubs have 15 and 16 year olds in seniors and reserves

Anonymous said...

got to be happy with browny coaching your boys .promises lots delivers nothing .cant believe clarence reappointed him no wonder previdi shook his head in disbelief at the shambles at clarence.too long browny.maybe you need to ask browny if you can post this comment walter .ps no swearing.

Anonymous said...

andrew brown most coaches realise when its time to go .maybe its time to hand the reigns back to your first teacher darren grainger who has taken the rovers to 2 flags in a row ,lets not forget he was responsible for getting clarence where they are today ,as a past player that played in that era ,have a look in the clubrooms history wise players today would not even know who we were .go olympic

Anonymous said...

Browny has been great for Clarence, Prvidi just a pretender, hood thing he's gone didn't do anything anyway. With an ordinary list of players Browny gets a fair bit from his boys...There don't have very good players over there

Anonymous said...

seems a lot of clarence peopel are happy to see franco go. wonder what browny reckons.

Anonymous said...

how can brownys time be up, coached the state champions last year, and has consistently finished in the top 4 the last few years, if he picks up a couple of experienced players and with the reserves he has coming through clarence will have a strong enough team to be an strong contender this coming season

Anonymous said...

Browny a good coach and a top bloke.

Think you will find Crosswell will be at the Northern Champions in 2011, is working in Launceston.

Anonymous said...

"darren grainger got the club to where it is now" what an absolutely rediculous statement! He, along with others at that time, drove the club into oblivion. It wasnt until Browny came along with the very few that came with him at the time that STARTED to get the club to where it is today. NO other coach in the southern premier league has taken a club from absolute bottom of the ladder to a consistant top four side who last year won laka cup and were state champions. Just because you dont like him personally does not mean "his time is up" or "he should go". id like to see Ken Morton go to a club like dosa and make them state champs, coz believe me, clarence were THAT bad.

P.S Franco = good bloke, doubt clarence will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.19

don't agree with anything in that post but medication is available.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:45, please tell me which bits you dont agree with and WHY?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Walter, send out a bit of love to the northern league! We aren't blessed with someone who writes and blogs with the enthusiasm and passion that you have for the game. I am more than happy to help with any info.

As for this post, It is good to see my old Northern Suburbs coach doing the job at Olympic.

This coming season will be my first at coaching at senior level and I look forward to the challenge.

It amazes me how eager some people are to have a dig at the appointment of coaches. If you don't like someone coaching your club then join the respective committee and do something about it. If you are commenting on a coach at another club then it's either sour grapes or none of your business. Most clubs advertise the coaching positions after the season is finished and nothing is stopping you from applying and doing a better job seeing as though you appear to be experts.

I wish all the above coaches the best of luck for the following season and I hope to see some of you in the Laka Cup.

Nick Owen (Ulverstone)

Jundy said...

Anon October 30, 2010 5:43 PM, October 30, 2010 5:35 PM & November 2, 2010 4:45 PM

Clarence 2000 (Coach: Darren Granger) -
P:16 W:3 D:3 L:10 GF:23-GA:58 Pts:12
Placed 8th/9 teams

Clarence 2002 (Coach: Les Ware) -
P:18 W:2 D:1 L:15 GF:11-GA:88 Pts:7
Placed 9th/10 teams

Clarence 2004
(Coach: Andrew Brown) -
P:16 W:6 D:5 L:5 GF:32-GA:28 Pts:23
Placed 4th/9 teams

Anon October 30, 2010 5:43 PM:
Took Browny all of 1 season to get a club who's only points were coming from DOSA into the top 4.
If that's not delivering I don't know what is. The team is now winning cups and never an easy-beat, taking points off of every team in 2010 (including South Hobart).

October 30, 2010 5:35 PM:
"wise players today would not even know who we were."
Have a look at the tables above (2000-2002) and you'll see why.
"he (Darren Granger) was responsible for getting clarence where they are today"
Unless football back then was played like golf, trying to get the least amount of points possible, I'm going to say that statement in fact isn't true!

Not an attack on Darren Granger, don't even know the bloke, or bias in anyway to Andrew Brown, just facts.

Peace Out,

Jake Undy

Anonymous said...

Very well said Jake and very true.