Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soccer Forum, a publication for the 1970s

Photos (Top to Bottom): The cover of "Soccer Forum" from June 1971, a publication that cost just 10 cents, showing Joe Hanna of Juventus heading at the White Eagles goal; Match photos by Bruno Nester and published in "Soccer Forum"; Photos by Bruno Nester of the Tasmania versus England FA game at North Hobart; It was a wet winter in 1971 and these photos by Bruno Nester in "Soccer Forum" were proof of that; Croatia's George Sarfalvy outjumps Juventus goalkeeper Bruno Cengia while Mario Falzon and John Genovesi look on; A team photo of Eastern Suburbs appeared in "Soccer Forum"; More match photos by Bruno Nester; Were there more spectators at South Hobart in those days? Have a look for yourself, and note the Keens Curry sign which is still on the hill today; Juventus goalkeeper John Howlin (who later became a referee) in action in a game against Olympia, with the late Hugh Robertson on the left; Juventus Under-19s featured in "Soccer Forum"; Kingborough Lions; South Hobart Under-19s, including John Barker; St Virgils team photo with former goalkeeper, STSA committee man and White Eagles official John Steenhuis at the left of the back row; Taroona High School team of 1971; Taroona United Metropolitan Division 2 team; The 1971 Juventus squad; The cover of the August 1971 edition of "Soccer Forum" [Courtesy of the Ralph Dymond Collection]

A popular publication about local soccer in the early 1970s was “Soccer Forum”.

It was produced monthly by the Southern Tasmanian Soccer Association (STSA) and a copy cost just10 cents.

Bruno Nester was a prominent photographer at the time. He was the father of current Olympia goalkeeper, Dmitri Nester.

Bruno was a regular at games and his photos were used in “Soccer Forum” and provided a valuable pictorial record of the time.

Each club was asked to contribute news each month. Most clubs obliged, but there were some months when certain clubs failed to provide copy.

The ‘letters-to-the-editor’ section produced lively debate about topics of the day.

There were a couple of local radio programmes at that time, too, and two of the hosts, Fred Cunningham and Benny Woods, had their own column in “Soccer Forum”.

They often trod on the toes of the STSA on their programme, while the STSA would sometimes hit back at the two radio personalities in the magazine’s editorial.

And many years later, along came the internet, where topics can be highlighted instantly on a daily basis and responses and comments published immediately.

Followers of the game no longer have to wait a month for issues to be aired in a magazine.

Most clubs have their own websites, while there are several blog sites operating.

And, game highlights can be seen within hours on YouTube because of the excellent work of Mr Video, Stefano Lufi.


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