Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hobart Olympic win Reserve section Summer Cup

(Top to Bottom) Officials: Brenton Kopra, Ian Colhoun, Jason Priest, Greg Balmer.
Hobart Olympic starting XI
Hobart Olympic squad
Clarence United squad


[Hobart Olympic win 5-4 in penalty shoot-out.]

Hobart Olympic took the lead in the 12th minute through a George Kalis penalty, awarded for a foul on Dipendra Kunwar.

Kunwar had a great game, his electric pace and accurate, intelligent passing giving Clarence plenty of problems.

Olympic should have had a second goal in the 18th minute when Kunwar’s run down the left breached the Clarence defence, but his team-mates were unable to make the most of his final pass.

The ball went to Emmanuel Tsakiris, who delayed his shot and chose to pass the ball inside to Peter Otto, who missed a great opportunity to score.

It appeared that Kunwar had been fouled as he made his pass, but the referee took no action.

Clarence had a great claim for a penalty two minutes later when Andrew Barron showed great skill and pace in rounding Jacky Kuel in limited space on the left of the box, only to go down inside the box, but again, the referee took no action.

Six minutes after the break, Barron’s dangerous shot was turned wide by Stratos Plomaritis for a fruitless corner.

A minute later, Kunwar’s tremendous speed again opened up the Clarence defence and his perfect pass to Dimitris Kanakaris was wasted with a shot straight at the goalkeeper.

Sloppy defending by Olympic four minutes from the end enabled Clarence to equalise. The ball was given away on Olympic’s left flank and it was knocked into the middle, where David Hoppitt equalised with a marvellous right-foot volley that gave Plomaritis no chance as it flashed into his top left-hand corner of the net.

Olympic had defender Jacky Kuel sent off shortly before the end of normal time, but Clarence were unable to capitalise.

Extra-time proved goalless and a penalty shoot-out was used to determine the winner of this Reserve section of the Summer Cup.

Kunwar, Dimitris Kanakaris, Harry Skalidis, Lee Mason and Emmanuel Tsakiris scored penalties for Olympic, as did Adam Mahoney, Brendan Garth, Adam Knapek and Barron for Clarence, but when Jake Undy shot wide, it was Olympic’s trophy.


Clarence United coach, Phil Evans, said:

“I thought our boys played really well. They played good football.

“If we’d taken our chances, it could have been a different game.”

Hobart Olympic coach, Tony Tarros, said:

“I wasn’t happy at all.

“We gave the ball away far too often.

“When we were down to ten men we played better and that sometimes happens in football.”

Clarence United: Cornish - Mahoney, Mayne, Sparks, Lenck - Garth, Knapek, Darby, Cashion - Hoppitt, Barron [Substitutes: Luckman, Stevens, Undy]

Booked: Undy, Mayne

Goals: Hoppitt 86

Hobart Olympic: Plomaritis - Kalis - Skalidis, Kuel, Saric - P Otto, Mason, Markellos, Rume - E Tsakiris, Kunwar [Substitutes: S Mohamad, Percy, D Kanakaris, Miranda]

Sent off: Kuel

Goals: Kalis 12 pen

Ref: I Colhoun

Att: 600


Krauser said...

the player who was sent off for slapping the clarence player shld have been sent off in the first half for headbutting the same player, dirty disgracful behaviour.

Captain said...

Agreed. Wasn't the only infringement missed ...

The Gonky said...

My concern was with the penalty given and play at the other end of the park a few minutes later.

I'm not going to conjecture over the merits of the actual penalty.

That said, a challenge a few minutes later at the other end saw a Clarence player go down, but the referee awarded a free kick to Olympic.

Nobody in the crowd could figure it was for anything but simulation.

If that's the case, why wasn't the player also booked?

Unless I've gone absolutely stupid, it's either a penalty for felling the player, or a yellow card for the dive?

Captain said...

I think 599 of those present would have given a penalty. Ref was 600th!

Dubious penalty given, obvious one denied + 2 goals disallowed = tad unlucky.

Krauser said...

For sure it was a pen.
blatant obvious.
but i still dnt see how they can miss a head butt..?

reality said...

good call boof

reality said...

lets hope the clarence boys get a fair deal this week for the rematch