Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New season launched and new naming rights sponsor revealed

The eight Premier League representative players 'kick off' the 2009 season at KGV Park

Football Federation Tasmania league competitions will benefit from a major sponsorship deal through the Forestry Tasmania/Southern Cross Television Community Assist Program.

Michael McIntyre, FFT’s CEO, said the major naming rights sponsorship would contribute significantly to soccer in Tasmania.

“In recognition of this, the league will be known as the Forestry Tasmania Premier League,” McIntyre said.

“We believe the sponsorship will have ongoing benefits for all our 32 member clubs and 14,000 participants.

“Forestry Tasmania’s support will contribute to the significant progress that has been achieved in recent years in developing football and providing opportunities from grassroots through to premier league.

“It will bolster the restructure of the competition that has been put in place by our professional management team and will even better place us to take advantage of the expected growth in the game during the next 10 years.”

Forestry Tasmania corporate relations and tourism manager, Ken Jeffreys, said the Forestry Tasmania /Southern Cross Television Community Assist Program was established to provide financial assistance and project support to individuals and organisations throughout Tasmania who work hard to make their communities better places to live.

“This year sponsorship has been allocated to 15 organisations,” Mr Jeffreys said.

“FFT has received the major sponsorship in the ‘building state pride’ category in recognition of the health, sporting and community advantages it offers to so many young people state-wide.

“In these difficult economic times, companies like Forestry Tasmania need to step up and we are proud to be able to sponsor Football Federation Tasmania and the ongoing and widespread benefits the organisation provides for Tasmanians.”

The sponsorship agreement was officially launched at KGV Football House in Grove Rd, Glenorchy, tonight.

The Southern Premier League kicks off on Friday March 13, while the Northern Premier League season kicks off on Friday March 27.

Neither Mr McIntyre nor Mr Jeffreys would reveal the monetary value of the sponsorship.

Mr McIntyre said the sponsorship would not be used to provide monetary prizes for the leagues.


Carbo said...

Good to see premier league start this weekend, Now i am just waiting on the division 1 roster that has not even been released, and apparently start in two weeks?
If i performed as badly as those people working at FFT i wouldnt have job now.
Absolute Disgrace!!!

Sent off 1 said...

How can it be a naming rights sponsor yet no monies be allocated towards prizemoney???

What is the money to be used for, it is not as though clubs have had fees reduced to participate in the League ??

Great to see that after a number of years we have a naming rights sponsor but what is the value to the clubs ??

anonymous said...

soccertas as progressive as ever

CIZZA said...

What a secret a quick search of the web and "The largest sponsorship of $30,000 goes to Soccer Tasmania to help develop the sport in the State"

CIZZA said...

Mounty FYI
Draught only LOL
Saturday 28th March 2009
Hobart United Bye
Metro v BeachSide
Taroona v DOSA
Christian United v Nelson

Great work Walter, keep the site going as it keeps me uptodate whilste im on the mainland

extasplayer said...

If we are to maintain a Premier League in Tassie, and try to move forward. Lets give the clubs something to play for. Put 50% of the money up for grabs, then see what you get. High quality football, I guarantee it.