Sunday, March 1, 2009

University's response to the TIS controversy

The registration of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport men's team as University's under-19s has sparked controversy.

University have finally responded through their chairman, Julian Proud, who has put forward the club's position.

"I think our position is a holistic and a very positive position, not only from our club, but supporting the families of the TIS," said Proud on Friday.

"We're creating an avenue for young players to come up into very competitive ranks and the promotion of the quality of soccer for junior soccer.

"I believe the TIS have been looking for a club to support them. They've been trying to do so for a little time.

"We thought it was a good opportunity for them, but also for the University Soccer Club, to support them, but also for our club to grow in that area.

"Our under-19 players - we have got some very good players - who have turned up for training this summer, for this pre-season, we're looking at developing those players in our junior men's divisions."


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter re Unis REsponse what level of soccer are the U/19s fhat have signed for your club Div 3 4 or 5are they also not entitled to play at thr highrst level and are the Tis Contributing any thing else to the club were the players consukted or is this asurprise fo them

Anonymous said...

Walter , can you please provide an english version of the previous post please.

Anonymous said...

What sort of a non-response is that!

Uni have accepted an offer by TIS to play the TIS squad as UNI's U19 team - they will be coached and managed by TIS personnel. Apparently, by agreement (and not by FFT regulation), the TIS players will not play in Uni's Reserves or Seniors.

For this to work there must be a requirement in place that no TIS player can 'go it alone' and play in another club (as a couple did last season).

Firstly - given the good performances so far in the 2009 Hudson Cup - FFT's U19 competition will not be of a high enough standard to provide any meaningful competition on a week to week basis. Any reasonable 16.17 ,18 y/olds not in TIS prgram will be playing seniors or reseves at most clubs.

Secondly, ALL clubs went along with the TIS program and its setup on the undertaking that no player would be influenced to play with one club over another.

Thirdly - this appears to have been done 'on the sly' - that is without general knowledge of the footballing community - perhaps in the hope that once it was done it could not be undone.

TIS /FFT is supposed ot be a partnership /cooperative arrangement. But FFT is predominantly the clubs - and TIS have certainly not endeared themselves with the approach they have taken in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Re Unis response may be this will make it clearer The Uni Chairman talks abourt a holistic appraoch towards the TIS boys and families whilst not offering the same for the existing players at Uni that are U/19 What does he mean by junior mens divisions Div 3 4 or 5 as I believe there is no u/18 competition at this stage
What are the benefits for Uni next year if TIS do not want to continue on at the Club
Are they paying the normal Uni rego?
Are the TIS players available for Reseves or Seniors?
Will the Uni players have access to good coaching in the loweer leagues? Will they be gauranteed Refs? I might not be as eloquent as some subscribers but my concern is still that we want to look after the elite and not everyone
One last question what is the TIS programe for to devolop teams or individuals to go through to other programmes like National programme

Anonymous said...

there is one thing we can always depend on in tasmanian football,after all is said and done therte more said then done

Anonymous said...

This wafting response only serves to highlight the lack of respect to clubs doing any sort of junior and youth development.

"We're creating an avenue for young players to come up into very competitive ranks and the promotion of the quality of soccer for junior soccer."

Are you saying that other clubs can't provide that environment?

These TIS players have been nurtured, trained and developed at other clubs (and developed partially through the finances of FFT in their state programs) and now, a club who historically have offered squat in this area, want to "grow in this area" without lifting a finger

Its sour grapes I know as I'm sure it is already a done deal in the back room of FFT. In my opinion U19 clubs would be well within their rights to forfeit against UNI each round and play for second.

Anonymous said...

why forfeit the games anonymus? imagine the satisfaction if you are good enough to beat them on the park

Anonymous said...

Based on the TIS performance ( although behaviour of coach needs to be addressed) Northern League should invite them to be in League with a Youth team of 14-15 players possible State reps from North - North West playing against Under 18 teams.
Saves the bye gives players two extra games and more players better op.
This must be better option than south 19's based on what seen number of these kids are way to good for 19's

Anonymous said...

It woukd be interesting to ask Uni did they consult their members on this issue Anon who wrote about Youth and Junior devolpment is correct lots of talk from clubs but when it comes down to it a quick fix seems to be better every time P.s I have spoken to Uni about this and from responses I have got they are now starting to to think about yhe questions they should have thought about earlier and it is almost to late to do any thing about it

Anonymous said...

how about no one from tasmania has ever made it in the game from our league level in many many years - matthew sanders is not making it - he plays state league footy.

however, players from the VIS who play against VPL teams (which sanders plays for) go over to europe and have profesional careers.

The TIS should be able to play in a league format against SPL and NPL teams. give them exposure to bigger bodies, a quicker pace of game and help them develop. If they are not able to do this as players then they can go back to their clubs.

clubs have no loyalty to players so quit whinging about poor clubs who do so much for their players blah blah blah

TIS members should not be going it alone - they should play together against senior premier league opponents, who lets face it, are shite anyway.

Let the boys develop and quit the tall poppy shit that has held tassie soccer back for years and years and years and years and years and blah blah fucken blah

Anonymous said...

Anon of 11.13 pm

so what is it exactly that you are suggesting?

That FFT disrupts the 8 team southern league to allow TIS to compete as a stand alone team?

or , as TIS originally wanted, to play in Div 1 South?

or are you saying as 10th team in Northern Premier league?

southern u19 comp is not what they need.

orlando said...

hahaha matty sanders shits over any of the tis players iv seen now an wen he was 16. wel done to them tho theyve made the semis of a preseason tournament cause theyve beaten the sixth placd team out of eight. not to put them down but if any of them do as well as matty il b surprised but they wil b doin very well. but lets praise our tis team while comparing them to the vis (who has only contributed mat spiranovic to an overseas club - german club) an putting down the vpl league wel done fuckwit. the ais is a bit different to the vis as well as they are actualy in the vpl.

Anonymous said...

...two questions. 1. What happens to a player that joins the club and wants to play U/10 with Uni...he won't be allowed to play with the TIS squad so I guess he will be looking for another club. 2. What happens when a player says "..but I don't want to play for Uni" Is he out of the TIS? This move is fraught with danger for the development and integrity of the game. The question now is...does FFT have the balls to stop it...I doubt it. It will be a "lets see how it works" approach. Taroona and Metro must be spitting chips. After all...their structure is complete and honestly achieved.

Anonymous said...

...and in response to anon of 11.13...what's wrong with Thursday night matches on a rotation basis against the premier league U/19 squads...the SPL U/19's could use it as a training session...of course Uni wouldn't be able to participate as they would not have a team.

orlando said...

as far as i know dont blame uni they codnt get an u19 team and wod b in div2 with out the tis. the tis hav taken advantage of unis position helped them out(kept uni in the spl) an helped themself get som much beter practice matches.

the tis hav already required all the northern players to move south if they want to b involved in rep soccer do u think the northern clubs wil c there players again. yet the southern clubs complain cause they mite miss out on the occasional player choosing not to com bak to their original club. the only clubs who can complain can b the div 1 clubs who hav bn done over by unis free ride but who can blame uni. their club is in the pl an u wodnt expect football tas to do anythin while there dealing wid there 100 thousand dollar losses? wat cod that b from as it seems they dont do much. wod love to work there as it seems i cod launder a fortune for myself in no time woohoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonny Wad
Uni had an u?19 team last year and have enough players to form a stronger team this year They re-acted to a very good salas pitch and to early well before Uni went back and they got a majority of seniors and reseves back They also stated to their young players it will not affect you as we will use reseve league tro devolop young players now they are being told they will be playing in Junior mens Comps P.S Noticable that Sanders and Goran were never part of TIS and choose to chase their dreams I would still like to know what the TIS charter is and any agreement with FFT

Anonymous said...

From where I sit the whole thing seems poorly planned. No consultation with the governing body, no response from the governing body or TIS. It is a big kick in the guts for those clubs both in SPL and whose who wish to be part of the SPL, who have spent time and resources into junior dvevelopment, only for Uni to buck the system inherit and super team and stay up.

Question would Uni have a team if they didnt have the TIS lads.

Question what happens if you are a current unit u19 player, will the coaching staff/club allow them to play with uni u19s? Or will only TIS scholarship holders be able to participate??

Taroona and Metro have a right to be pissed!!

Anonymous said...

What will happen to the TIS if uni get relgated in 2009,
Will the the TIS play under 19 division 1 in 2010, i dont think so.and if this is the case uni wont meet the criteria for the division 1.
This is one scenario that has not been looked at.
FFT, TIS and UNI look at the bigger picture annd not a short term solution. The only way for the Tis to get better games is to go interstate reguarly.

Anonymous said...

just on the part where one anonymous says, this appears to have been done 'on the sly' - that is without general knowledge of the footballing community , as i hear half the uni club didnt know ?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, if the TIS is there to reach the potential of individual players, surely some of them are being held back in their development by playing U19's. Take Liam Scott as an example, surely it would not have been in his best interest if he was made to play U19's last year.
Secondly, Uni struggled to put an under 19 team together last year and regularly turned up to games with only 8 or 9 players. I have noticed that most of those players are now playing in the Reserves and I would suggest that Uni would have struggled again to put a full U19 team on the park each week. Uni are notorious in their lack of interest and desire in developing the game through youth. If Uni can not meet the criterea required to meet the 3 tiered PL team structure, then they should make way for a club that can. Metro and Taroona spring to mind. FFT need to realise that putting the TIS into U19 is not going to solve the problems related to the set up at Uni and it will certainly not have any benefit in improving the TIS players

Hugo said...

After watching the TIS put together a really good game of football yesterday, against NPL side Knights, I do agree that u-19 is not going to be up to their standard.
I don't believe this agreement was done 'on the sly' I think FFT agreed that the TIS would play in a comp, but were unsure as to which one. Possibly the Uni agreement came up and fft jumped at it as it was at least a solution, TIS wanted a higher level but were prepared to settle for at least a regular game.

I have been talking to a few Northern players and ex-players over the last few weeks. They have all been full of praise and interest in the TIS and have enjoyed having them in their summer cup (Steve Hudson) and relished the opportunity to play against them. (unlike the welcome they seem to get from Southern Clubs)

I believe that if you check your clubs FFA paperwork you will find that it is a direstive from FFA that all State Institute teams be allowed to play in the best available comp.

Anonymous said...

A footnote to all this is that I have seen the TIS kids play 3 times in the Hudson cup, and they have been competitive. I doubt them playing in the under 19 comp would help them that much anyway apart from having regular games. Need to be playing higher standard sides, where they can. If the under 19 comp is anything like our under 18 comp up North then any good players aged 15-18 are already playing at a higher level. I would believe this would be true in Hobart.

Another question if a TIS kid wanted to go and play with his original clubs would be be allowed to. I assume none came from the Uni system,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hugo and Rangers Pres. All things aside, TIS have looked very good up North and would probably make short work of any U19 comp this state can provide.

Anonymous said...

HI everyone whilst the focus has been mainly on the TIS and thier right to play lets not forget the U/19s and their rights as well If you are correct Hugho then the problem is not Unis but FFT for not following the FFA directive and playing them in a competition that they deem suitable The question Uni needs to answer is What do the TIS bring to that club
Players from TIS will only be able to play in that team Are they paying same REgo everyone else? Are the young Uni players going to get the best coaching they can It seems to me yhat we as a footballing state are only interested in the top 5% of players and all programes are only aimed at those players who can afford it so talented kids from lower socio -economic groups miss out.

Anonymous said...

At the FFT AGM the Board indicated that they were unaware of the issue BUT would address it as a matter of urgency.

The CEO seems to believe that as no FFT rules or regulations have been broken then there is no issue.

The clubs at the meeting certainly disagreed.

I doubt that anywhere else in the country would an institute be allowed to fulfill a club responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Uni. have traditionally put no effort into junior/youth football and without the TIS link should have been excluded from the SPL.

Another point (that hasn't been raised as yet) - why on earth not let the TIS guys play for their own clubs (at whatever level) and train and play as a team as and when possible?

The TIS team reminds me of the old Academy team of about 15 years ago (I think Corey was in that team). We used to quip that they had a backroom staff of ten; two coaches and eight psychologists to handle their fragile egos!

Anonymous said...

If the board was not aware of what was going on how in touch are they as this has been a hot topic for at least a month and CEO response is Fiddle while Rome burns attitude

reality said...

has anybody reall y had a good look at the tis program and seen the reality of what it does to our state programs .last year the state u 14s had 9 tis boys that came into the state side 3 weeks before nationals and 9 boys had to be cut from that squad but had already been given their gear . u 15s had best result at nationals for 20 years but last year were shunned by football fed to the extent that they had to travel north every second week to play practice matches against inferior opponents that didnt really give a stuff.if the tis and fft are working closely as a unit let these kids play football as a team .last year state u 15s beat tis 3 times without tis memberscoach said not about team dev ,but individual dev what a joke

Anonymous said...

thats the crux of the matter FFt are letting everyone do their own thing It might be interesting with Mr Morton in charge of U/14s wether he will allow TIS boys to join state programme so late

Anonymous said...

The TIS model should/always should have been;

play with Club and receive technical development and sports science advice/training as a top up (extra 2 nights??)from TIS.

The athletes are there for individual development. There should be no team goals. That's what State teams are for, which they also play in.

If this model was in place there would be no issue - except Uni's situation would be exposed, or not.

This arrangement is not in the best interest of the athletes. It is clear to EVERYONE that the boys will not be challenged by playing U19s.

It is a solution to save embarrassment of adults.


reality said...

maybe im wrong but has anybody including tis coach had any thought about the development of boys such as sam mcintyre and will abbott who will acheive nothing by playing u 19s where former state teamates are playing res / seniors at 15 years old .tas tis had nobody recognised at ais challenge so what has tis to offer these players .let these players be released to a senior club to develop instead of burying our heads in the sand in order to fill a void left by uni .lets not let ken morton take over completely in tas and influence players as to where they should go with false and hollow promises

Anonymous said...

Hah, Ken Morton the pied piper? Leading the children away... an interesting image.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone in response to the many people who say Uni are doing nothing for Junior Dev. They have at least tried this year with a junior clinic which my child attended and enjoyed and they have attracted a few more U/19 players but then unfortuantly? made a hash of things by The TIS saga They still have time to get some credability back by scrapping this deal

Anonymous said...

okay my name is brendan garth.
i played against tis last year and no offence but they wouldnt go very far. they got a couple of good players that should leave now and should hit seniros and ressies.tis is in only in it for yyoung people when it should be for good all round youth players. Instead of making tasmania look bad, they should put a team from 14-17 year olds and not just having 14 year olds and a couple of 15 year olds. Tis is a load of crap. get rid of it for soccer.

Anonymous said...

jonny wad

I'll throw a few in such as Vincenzo grella, Aidrian Lejrer, Joe Didulica, Josip Simunic, Theklitos.

Just a few others who have played overseas and in the NSL/A-league, and all who have played for the VIS - There are countless others who I could go into naming but you get the point.

The reality is Matt Sanders has done well for himself and it is great to see him playing for a solid club like green gully, but Tasmanian players need an institute to get them up to speed with the top youth players on the mainland.

Its taken matt 2 full seasons to get to the starting line up at gully...behind...guys who have come through the...VIS.

The required development of these players is not going to come from tasmanian clubs. The clubs dont have the funding, there are almost no coaches going around, so we are not going to experience top players leaving tasmania to play A-League or play overseas without such a venture.

The reality is it is a cop-out by Uni.

The other aspect to it is that the boys should be playign against SPL and NPL teams on a midweek basis. It's worked fro the VIS teams and it can work for the TIS.

Walter, is it not true that many years ago ken Morton left his Tasmanian State boys behind in Sydney to fly off to a coaching contract in Asia? If it's the case I'm not sure why he is allowed into the setup again.

Southern said...

It looks like only 7 clubs have nominated for Div1. The option of the TIS making up the 8 rather than the senior teams having a bye seems like it could be reasonable.

It may be better for the boys in terms of their development compared to U19's even at Premier league level.

If this was their first preference it's not too late if FFT pulled their finger out.

Probably too late for Uni to organise a viable U19 team though.

jetsole said...

last year university put no effort into fielding an under 19s team leaving them without a proper coach and having only 7 players in one match against clarence. they did this thinking that the u 19 league would be abolished this year and now having not got any youth players they are just using the TIS team as a quick fix to the situation. this is unfair on teams such as taroona and metro who can legitimately field under 19 teams

The Big Dog said...

Playing in the U 19s may not be ideal for the TIS squad but I believe that suggesting that the TIS boys train together but play in separate club teams is an unrealistic solution.
Anyone who has seen them play, particularly of late, will recognize the need for these boys to play together so they can further develop the kind of team play they have been displaying. You can’t develop the individual without developing a whole team to be the vehicle that allows them to play the desired style of football.
This team play, combined with their individual capacity to develop their skills such as, positioning, first touch, passing, thinking etc is the key to their game and will ultimately allow them to slot into, understand and execute a far higher level game plan than that that is evident at most SPL & NPL clubs.
What the boys will learn over a 1,2 or 3 year period from what the TIS has to offer and who they play with is far more important than the size of the bodies they compete against at this still relatively young age, although on recent performances it would seem preferable for them to be playing at the highest level if it were possible. I don’t however see this as the be all and end all.
In the meantime, if it takes a player from Tassie a year or so longer to learn the trade to the point where they can reach the pinnacle, then so be it. The alternative would seem to be to become a good local club player.

Unknown said...

Having read all of the comments , many from very small minded people with their own agenda's.
It is quite obvious that the real issue is what to do with the TIS squad .
Reading between the lines to good for 19 comp - no space in southern prem , bye in North prem but cost prohibitive and with only one team not viable for clubs on a Saturday.
Is Division 1 with a bye supposably in comp a better option all round ?
How about Wednesday nights playing premier league teams at KGV ?
Guys lets put our thinking caps on and come up with AN OPTION NOT A MOAN , IT IS A GOOD concept, SUCCESSFUL IN OTHER STATES , lets not be so negative - most of these guys will be senior players at your club in next couple of years lets support not destroy..

The Phoenix said...

Walter , as you seem to be in the know , Do you think that FFT will change their minds on this regardless of what we all think????

Hugo said...

Well said Andy!!!

R U Serious Ref said...

I agree partly with you Andy. The TIS team should be playing on a regular basis but should they be playing in the U/19 comp??? They most definatly should not be linked with a club. Most clubs that have kids in the U/19 age group that are good enough are already in their reserves or seniors.

Reading peoples comments from the start I feel people are more unhappy that Uni have been given a team again, have not done the work ever to get a junior development program in place or U/19 side, rather than TIS playing in any league. MOst clubs seem to be doing all the right things for the juniors. I do feel sorry for Metro & Taroona as these clubs have juniors all the way down to U/13. They both may go even further down than that. Uni on the other hand don't have much at all. Maybe Uni need to go back to Div One & build back up to a proper Premier League club.

Have FFT siad anything to you Walter on what is going on or have they spoken to anyone...apart from

Anonymous said...

Benchie, I don't know what FFT are thinking. I do know that the Under-19 roster is out and it includes University/TIS.

Remonstrator said...

Whilst many of the comments on this blog have been constructive, some appear to come from people who are either ill informed or do not have the best interests of the game at heart.

Ultimately, for the game to continue to grow in Tasmania it is essential that clubs put increased efforts into junior development. It is clear that many clubs are taking junior development seriously and it is sensible that FFT have developed a framework that forces clubs to put the effort in.

I support the concept that clubs should be penalised for not taking junior development seriously.

It is unfortunate that the University Football Club have not taken junior development as seriously as other clubs and it has clearly created resentment and anger from the clubs who have more advanced programs. The fact that the TIS will be playing under the University banner has ignited waves of resentment as appears to be a disincentive for University to lift it junior development game. I am certain that the TIS did not intend to get involved in disputes over junior development.

As a consequence of this anger against the University Football the very existence and role of the TIS has been attacked.

The two matters need to be separated.

As good as many of the junior development programs have become, they are not able to offer the level of technical training and resources that the TIS program offers.

The TIS is not only providing technical, fitness and nutritional expertise, they are providing educational support through media training, job search training and many other life skill areas.

Due to this support, players offered scholarships will in most cases choose TIS over club programs.

One of the goals of the TIS Football program is to develop players who at short notice can be called up for AIS or Australian squads. For this to happen the players need the ability to slot into the method of play that is currently being utilised by these squads.

I have seen the TIS train and play, they are a group of very talented individuals who are being developed into players with advanced technical skills, high levels of fitness and are being taught how they can best contribute to the method of play the team has adopted.

Playing in a competition is essential for the development of the players as individuals who are able to be competitive against players from interstate vying for Australian representation.

Based upon performances at the Hudson Cup, it is clear that the TIS should be playing in Division 1 but from what I understand this was not an option FFT were comfortable with. It appears the only option for the TIS was the under 19 competition. Playing under the University banner is a marriage of convenience as it fixed a problem for University, ensured there was an even number of teams in the competition avoiding the need for a bye and provided the opportunity for the TIS squad members to get a weekly game that last year they were denied.

The current arrangement may not be ideal for the TIS but as the ethos of the TIS in all the games it has played has been development over winning all games will be used to develop different aspects of play.

Playing in the under 19 competition will still be useful for scholarship holders who may in other circumstances be playing in higher leagues with clubs as they will be challenged constantly by the coaching staff.

Football devotee said...


Div one is the promotion side of the promotion / relegation system in place. Hence a side that has the ethos of the TIS of development over winning all games to develop different aspects of play - is not suited to the division one compoetition.

There was never going to be a bye in U19's. Either Uni field an U19 side or the club is not able to compete as a Premier League club and would be replaced by either Metro or Taroona.

Many Premier League clubs have indicated that they are willing to be part of a midweek roster against the TIS - and thus provide stronger opposition than the U19 only teams. This is realistically the only suitable option for the TIS and they should withdraw from the University setup and allow the normal U19 roster to continue.

Captain said...

So what happens next year???

The problem with the TIS in 2009 is no different to last year - also experienced by U15 State team pretty much grovelling for a game each week.

This problem is not new - just hasn't been addressed.

Remonstrator said...

Football Devotee

Perhaps your comment that Division one has a promotion / relegation system in place is why FFT would not let the TIS play in that division. I was merely making the comment that the team was of a sufficient standard to compete at that level.

I wish to clarify another comment you made, my reference about a developmental ethos in no way was meant to imply that the TIS would not try to win games so the TIS would have an ethos suitable for competing in Division one.

Your idea about organising a mid week roster between Premier League sides and the TIS sounds good in theory but despite a similar commitment for friendly games last year, the squad went nearly 3 months without a game as there was no compulsion for teams to play the TIS.

Boof in his response makes a good point when he points out that last years under 15 state team had to grovel for a game each week as they were not in an organised competition.

His contribution has stiffened my belief that the only way to be guaranteed a regular game for the TIS is for them to participate in a roster involving points.

As the powers that be have decided that the correct division for the TIS is under 19 I suggest we all just get over it and get on with it.

Who cares said...

Still haven't addressed next year. What's the plan - take Uni's spot again??

We don't have full time State programs any more - that was working too well.

However, I assume there will be a team of TIS boys looking for a game again.

What does remonstrator propose for 2010??

Richard Bladel said...

I am a University soccer club player, senior licensed coach and committee member and I would like to set the record straight on a few things. It's fascinating to watch the heat this issue has generated by so many Anonymous people (or is it just the one with some weird multiple personality disorder?) - declaiming about how scandalous it is that Uni has provided an avenue for the elite players at a youth level to play weekly football. It's obvious that's what they need, I've seen it at close quarters. These remarks are obviously self interested with more than a hint of misplaced jealousy and sour grapes - stemming perhaps from a concern that these TIS kids will end up at Uni and not at their clubs.
The TIS players are and always have been free to make up their own minds where they end up and I sincerely hope lots of 'em get off this bitchy little island and build great football careers for themselves on the mainland. Fascinating as well for so many faceless people to preach to us the value of accountability, when they don't even have the guts to use their real names.

To those who whinge that Uni has not been youth focused in the past and that we have abdicated our responsibility to the game or have been somehow "dishonest" and "poached" players from other clubs to win Premier League titles in the last decade really is based upon ignorance of the club's purpose, structure and history. Despite what these people and FFA & FFT would wish, not every football club is the same, with the same type of player base or the same culture. For the record, this year Uni has a full squad of very good Under 19 players, most of them new to the club, we would have had a very competitive U19 team, but we made the decision that these players will be playing at a Premier Reserves level, assisted by some more experienced team mates. We are working hard to develop these players, most of whom are 16 - 18 years old - challenging them on at a higher level with appropriate support. We also have U12 - U15 boys & girls teams and are putting a lot of effort into that. For the drooling ranks of the Anonymous to bleat that by doing this or stating what Julian did is somehow negative, or is inferring anything about any other club is nonsense. We did consider all aspects of the TIS deal, and I firmly believe it is overwhelmingly positive for everyone. The TIS are free to make up their own minds on the suitability or otherwise of the arrangement. The TIS & FFT are separate bodies, and I think there is tension between the two.
TIS players are registered and pay Rego fees to us, just like any other U19 player would, they are keeping their TIS identity as they are an elite level government funded sporting program.

Just so you all know, up until John Howard's Voluntary Student Unionism Legislation took effect, Uni Soccer club, as an official society of the UTAS student union was supported by student fees and there was a mandate that at least 70% of the players registered HAD to be Uni students, post graduates studying etc. During those years, we had (and still do) around 300+ players registered. This fact made it difficult to recruit youth teams, as the numbers would become unbalanced, possibly threatening our relationship with the Uni Sports Council. The club still operates around the UTAS timetable, making most of our summer cup campaigns and Uni holiday periods really hard. The club has felt negative effects of the lack of youth development, apart from the constant squeaks of resentment as expressed in blogs like this.

Metro & Taroona were relegated. Whatever their structure was, they were relegated. End of story. Having an Under 19 or a 13 year old girl guide troop is completely irrelevant. Now even Div 1 clubs have to have a mandatory youth development level. Where are the decent coaches gonna come from? Is this ideal for the development of the game? If you want to exercise your whinge muscles, ask yourselves (& FFT) where the good work David Abela started has gone to in recent months/year? Where's the coach education at currently? Who is accredited to teach coaches in this state at present?
Above all, have a good long look in the mirror before you accuse others of dishonesty.

Captain said...

Richard, will Uni have the TIS as its U19 team in 2010?

Richard Bladel said...

Maybe, boof.

Captain said...

Well that's clearly not sustainable. Where do the 15, 16, 17 year old Uni players go?

R U Serious Ref said...

Are any other young players @ Uni allowed to play in your U/19 side or is it just for the TIS player? If that is the case then how can you say Uni are developing young players?

I do agree the TIS team should be playing regular football but I think the U/19 league is a joke for this side. They should be making up the bye in the Northern Premier League roster,not running around against 16-17 year old kids who are well below the TIS players level

Richard Bladel said...

Well, into the U16 or U18's, I guess boof. Let's wait and see. Thanks for your concern and interest.

Richard Bladel said...

RU really serious? Are you really saying the U19 competition and therefore the teams in that competition are a joke? That's pretty disrespectful. I seem to remember a Zebras U19's & a South Hobart U19's who were pretty damn good last year, they'd give the TIS a run for their money. And let's wait and see, hell, with all this terrific youth development you've all been touting, surely the TIs/Uni team aint gonna have it all their own way this season.. And by the way, youth development isn't solely conducted in the U19 comp.

Football devotee said...


you know as well as anyone that the under 19 comp will not be good enough for TIS- it is extremely opportunistic for UNI to accept them in this way.

Is it true that initially UNI said NO to the TIS approach?

And that it was the senior coach who was sick of poor attendances from reserves players last season who pushed the idea to be accepted?

When asked at the AGM about why David Abela's work had been allowed to be undone the CEO had no answer and the Chairman had no idea what was being talked about.

Just as the Board have no idea of what is happening here - the urgent response promised over the TIS issue is still not to hand.

This is probably the first season UNI have not been restricted by the 70% rule - and they immediately take the easy way out? Interesting!

The Scout said...


Some questions for you. Firstly can a player in the TIS squad return to his club if he wishes and remain a TIS athlete? I understand that, at the AGM, the President of FFT stated that he had no knowledge of this issue. One has to wonder where his head has been buried. He also stated he would look into the matter and respond quickly. So far no response. Finally he stated that the TIS could not force a player to play for Uni, again I ask do the players have a choice and are they free to make that choice?
I have been around the sport long enough to recall the Hutchins debacle when players from Hutchins played for Uni in the morning and other clubs in the afternoon but FFT denied they were registered with two clubs.
Other clubs have done the hard yards to build their clubs into successful structures but Uni have always sidestepped the issue with such claims as you made in your earlier blog. This should not continue.
The heat in this issue has nothing to do with uni having "all the good players". I am certainly not convinced that the TIS squad will be overly competitive in the U19 competition. This is about the way this has been done.
FFT have obviously taken a lesson from a previous GM at the old Soccer Tas who always worked on theory "do nothing until the deadline passes and then you don't have to do anything". I do not believe this will work this time and, when added to the huge financial loss occasioned by FFT through failing to manage the sport correctly ($104,000 according to their accounts), the sport may well start to question whether or not the right people are in charge.

Richard Bladel said...

Mr Devotee, just cos the TIS won some games in the north, you've gone potty, mate - all credit to 'em, but you're forgetting that Taroona won games up there too. Are they gonna set the world alight? (Good luck to 'em, though, they're a good mob) Northerners have said themselves that the comp up there is pretty patchy. Let's just wait and see the results before you judge, as I said there's a lot of very fine younger players around, especially with the likes of the Clarence Academy & Morton soccer school etc.. Calling us opportunistic and speculating on the workings of what we do and why is pretty pointless. What's your motive for saying that? The TIS wanted to do it, so did we, end of story.
All clubs have to work hard to develop ourselves, and it's not easy for anyone. Let's quit this petty sniping and just get on with it. I'm happy to see other clubs succeed. Reward for effort. We are a community based amateur league in a really small state with a game that's been badly mismanaged for a long time. A bit of co-operation and generosity might make things develop better than some kinda weird mine's bigger than yours whinge-a-thon.

FYI, Voluntary Student Unionism came into effect in July 2006. That was the first season it affected us. We've been building youth development at Uni since before that. Have a nice day.

Richard Bladel said...

Oh crikey, I'm sick of this. Scout, if you want info about the TIS, get on the phone and talk to Dean May. Their players want to play competitive football, and now they can, that's a good thing. Like anything, it may or may not succeed, none of us, however much we might kid ourselves, have a crystal ball. Regarding "how this has been done" - what did you want - a chook raffle? An auction? TIS play for the highest bidder? The most hard yards done?

What I've said above here isn't a "claim" its a simple fact. We are now and have been for some time doing the "hard yards." Get used to it. Get out more.

The Scout said...

yes Richard,
I quite believe that you are sick of trying to defend the indefensible.
So what you are saying is the TIS will play as Uni but if anyone wants to know anything about them, don't ask us ask the TIS. The obvious reason for this is that they don't belong to you...which I guess proves the point we have all been trying to make. Thanks for the confirmation.
On the other point, if Uni originally said no to the TIS and then changed their minds would this have anything to do with the fact that "we have promoted the current U19's to reserves to fill the gaps caused by not having enough people at training"?
There are other (and better) ways that the TIS squad can get competitive football.

Richard Bladel said...

Well, Mr Scout, whoever you are, I see you're very pleased with yourself for at last grasping the bleeding obvious. Of course the TIS don't belong to us! They are a Federal Government funded elite sports program. What? Did you expect them to dissolve and become a Uni soccer club sub committee? I can imagine the howls of derision if that took place! We are in a partnership, both organisations have their own governance and process, policy matters have their own due process between the partners, and the athletes best interests are paramount.

Your pointless and completely erroneous speculation about what took place in negotiations is not your business. Your mind is obviously made up so any further argument with you is a waste of time. Your prejudice bleeds through everything you write.
If you are so concerned about us not having enough players (untrue) come and have a kick, mate!

Captain said...

Questions still left unanswered despite everything written.

1) Are the boys able to remain in the TIS but not play for Uni U19s in 2009?

2) What is Uni's longer term plan to ensure that its young players now have somewhere to go other than " junior men's Divisions" in the next 1-3 years.

If I was a 15 year old looking for a club I think I would baulk at Uni knowing there's no chance of playing U19 with that Club.

The Scout said...

Richard with the greatest of respect to you, and I admire that you are staunchly defending your club, the arguments you are using are the very reason that the other clubs are objecting to the relationship. They are not a uni team, you did not have any involvement in their formation, you do not have to find administration, coaching, balls, strips etc for them as this will mostly be provided by the TIS. In fact, many of the players that will represent you were produced through the work of other clubs and now have no choice but to play for Uni whether they wish to or not.
My pointless and erroneous speculation about the negotiations is actually a direct quote from a representative of your club. I can only go with what I get first hand.
I am sorry that you see my comments as prejudiced...what do you believe I am prejudiced against? Certainly not your club's involvement in the Premier League. I am more than happy to see any club play in the SPL providing they meet the criteria and uphold the basic tenets for development and support of the game, no just pay them lip service for the sake of appearances.
The real disappointment in this to me is the lack of leadership, responsibility and ownership of the game from our fearless?? leaders at FFT who are obviously to scared to take action and would rather sit on their hands. Given the comments from some club Presidents currently being made they may find this an uncomfortable position.

The Scout said...

well said boof

The Gonky said...

I want to know what colours the TIS side propose to play in, their blue or Uni's yellow?

Are you seriously telling me that, after all the huge resources TIS have invested in crafting these apparently gifted lads, they're going to settle for representing themselves in Uni's yellow?

I rather doubt it.

Captain said...

66 is rather a lot of posts.

Anyone wearing pink this year??

The Gonky said...

Only the Refs, boof.

Captain said...

every colour of the rainbow for those boys.