Friday, March 6, 2009

Metro lead the way by example and should make Summer Cup semi-finals

Metro have again showed their progressive mentality and stolen a march on the Premier League clubs by importing three Scottish players for the 2009 season.

It is a bold attempt by Metro to earn promotion to the Premier League competition after being relegated to Division One at the end of last season and it should add huge interest to this second tier of southern football.

The trio, who are on working visas, will make their debuts in Saturday’s Group B Summer Cup match against Nelson at Olinda Grove at 4pm.

A win for Metro will put them in the semi-finals of the Division One section of the competition and should signal the club’s revival after the disappointment of last season.

The imports are Grant Malcolm, a centre-back, Colin Sweeney, a central midfielder, and Ricky Orr, a striker.

Malcolm played with East Kilbride Rolls Royce, the club for which former Metro import Steve Pettit plays.

Pettit came out briefly from Scotland at the tail end of last season but was unable to save Metro from the drop.

He has been helping Metro to scout for players who may help them get back into the Premier League.

Michael McKenna is not yet ready to resume in goal for Metro, but with the spine of the outfield now in place, Metro should beat Nelson and take a huge step in their revival by earning a place in the semi-finals of this pre-season competition.

“Last week, against Christian United, 4-0 was an improved performance from the previous week against Taroona,” said Metro coach, Darrin Chaffey.

“However, consistency is the key and we must continue to capitalise on our scoring opportunities to win games.

“Aaron Marney is doubtful with a groin injury, but our three new signings have boosted the intensity at training.”

Nelson have Tom Roach and Aaron Wojcik returning, but Robert Brooke, Natsuki Futumura, Rowan Sakul and Tristan Cripps are all unavailable.

“We’re happy with how things are going so far,” said Nelson coach, Michael Roach.

“We’ve been solid in the two games we’ve played and we know we can improve on those performances, so it’s looking good for this stage of the season.

“Some players have played in unaccustomed positions due to some injuries and unavailability and have done well there and we give ourselves every chance of advancing to the semi-final if we can put together a similar performance to last week against Taroona.

“We might need some new penalty takers, though, if the game goes that far!”

The Nelson squad is expected to be: Nicolas De Carpentier, Rick Chew, Drew Bannister, Lewis Gibbs, Aaron Wojcik, Adam Mills, Thomas Gordon, Richard Flood, Thomas Roach, Paul Gazzignato, Craig Stockdale, John Wallace, Joe Vanderslink and Jayden Andrews.

Beachside should finish top of Group A by beating Northern Suburbs DOSA at 2.30pm at Olinda Grove.

Derek Parry will be making his 100th appearance for DOSA, which will also use youngsters David Chisolm, Calvin Frith, Michael Lanshaw and Delaney Reid.

Mark Wakefield, Richard Korn, Steve Swift, David Visentin and Zak Alumbulwa are new recruits who have also fitted into the DOSA squad.

“I believe, mathematically, DOSA can still make the Summer Cup final if we win this game by four goals, but obviously that is not a realistic expectation,” said DOSA’s Richard Korn.

“The club is making a comeback to Division 1 this year and has picked up some new players as a result, as well as a new youth team.

“Being a Dominic Old Scholars sporting club, the club has, for many of its 21 years, provided coaching to Dominic School teams.

“As these teams have never played under the club banner, much of this effort has resulted in coaching juniors who are already affiliated with other clubs.

“This year, as per the requirements of competing in Division 1, we will have our own Under-19 side.

“The side will be made up mainly of 15- and 16-year-olds from the school, but the important thing is they will finally be playing under the club banner.

“There are already a couple, such as Daniel Chisolm, who is ex-Metro, and Calvin Frith, who we have played in seniors this Summer Cup.

“This week, we will give 16-year-olds Michael Lanshaw and Delaney Reid an opportunity to gain some experience at senior level.

“Beachside are expected to fight out for the premiership this year with Metro and Taroona, so we don’t go into the game with any false hopes.

“We will just be looking for the younger players to learn a little and have some of our new players get used to playing together before the season starts.

“The only significant losses from the side that finished second in Division 2 last year appear to be Daniel and Justin Skinner, to early retirement due to injury, and work and study commitments, respectively.”

Beachside will miss Sam Howarth and Karl Mathieson, but Jason Szoka returns.

“The existing squad has enough numbers to avoid cup-tying more players,” said Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson.

“DOSA looked worthy winners in their game last week against Hobart United and will be a difficult opponent this week, especially in a 60-minute format.

“We will be trying to ensure that we get a third straight victory and finish top of the group.

“Not having kept a clean sheet in this competition is a concern for us and something we have been working on at training during the week.”

New Town Eagles can make the semi-finals from Group A if they beat bottom-side Hobart United at 1pm.

David Kruijver will play in goal for Eagles after signing from Christian United, but Liam Donahue and Matt Williams are out after missing training.

Adam Jones has been omitted for tactical reasons.

Players coming back are Scott Graham and Ben Michell.

Damien Bones has returned to Eagles to help out with the coaching after just a few weeks with University.

He will be in charge for this game in the absence of coaches Marty Nidorfer and Marcus Proud.

But, Nidorfer still had plenty to say about the coming game.

“Some of our new blokes have had an easy ride so far, and we have cracked down this week, enforcing a strict no train, no play philosophy,” Nidorfer said.

“They have to realise this team isn't a social outfit. Guys like Steve Vernon, Matt Fennell and Adam Jones haven't missed a session since we started pre-season in mid December.

“A draw may be enough, but this strategy is not in our team make up. We only play for wins and losses.

“United are the current league champions, so we won’t take this one lightly.”

Nidorfer should not worry too much as Hobart United have lost heaps of players to other clubs and certainly will not be the force they were last season.

United coach Mark Broadbent, who took over from Tony Tarros, has some serious problems.

Tarros is Hobart Olympic’s new reserve coach and several of the United players have gone to Olympic with him.

Group B leaders Taroona are already in the semi-finals and should easily account for bottom-side Christian United at 5.30pm.

Jack Elliot is unavailable for Taroona, but Ben Schaap will make his first appearance of the season and will play in defence, releasing Lucas Wyatt to play in midfield.

“I expect a big improvement on last weekend’s effort,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“I thought we were very poor against Nelson, continually taking silly options and giving the ball away cheaply, wasting a heap of chances and then falling asleep defensively to concede a late equaliser.

“We’ve done a lot of work this week to improve our finishing, but just generally, we need to be a lot smarter in the way we play.

“Jack Elliot was one of our better players last weekend but he won’t be available for this game as he is working Saturday.

“Ben Schaap should be fit, though, for his first appearance of the Summer Cup, so he will come into the centre of defence and free up Lucas Wyatt to play in midfield.”


bitter@HUFC said...

As a Hobart United player, I know it is going to be a long hard season for us. We will more than likely lose this weekend, and we know we are severely up against it. It will more than likely be a year of youth development, over title chasing.

As a Hobart United player I would also like to thank the weak c's who have left this club. In most cases it is a case of average players having inflated egos because of the last years success. We have lost, at a first glance, 20-25 players from last year from both semiors and reserves and only four players remain at the club that played senior football last season.

Thankyou for reading my rant, it had to be said, and I cannot stress enough the disgust we all have for the players who have left since last season. We do however have complete faith in the coaching staff and hope we will do enough this season to keep at least a few of you ineterested

bitter at HUFC

Blue Kipper said...

Bitter@, It is sad to see HU lose so many players. Maybe some will come back when they realise they arent getting a game elsewhere. I fear you will struggle this year.

Must be a relief for HU this weekend though that Donohue wont be between the posts. As both opponents so far this year have found, he is like trying to get past a brick wall at times.

Captain said...

Kornsy always has a bit to say!

Unknown said...

Considering I've again been asked to be DOSA's "media liaison officer", is there a problem with that 'boof'?

Daggert said...

metro need to give people a fair go if they are to get anywhere this season. as a player for metro I got dragged to the bench in the first ten minutes with no reason why and if there was a reason it was the coach/assistant picking at one player and not the rest of the team. maybe they need to be more specific about there reasons or they may lose more players

Captain said...

Northern Suburbs - not a problem at all - just saying g'day.

I don't think being the media liaison officer would make a difference. I used to give Walter heaps of info and he usually backs the people who give him the info - keep it up mate.

Captain said...

Hey Walter

You have taken soom good photos. Any problem me copying them and re-using?

Tommy said...

Bitter@ I guess the question is why have players left? Perhaps they want to play Premier League this year? Perhaps they have issues with the current coach, perhaps they want to play under another coach.

It's hard for any club to lose players, when they lose them en masse it's harder still. If you really have lost as many as you say the club really needs to ask why.

Chaffey said...

"wharthog" According to all the reports after about ten minutes was when Metro woke up and started playing well. I think you need to ask yourself, Is it the Coaches assistent that has the issue or you? Looks like he made a spot on decision.

Daggert said...
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Daggert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daggert said...

As I recall I was taken off as soon as i put in the corner that we scored off. Yes the team did score 2 more goals when the substitution was made and I cant argue with that. Overall we are in the semi finals and I am glad to be part of the team. I would like to make it clear to the coaches that I am aware it is there decision and players such as myself should use it as a motive to work harder to retain a spot in the squad. I cant blame myself for the team conceding 2 goals early when i was on the field but i will not blame anyone else as it is a team effort. Metro does have a lot of depth this year and it will be hard for everyone to keep a spot. So hopefully a positive attitude by all the players can take us on to win a premiership and promotion.