Sunday, March 1, 2009

Steve Hudson Cup semi-finalists decided

Northern Rangers 1-1 South Hobart
TIS 4-0 Prospect Knights
Taroona 1-1 Launceston City
Launceston United 0-2 Riverside Olympic

Semi-finals next week:

South Hobart v TIS
Northern Rangers v Taroona


Anonymous said...

What about Riverside vs Launceston result??

Anonymous said...

what about some fool inform poor old walter of the result them self!!!! you want publicity but no one has the forsight to do something about it!!!
for the record I think it was 2-0 River!


Anonymous said...

ease up soldier! I'm not from River or Lonnie just interested..


orlando said...

lonnie had phil ludbey sent off an a bit of a scuffle which was good for a laugh.

tis did knights easy but expect south to do them easy next wk.

roona lookd beter than city but drew. went ahed wid an absolute cracker.

south scored a good goal thru shae hickey who was prob their best player while a few of his teammates missed easier chances in the first half. rangers much more threatening in the second an equalised an were the team that looked like scoring the second. will be the final

Anonymous said...

Disappointing Ranger the only Northern team left in Hudson cup. How good are they?? 1 all with South obviously a good result!

Will they challenge for the NPL title this year?

Relegated Taroona 1 all with former powerhose Lton City??

Anonymous said...

Rangers have a strong outfit this year, and definately will be among the leaders this year. Launnie City lost a lot of their good players last year, and now are rebuilding with their youth. They seem pretty good defensively so that should earn them a few results this year. River look pretty poor without pete and dave oosterloo, and a few others. Launnie while not a strong team by any stretch of the imagination, should get a few unexpected results this year thanks in part to a few young guns in the duffys, reeves, and a few others. Prospect knights although having a poor steve hudson cup, should sit mid table...

My prediction -

1-Rangers (may be biased)

Captain Australia said...

interesting to hear from a south honart or taroona rep as to how valuable hudson cup is to their preseason?

Is it a drag to drive up and down every sunday?

how have the TIS found it?

Southern said...

Capt, I think we have found it to be really valuable.
It's been testing physically for the boys (is it ever below 25deg up there?) and the 90 minute games (compared to 60 in the south) has done a lot to prepare them for the start of their roster season.
I personally have enjoyed it...don't mind the drive...but I don't have to run around in the heat against tough opposition! :-)
John - Taroona