Saturday, March 14, 2009

Metro and New Town Eagles in Division One Summer Cup final

Division One Summer Cup Semi-finals

Metro 4 (Brown 2, Orr, Sweeney) b Beachside 0

Taroona 1 (R Carey) dw New Town Eagles 1 (R Leszczynski)

[Eagles won penalty shoot-out 4-3.

Eagles: Bukowiecki, Williams, Louden, Holliday

Taroona: Atkinson, Dove, Flonta]

Metro to play Eagles in the final at KGV Park next Friday night.


Old Man River said...

Beachside to go up? Not likely after the showing today. It may be early in the season, but still...

Chaffey said...

what happened to Taroona, surely they would've had a full strength side today, they're only playing for 3rd & 4th tomorrow up north?

That result surprises me.......

Southern said...

ItAintFair, Taroona maintained the team that played the previous Summer cup games - a reserves squad with only a few (4 today) of the senior team that has been playing up North.
That was always the plan and we stuck with it.

That said - the guys played into Eagles hands today who used their experience (and talent) to good excuses really.

All the best to both teams in the final.
John - Taroona.

oldeagleboy said...

How about giving these old eagle boys a bit of credit, they always seem to find away to win the important games. They also do wonders with helping the younger guys that are not given a chance in the high leagues