Friday, March 13, 2009


Forestry Tasmania Premier League

Glenorchy Knights 4 (Fielding 19, Koroma 38, Hope 71, Rybak 88 og) b New Town Eagles 3 (Collins 52, Leszczynski 66 pen, Wass 91)

(HT: 2-0)


Glenorchy Knights 1 (R Bolonja 35) b New Town Eagles 0

(HT: 1-0)

[Detailed match report to follow.]


The Phoenix said...

Did Smith end up playing Walter? Or was Eamon true to his word?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Smith did indeed play. He and Eamonn have 'made up'.

The Phoenix said...

So it's a love fest at Knights now, how sweet . Thanks walter keep up the good work!