Saturday, March 14, 2009


Forestry Tasmania Premier League, Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hobart Olympic 0-0 Clarence United
University 0-3 South Hobart (Ladic, Ludford, Downes)

Reserve League

Hobart Olympic 3 (M Hedge, P Otto, S Rume) dw Clarence United 3 (D Hoppitt 2, J Undy)
University 0-2 South Hobart (S Burrett 2)

Under-19 League

University 4-0 South Hobart
Hobart Olympic 3-5 Clarence United

North-West Summer Cup

Burnie United 2-2 Devonport City
Ulverstone 0-2 Somerset


Captain said...

Clarence players stung $3 to get into South Hobart and play their game.

harden up maggots said...

boof it was a joke to see the clarence players gtting charged to play and the olyimpic fans not paying a sent it was a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

ginger said...

get used to it boof.

i have been playing seniors for several years and regularly have to pay to get in at away matches. most of the clubs are the same.

a joke i agree but certainly not a new practice.

this is one of the first years ever i have not had to pay to get in to the summer cup, as a player!

perhaps FFT could solve this dilemma by searching out a sponsor that puts up prizemoney, then the clubs may not be so hard up!!

The Scout said...
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The Scout said...

Olympic and Clarance have had an agreement not to charge each other at the gate for several years. All of a sudden this has changed....strange ain't it

The Scout said...

...and whilst we are on the results page...whats this University 4 SH 0 in the U19 competition. University don't have an U19 team...its the TIS.

Captain said...

Will be interesting to see if Uni win the trophy if TIS win U19 comp.

In 2007 State 14s won U17 comp but Clarence were listed as Champs and got the trophy.

Blue Kipper said...

I would sugest that it would be Uni on the trophy. They are playing under their name so would probably be the same on the trophy. I dont know much about South U19 but 4 - 0 suggest TIS are useful. Anyone see the game?

The Phoenix said...

The TIS also played in their green TIS strip and not the uni yellow!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Chris Tsakiris knock Rex down. He Went down like a sack of s**t.

Captain said...

TIS should clean up the U19s with ease - or should I say Uni - wearing green.