Friday, March 20, 2009

Metro and TIS the winners

Metro easily won the Division One Summer Cup final, beating New Town Eagles 7-0 at KGV Park this evening.

Metro led 4-0 at the interval through goals by Ricky Orr, Nathan Brown, Jason Dawes and Aaron Marney.

After the break, Dawes, Wade Hawkins and Marney netted again to complete the rout.

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport women's team produced a polished performance to down Hobart Olympic 5-1 in the women's Summer Cup final.

Olympic took the lead through Nic Hale, but Lucy Foote equalised before the break.

The TIS ran away with the match in the second half as Foote, Tayla Thomas, Rani Cavarretta and Madeline O'Brien all found the back of the net.


Anonymous said...

great to see a report on female football great to see a large crowd at grove rd and well done walter

Anonymous said...

Metro arguably a better side than last year vs Div 2 side this year. Look out Div 1.

Captain Australia said...

would be interesting to get your veiw on the quality of Metro Walter, with their imports, would they give all teams a run for their money in the State Wide Cup? Will this change the chances of BEachside who I thought were favs up until now. How will Taroona fair. This might just be what Southern Football needed. a few professional clubs lifting the quality of Div 1. Whish we had this depth up north!

Anonymous said...

The opposition last night was very average.

Metro wouldn't bother Premier League clubs on last night's showing. Some very good players but but not strong enough across the whole squad.


Marty Nidorfer said...

Captain, I dont think Walter was there for Metros win the other night.

I can tell you as being involved with Eagles(Div1/2) team over the past few years that Metro was by far and away the most quality side we have come up against.

I had the privelige of playing for our Senior team against them last year in the Premier league when we were short on staff and although our Premier and Div 2 teams differ immensely I played both games at sweeper, and can say that this years Metro group are far better than what i played against last year.
We didnt test their defence at all the other night which was a credit to them, and they moved the ball forward quickly, which no other Div 1 side does. This hurt our blokes who arent quick and on a big ground KGV they found lots of space.

Although not happy losing by a big margin, our lads have done really well to make the final, lots of guys that played Div 1 reserves last season, and we are looking forward to a social kick in Div 2. Finally Daggy sweeper and me up front!!!

Well done Metro, good luck for the season.