Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Results

Photos: (Top to Bottom) Chris Tsakiris clears the ball ahead of Jacob Kavanagh and Jacob Malakoff; Andrew Clark gets in a tackle on Chris Tsimiklis; Goalscorer and goal-saver...Eagles' Alex Gordon (left) and Michael Soszynski

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 1 (Gordon 90) b Hobart Olympic 0


New Town Eagles 4 (Anderson 2, Shackcloth, Hadfield) b Hobart Olympic 2 (M Hedge pen, Guot)


New Town Eagles 2 (Ayres, Klamp) b Hobart Olympic 1 (Langdale)

1 comment:

Sent off 1 said...

Great to see Alex Gordon scoring the winner , a great prospect as a 13-14 year old always thought ruined by State team program - coach.

Maybe this will be the spur - new club and all to resurect his football career.