Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knights move to within 2 points of Zebras

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League, KGV Park, Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kingborough Lions United 0
Glenorchy Knights 3 (Fielding 3, Hope 46, 76)

HT: 0-2 Att: 80 Ref: K Barker

Kingborough Lions United: Leamey - Palmer, Iseli, Lucas, D Pearce - Bevan (T Pearce 68), Andrews, Marchioli, Hinkley - White (Bremner 78), McDonald [Substitutes not used: McConnon, Voss] [Coach: Geoff Freeman]

Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Lawler, Green, Holmes, Marsh (Vavoulas 81) - Roberts (Dos Santos 57), Hope, Fielding, Sherman - Clay, Koroma (Kamba 81) [Substitute not used: Peter] [Coach: E Kelly]

This win, the seventh in a row for Glenorchy Knights, lifted the second-placed side to within two points of Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League leaders Tilford Zebras.

A minute's silence was observed prior to kickoff for the late Sue Iles, mother of former senior coach and player Warren Iles, former player Ross Iles, and wife of former club official, John Iles, who passed away suddenly on Sunday. Sue had been a Kingborough stalwart and worked tirelessly for the club.

The Knights got the three points, but it was a sloppy display and they might have been punished by a better side than Kingborough Lions United.

It’s been quite obvious for some time now that Kingborough’s biggest problem this season had been in the goalkeeping department.

If they had a reliable goalkeeper, they would probably be higher on the ladder.

Jason Voss was on the bench for this game and David Leamey was between the posts.

In only the 3rd minute, Leamey flapped his gloves at a standard 35-metre chip from Josh Fielding but let the ball slip through and into the net to put the Knights 1-0 up.

Kingborough were lucky in the 8th minute when Leamey blocked Amadu Koroma’s close-range effort and the ball rebounded to Tom Sherman and then off defender Michael Palmer and onto the top of the crossbar.

The Lions’ first real chance came in the 11th minute when Charles White fed Tom McDonald on the left, but the striker fired into the side-netting.

In the 17th minute, a poor goalkick by Alex Tatnell went straight to McDonald, who put White through, but he shot straight at Tatnell.

A rebound off Kingborough newcomer Isaac Lucas almost gifted the Knights a goal in the 22nd minute, but Koroma shot just wide of the target.

In the 33rd minute, Kingborough were again extremely lucky to survive as both Sherman and Koroma were off target within seconds of each other.

A minute into stoppage time at the end of the first half, James Hope made it 2-0 for the Knights with a chip from the right of the box that sailed over Leamey and lodged inside the far post.

Four minutes after the break, an error by Alex Holmes allowed McDonald to gain possession and he set up White, who again shot straight at the goalkeeper when he should have scored.

In the 57th minute, Knights brought on their new Brazilian, Breno Bianchini Joviano Dos Santos, in place of Will Roberts.

His first touches were accurate and he seemed up to the pace of the local game.

White was again the culprit for Kingborough when, in the 64th minute, he got on to the end of a Marcello Marchioli free-kick and, unmarked, headed tamely over the bar.

Hope should have scored for the Knights in the 71st minute when he was allowed a free-header from a corner, but he steered the ball wide.

Five minutes later, he was more fortunate when he connected with a Dos Santos cross from the left and powered a header at goal. Leamey appeared to have it, but succeeded only in punching the ball up in the air and it dropped over the line to make it 3-0.

An unsatisfactory display by both sides, but Knights made the most of their chances, even if it was with a little bit of help from Kingborough.


  • Kingborough Lions United coach, Geoff Freeman, said:

“We just weren’t good enough today.

“I think we started poorly from the early error and we didn’t really recover after that.

“We tried hard and we can’t fault the effort, but we just weren’t good enough today.

“Glenorchy Knights were a little bit slicker and their third goal - we probably missed a couple of earlier tackles - but then the actual cross and finish was just that more quality than we had today.”

  • Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“It was a terrible game. There was nothing flash about it at all.

“As far as we’re concerned it’s a win and three points in the bag.

“It’s another game out of the way.

“It wasn’t pretty football, I don’t think, from either side.

“That’s not my problem what they do.

“We showed we have a weakness in our back-line and we need to plug the hole before it gets too much of a problem.

“I was pretty pleased with the midfield. They played all right and kept their shape.

“We brought Amadu [Koroma] off purely and simply to rest him for the weekend because we’ve got a pretty tight schedule now.

“Three points is three points, but it wasn’t pretty.”


17 Goal Attempts 18
8 Shots on Target 10
6 Corners 7
9 Fouls Committed 13
1 Off-Sides 3
1 (Andrews 87) Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0

Kingborough Lions United:

Hinkley 2 0
McDonald 4 3
Marchioli 1 0
White 5 3
D Pearce 1 1
Bevan 2 0
Andrews 1 0
Lucas 1 1

Glenorchy Knights:

Fielding 3 2
Koroma 3 2
Hope 4 3
Sherman 4 2
Holmes 1 0
Clay 1 0
Marsh 1 1
Dos Santos 1 0


eightball said...

alright i want to know once and for all what happened on kingborough's away trip to launie a couple of months back when they went for the state cup? they haven't been the same since, and i know it was an incident between marchioli and andrews? cough it up, the public have a right to know. congrats to knights! they haven't full convinced me yet, but some of their young players are giving them a spark, its a wonder what some of the 2's like russell, peters, to get back into the 1's?

Van djik said...

:) agree with eightball... what happened on that lions trip? Chello a sleepwalker, Andrews unhappy with the hospitality... Care to explain? Interesting to see if knights fall under the cockiness trap that killed off south and seem to be drowning zebras as we speak.

yellowgemi11 said...

haha yeh van djik the story i have heard sounds exactly like the one thatyou have heard to, very interesting boys down there haha

yellowgemi11 said...

also before i forget heard a rumor from a couple people at the game last night that kingbrough have approached ben peter to be there new goal keeper and to fill the big hole in between the sticks

ToM said...

They wouldn't be the only one's who would like his services i'd guess.

Greg said...

Knights are in form, but there is a long way to go yet, everyone is talking them up. They don't have much depth. Only a couple of their reserve players could take the step to play seniors if needed, whereas a few other clubs have many on the fringe of being played.

I've noticed Mr. Kelly is happier to play people who aren't 100%, which suggests he must not have any confidence in his reserves.

Eightball, you mentioned you watched the Zebras/Knights reserve game. I was also there for most of the game - In my opinion, there were only 2 or 3 people who could take the step up. Rob Bolonja did well, and the 'angry' (sorry if i offend, can't think of another description) looking fellow in the middle of the park was decent, as was Anthony Grundy.

If Knights get injuries, could it be the beginning of the end?

M.J said...

Van Djik - you would think Borough would be putting in a few better performances on the field after there trip up north. Team mates that are that close should take that connection out onto the field. lol not literally

iw said...

If the rumours from the borough trip are true it sounds like they are a "happy" bunch down there lol

yellowgemi11 said...

give they kingbrough boys a hand for there commitment

eightball said...

haha take it easy, greg, you sure you haven't been hanging around a couple of the kingborough blokes?? no secret jabba has his favourites, and i'm sure grundy has been in the past, but some ressies games are a way off from some of the el senors, maybe grundy is happy chillin in his comfy c-back roll down there. as for bologna, has been a steady ressie player for the better part of 6-7 years now so if he hasn't made the step yet then..... and if anyone did to me what happened up there, talk about giving it up for your captain, well his eyes aswell as other appendiges, would be black and blue!!