Sunday, June 14, 2009

University put pressure on Hobart Olympic with win over Eagles


This 2-1 win for bottom-side University was only their second league win of the season.

They were missing several key players, including Alexis Bull, Julian Proud and Nigel Blundell.

The result will have sent shivers up the Hobart Olympic camp as University are now just three points adrift of second-last Olympic, who managed a 2-2 away draw with Kingborough Lions United.

Eagles did enough to at least draw, but their finishing was generally poor and they fell to a controversial goal.

University had new English signing Andrew King on view. The right midfielder is reminiscent of Raymond Benson, in terms of appearance, physique and style of play.

University took the lead in the 7th minute when Richard Delara, the former Eagles player, took a free-kick from wide on the left and Rory McCallum, the goalkeeper-turned-striker, headed home.

Eagles lost Wade Savage with yet another knee injury after just a quarter of an hour and Ben Whitehall came on in his place, but wide on the right.

It wasn’t until 6 minutes into the second half that Eagles equalised, Adam McKeown side-footing Whitehall’s corner from the right through a crowded goalmouth and into the net.

Aaron Hindmarsh should have restored University’s lead from close range on the right, but with an empty goal confronting him, he failed to get power to his effort and a defender cleared on the line.

In the 67th minute, University goalkeeper Hamish Peacock produced a brilliant save to deny Alex Gordon.

Minutes later, he got down well to a low shot by Gordon to again thwart the Eagles striker.

The winner came in the 78th minute after a long goal-kick which was flicked on off the head of an Eagles player to McCallum, standing in an off-side position. He raced through and beat a helpless and unprotected Michael Soszynski to make it 2-1 for the home side.

The assistant referee had his flag up for off-side, but Mr Phillips allowed the goal to stand, explaining that the chance had come from a goal-kick. A player cannot be off-side from a goal-kick. The legitimacy of the effort therefore depended on whose head the ball came off - a defender or an attacker.


  • University coach, Scott Gallacher, said:

“They had us under the pump for a long time, but I thought we gave as good as we got.

“It could have been a draw, I suppose, but we needed a bit of luck and we got it today.

“I don’t know if Olympic will be sweating. I’m just concentrating on our team.

“We just managed to put a side together today. We had six players out, believe it or not.

“I was really happy today because I wasn’t expecting too much but it came together for us.”

  • New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“I have problems with the winning goal, which we thought was off-side.

“Conditions were pretty bad. University won, so fair enough.

“There is a question mark. Why have we had a referee, I think, eight times out of twelve? I don’t understand. The same referee.

“I’m not saying the guy was bad or good, but I just don’t understand why we have this referee week after week.

“I thought we had 75 per cent of possession but we just couldn’t score again.

“We scored one great goal but, I’ll say it again, again and again, we have the opportunities but we don’t take them.

“If you don’t take them, you can’t win games.

“I’m disappointed. Very disappointed.”

University: Peacock - Besley, Hewson, Andrews, Griffiths - King, Delara, Merry, Hindmarsh - Temby (Cropp 89), McCallum (Substitutes not used: Venettacci, Madden, Wilkinson)

Booked: Delara 53, King 61, Griffiths 71

Goals: McCallum 7, 78

New Town Eagles: Soszynski - Page, Savage (Whitehall 15), Wass, Clark - Ferrall, Leszczynski, Malakoff, Vernon (Anderson 85) - McKeown, Gordon (Quan 85) (Substitute not used: Minty)

Goals: McKeown 51

Att: 70

Ref: C Phillips


Dick Adams said...

My winning goal was fully legitimate i'm not sure what george or the rest of the new town players thought was wrong with it.

New Town defended almost on the half-way line and multiple times that match Hamish had cleared their defence only for the ball to run through to the keeper.

As it was late in the game i stood a good 10 metres behind the defenders and to my luck i received the ball. I remember the Mark Page getting a slight touch as it came through to me. So as the rules say there is NO offside from goal-kicks.

With all the eagles players standing still i ran through and scored while the keeper stood on the spot waiting for an offside call.

Prove to me what was controversial about the goal

Richard Bladel said...

Good on ya for using the old bean, son. That's called game intelligence, a rare commodity these days, sadly. Onya Rory keep scorin' em and let others do the whinging.

Balde said...

Richard no one would begrudge roz for continuing on and playing the whistle. that was clearly in this case the thing to do and always the thing to do.

it was however clearly a controversial goal given that the referee over-ruled the linesman. it doesn't matter if the ref got the decision right it was still controversial -

given that the ref himself stopped during the play to a point he perhaps should have erred on the side of caution.

no one from either side will ever agree on this one. however the uni coaches diplomatic words would suggest he probably would feel as cheated as the eagles players do if the situation were reversed.

uni keeper was very good on the day

geezer said...

No controversy at all, clear case of play the whistle. Uni really should have made better use of their GK ability and done more of this.

flaps said...

George is correct about having the same referee for a number of games however I don't think FFT have got a huge pool to choose from; - stuff knows what that's got to do with Eagles losing the game though.

By all accounts the referee made the correct decision and was correct in over ruling his assistant.
Many players (and officials) don't know or understand many of the rules of the game and are quick to criticise and abuse officials in their ignorance.

Competent officials should be complemented when they make the correct calls in sometimes high pressure situations and players should be mature enough to admit when they make mistakes and learn from them rather than searching for a scapegoat in the referee.


NTE SC said...

for starters roz it wasnt a was a freekick inside the box at your end......u were already in an offside position when the ball was kicked and since there IS offside from freekicks the linesman was quite correct in putting his flag up ....the onfield ref was poor all game and reinforced it even more by waving down his linesman and THEN by not at least consulting his linesman over the descision!! other than this controversy it was a hard fought game in wet conditions....uni had the luck on the day!!

M.J said...

NTE SC, if he was in an offside position and the ball wasn't going directly to him, then was deflected off a defensive player to Rory, why is it right for the linesman to have his flag up? Not offside where the contested header was (rory not involved in play) ball come off a defender to Rory. Whats wrong with that?

Balde said...

the ball doesnt have to go directly to him just in his direction - it means he is interfering with play in an offside position.

the real issue here is once again a referee interferes with a linesman's call - the ref should have paid the offside and left it at that -

Captain said...

Are we rewriting history here boys?

Walter takes pretty good notes and he said it was a goal kick. The ref said it was a goal kick. I understand even the linesman thought it was a goal kick (just didn't have presence of mind to take that into account).

I think the big lesson here for NTE boys is to play the whistle and get on with it regardless. It won't be the last time you think you know better than the ref but when did that make any difference??

2 points lost for being dumb!

M.J said...

Ha Ha No Balde, If the ball didnt go to him and went to another contest how is he interfering with play? Then if it comes to him off a defender it doesnt matter because he is being played on by the defender, not hard!!!

geezer said...

It was definitely a goalkick, so allthe arguments are academic. Rory would have beaten the keeper 1 on 1 anyway. It was a tactical error not to drop and cover him. Uni won the game fair and square.

iw said...

geezer - How is it a tactical error not to drop and cover him???? He was offside so any good defenders would keep there shape rather thatn drop back to defend an offside player, this leaves more space for the midfield and forwards to be onside and knock the ball round!! It was just lucky that the ball come off a defender to him. Not rocket science

yellowgemi11 said...

geezer yeh im sure he would of beaten then keeper as uni have been banging in the goals all year and currently sit top, oh no thats right they are last so get a life fool, and roz, i hope your family cut the newspaper clipping out of your winner, and stuck it on the fridge. i bet if wassy had his chance again, you would probably have made it off the pitch on a strecher

Dick Adams said...

iw- is it so hard to contemplate the rule that theres no offside on goalkicks??? even if the ball hadn't come off a defender i still would've been onside.
The new town captain in centre back continually told the defenders to step up and hold a line just near half-way. This is a clear tactical error and a quick glance at the rules may have saved new town a loss.
Also the most simple rule in the book would've helped them to avoid defeat- play to the whistle...
We'll only have to see if new town has learnt a lesson if future performances

iw said...

Settle down rory, wasnt at the game. Thought that it was a free kick not a goal kick. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Good luck with Div 1 next year

geezer said...

You're right IW, not rocket science!!! Treat goalkicjs the same way you treat throw ins and corners.

Dick Adams said...

i'll be more than happy in division 1 if it means craig phillips won't be the match referee

iw said...

lol take it you havent seen the standard of reffing in Div 1

eightball said...

iw- for once here we see somebody with no ties at either club yet is still make a correct call on whats going on, even if it is easy to comment on the woeful display of phillips display in the middle. roz, with your acute sense in goal scoring, we're all sure you wouldn't have a problem getting picked up by a premier league team. funny how you only get on here starting a thread only after you score. maybe that swhy we haven't seen you on here that much. and here we ago, yet another player giving away playing at the top level for the sake of a referee. another example of letting the referees win. the league obviously doesn't need future leaders of your calibre anyway with such a ridiculous rant

toyota1 said...

geez eightball dont you get tired or just dont have a life mmm

Krauser said...

NO OFFSIDE from a goal kick pretty clear , lay off the guy.

eightball said...

geez born to win, do you get tired of replying to my comments or is that the only way you get something to say??? nothing wrong with thinking for yourself

toyota1 said...


toyota1 said...


Captain said...

Let me get this straight - Rory Macallum is Roz. He scored the controversial goal for Uni.

Then he gets on here and says he would rather go to Div 1 than have Phillips ref him again.

Ever heard of a self fullfilling prophecy Rory???