Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Results

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

University 2-1 New Town Eagles
Kingborough Lions United 2-2 Hobart Olympic


University 0-2 New Town Eagles
Kingborough Lions United 0-2 Hobart Olympic


University 11-0 New Town Eagles

Division One

Northern Suburbs DOSA 0-2 Metro


Northern Suburbs DOSA 0-8 Metro

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Riverside Olympic 2-4 Devonport City
Somerset 2-3 Burnie United
Ulverstone 2-1 Launceston City
Northern Rangers 3-0 Prospect Knights


Spectator said...

Rory scored both goals for Uni. Almost a stroke of genius by Scott to take him out of goals and move him up front.

Ril said...

I'm curious as to why Sunday games can be postponed late on a Saturday, yet last week they couldn't wait any longer than Friday to decide about games on Monday, when it was clear on Sat/Sun that the weather (and most grounds) would be fine.

FFT are still too incompetent to reschdule over 20 games from last weekend (and previous weeks), so now that they've got some more postponed games, it may take them until September to fix their mess..