Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North and South coaches appointed, and, yawn, Melbourne versus Adelaide again

Eamonn Kelly has been re-appointed as coach of the Southern Tasmanian men’s team, while Roslan Saad is the new Northern Tasmania men’s team coach, taking over from Tom McGinn.

Kelly, who was also the coach of the Tasmanian Under-21s last season for their games against A-League youth teams, currently coaches Glenorchy Knights in the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League competition.

Saad is at present coach of Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League leaders Northern Rangers.

John Raymond has been named as the Southern women’s coach, while Stewart Lomax is the Northern women’s coach.

Two games are scheduled between the southern and northern men’s teams.

The first, on July 26, will be the curtain-raiser to yet another game between A-League clubs Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United at Aurora Stadium in Launceston.

The return leg is at KGV Park on Saturday, 19 September.

Only one women’s game is scheduled at this stage and that is at KGV Park on Saturday, 19 September.

There is the possibility of a women’s game also on July 26 in Launceston, but this would not be at Aurora Stadium.

Both coaches have been asked to ascertain the views of their players about this.

As for the A-League game, I’m afraid I’m becoming a little tired of seeing these two teams playing against each other.

Not only that, but this time it won’t even be a competitive match, but rather a friendly.

Previously, they have at least been pre-season cup matches, but that competition has been abandoned and so this July 26 game is just a practice match.

I think this annual fixture has gone past its use-by date and is starting to weary the Tasmanian football public.

Either involve two other A-League clubs, or, a much better idea given that it wouldn’t even be a competitive cup match now, would be for one of the sides to play a senior Tasmanian representative men’s team.

Combine that with the A-League side’s women’s team playing a Tasmanian women’s representative team in a curtain-raiser and you’d pack Aurora Stadium to the rafters.

Imagine if it was Melbourne Victory men’s and women’s teams against the full Tasmanian men’s and women’s teams one weekend, and then Adelaide United men and women against Tassie the following weekend.

That would show real commitment on the part of the A-League to promote football in Tasmania.

If Victory and Adelaide are prepared to come down here once a year to face off, why not get them to come down on successive weekends and play matches that are meaningful for Tasmania?

I know they play quite a few friendlies during pre-season, so why not against Tasmania?

It would be a far better measure of the standing of the game in this State than the endless series of Victory versus Adelaide games which were appealing at first but have now become stale and relegated to the status of friendlies.

Adelaide United are, in fact, heading to Darwin soon to take on the locals, so why not Tasmania?


Corey Smith said...

agree with walter!

Well done Kel and also well done Roslan... Very eager Futsal employee also!

NTE SC said...

how/when are the teams being selected for the games?

morefootball said...

i agree with everything you've said there Walter, a senior tasmanian team against a senior a-league team would be a massive game. Still, melbourne vs adelaide is better than nothing :-)

p.s keep up the great work with the blog

Sir Mix a Lot said...
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Sir Mix a Lot said...

Yes well done to the coaches appointed, lets hope the South boys put up a better fight than last year, they got smashed in both games from memory.
No doubt this blog will be full soon of people putting their views in on selection.
Will be tough for the South players trying to fit in club committments during catch up game time.
Re the A-League, we shouldn't complain too much especially as Victory are Australian champions and Adelaide made the ACL final last season!!

Chuq said...

I agree Walter, Melb v Adel is becoming a bit repetitive. However it is good that we play two of the consistently best teams (two of the four years it has been a grand final replay!) This is also the first year where we haven't had major players missing due to an international tournament (06 - World Cup, 07 - Asian Cup, 08 - Olympics).

I'm sure Tasmania vs most A-League teams would draw more than the 2800 who attended the AFL Tas v Qld match played last weekend!

LPFC said...

Who do you think will be in the team?

Neutral said...

south team...

Croswell - Cripps

Self - Ladic - Kanakaris - Brazendale

Ludford - Smith - Iseli - Cannamela

Keeper who's not injured??? Kaden/ Tatnell. Neither would be my first choice.

LPFC said...

What about Liam Scott.
always plays a consistent Game.
and Josh Heerey should be in there also.

Neutral said...

so ur lineup then?

LPFC said...

My line up

Goalie would be Sam Kruiver but hes injured so probably Kaden


Action said...

personaly i wouldn't have any south hobart players in the team they are to soft just like marshmallows except Gaz Upton, if you are selecting the best team to play the North you have to fight fire with fire and pick a team who can throw their weight around and show some pig just like the North always does. South lack this last year and we all saw what happened!

Action said...


Fagg Telga/Holmes Smith

Self Parker/Croswell Azza



Neutral said...

and smith in my team being ryan... no chance for corey sorry. i assume all teams have ryan. just wanted to make sure.

would not play parker. no skills, just grunt. would play upton over him any day

Action said...

sorry definatly Ryan

Anonymous said...

Liam Scott shouldnt be in any team unless he spends half a season in a gym.


Fagg Smith Iseli


Azza Ladic Pullen Self

Crosswell Cripps

Anonymous said...

Corey Smith
Kurt Engels

tas4Aleague said...

Peacock as keeper with Pitchford out and Mainella out to greener pastures he is a class above the rest

tas4Aleague said...
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nutcase said...


Crosswell - Mckeown

Clay - Self -Upton - Brazendale

Ludford - Smith - Iseli - Fagg



Unknown said...
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Van djik said...

Fagg, Ludford Pullen , Iseli
Clay, Self Ladic ,Brazendale
Crosswell, Mckewon


Agree Stick Scott in the gym...

Anonymous said...


GK: Mainella
RB: Fagg
CB: R.Smith
CB: Ludford
LB: Marchioli

CDM: Pullen

LM: Brazendale
CAM: Ladic
RM: Clay

CF: C.Smith
ST: Crosswell



Beardy79 said...

Not sure if you guys know some of these players, but here is a North team suggestion by Capt. Australia.

Northern Team
GK Pooley
DF S.Hughes, S.Luck, S.Cox, S.Howe
MD M.Ambrose, T.Roach, T.Highston, S.Harris
FW McKenna, P.Bremner

Subs - Sesay, Kakadumane, J.Lo T.Claxton K.Beardwood

Neutral said...

corey smith over cripps to start with crosswell??? madness... only a knights player would ever think that. actually... only corey would think that!
cripps twice the player smith is.

no rep team would ever pick c. smith. ever!!!

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Ill have a go at who i think will be selected rather than who should be selected. Given Kelly is coaching there'll be a fairly strong bias on who played in the Tas under 21 team and Knights players.
I dont think some are good enough players to be in squad let alone starting 11 but thats the way it goes.
Squad of 18.
sh - scott, upton(cm), ludford, kanakaris(lm)
kg - nil
gk, tatnell(gk), clay(lb), holmes(cb), fielding(cm), smith, koroma,
nte - mckeown
uni - nil
ho - nester
hz - self(rm), fagg(rb), crosswell(f), smith(cb), walsh(f),cairns.
cu - nil

ladic and brazendale would have been in if available.
If the Knights Brazilian/s are playing by then they will be there also.
Quite a few of players might not make themselves available.
Very tough on Clarence on Kingo but thats been the trend for the last few years, dont think will change this time around. Wont look at Div 1 players.

Krauser said...

Well, My team wuld be this;

Peacock(Probably Tatnell As Kelly is coach)

Fagg(5goals from Rightback)
Scott(Still copping shit from ppl even tho is is consistent and very good)

Clay(knights best by a mile)
Hunt(very good player,Clarence's Best)
Self(been great Since moving Toe Centre mid)

Crosswell(Amazing lol)
Walsh(26goals between Him And Crossa i think? Cant play 2 target men in a team surely)


So ladic and Azza are out,pullen played one senior game all yeah, admitted he is the best in the holding role but u cant pick him.
No Div1 players or scottish importarts either.

The Realist... said...


I've watched a few games over the last couple of years and would suggest that Ricky Orr from Metro should be the first player picked.

One of the better imports to play in the state for quiet a few years and would only get better with the states best around him.

The Realist... said...

Regarding my previuos comment, if Eammon Kelly is doing his job properly, he needs to ensure that he watches Ricky Orr play (Show some professionalism).


Interesting comments action re fighting fire with fire. One thing noticed a couple of weeks ago when a southern ref was doing the game between Devonport and Rangers, is the different interpretation of the laws between North and South. In that game everything seemed be pulled up, things that players would normally have gotten away with, with a northern ref. It took the players a good hour if at all to get used to his interpretation of the laws. More stop start than both sides were used to.

Obviously different syles of play between SPL & NPL>

Corey Smith said...

neutral a bit harsh i would think since i have made every rep squad bar one that i have been available for over the years (never up front as not my best pos). In saying that i have to agree that Luke Cripps would start before myself or any other striker or player in the league at the moment and deserves his spot. him and croz would be a good combo that for sure.

My squad would be the following (4-2-3-1 with wing backs that can get up and back and an attacking mid and wingers supported by holding mid)

Tatnell (without a doubt)


upton-cairns (ladic if available)



subs (players who can change the game and are flexible in tactical changes)
the list goes on and on........

Darren Scott said...

Another rep team, coach named, but no squad as yet, and the mud (same old) has started flying already.

And Liam cops it again.

Just to clarify, no I have never played the game, but have developed quite a good understanding (technically) of this great game over the past 10 years.

FYI - all......
I am 5ft 6, 72kg
Wife 5ft 2, 54kg

Liam 5ft 11, 66 kg and 17yrs 5mths
- yes he is only a lad, and obviously still growing.
Yes we do feed him, yes he does train hard, yes he does go to the gym, and sorry, but yes he can play.
He also achieved 16 - 4 in the beep test at the joeys camp, and 3 sec. 20m sprint

But..there is no way currently that he will play for australia, due to the fact that there is a bloke there Carney, his stats :

Name: David Carney
Nationality: Australian
Date of Birth: 30/11/1983
Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
Weight: 11st 0lbs (69.92kg)

So it just goes to show the size difference, David is a huge man, height and weight.......oh hang on.

The shit does not worry him, me well it pisses me off

todd said...

mate nothing against liam.good player/bloke but there would be a few more people before him to play for australia.

Darren Scott said...

Todd, not what im suggesting at all, comparing physiques - thats all.

Anonymous said...

Darren Scott
Getting a bit to worked up and defensive on this occasion. This hasn't been a bashin session on your boy..People are just giving their opinions squad selection. Nobody has said he is a bad player but i personally think he doesn't prove his worth. I would choose braydon pace ahead of liam scott anyday but thats just My opinion and if you can't handle that then maybe this blog isn't the best place for you to be looking for your sons name???

Brian Roberts said...

I note the debate on the make up of the rep side.

There is a precedent for selection outside the "Premier" league .

Colin Shepherd was selected to play for Tasmania when playing in division 1 .

If memory serves me correctly it was during the series versus N S W and was it Victoria?

Eihter Walter or Keith will set me right.

I am not sure if I will go this year I have seen the same sides 3 or is it 4 times.

Bruno said...

No way any Div1 player should get selected, Guot scored 45 goals in div1 last year and couldn't get a game for olympic, thats how big the gap diff is.

Beardy79 said...

Having watched Metro play up here in the North (0-1 cup defeat v Prospect Knights). I reckon they would be a top half team in the NPL.

Darren Scott said...

And Player, you are........?

When people have the balls to put their name to their comment, then I will accept any criticism that comes my way. until then, just keep hiding.

Tom said...

Hard to make a team but here goes...

Crosswell - Cripps

Clay - Self -Upton - Brazendale

Ludford - Smith - Iseli - Fagg



Cripps deserves a spot up front, aslo need some older heads for a bit of balance. Defence near picks itself.
keeper would be a hard choice, what has peakock done to deserve a senior birth?? None of the above keepers have done much appart from Peter who would be the most senior and seasoned of ones mentioned.

Spectator said...

Tom, Hamish Peacock has done a lot to deserve a spot in the side, even if it is on the bench. Since he started playing at Uni they have had their best set of results for the year. I'm not saying this is just down to him but he has helped. Also saved 3 penalties against eagles in the cup. Regarding the game against Zebras it would have been a lot worse if not for him

Anonymous said...
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yellowgemi11 said...

omg i can not believe liam scott is being compared to david carney in any way of form, yes liam did well to make the joeys but he plays in tasmania not england and yes hes young but he doesnt even stand out in a leauge that is not much more than a social kick so please dont even suggest anything to do with the socceroos, the best thing for liam is to go to the mainland as he will achieve nothing more in tasmania and will not improve

Captain said...

Darren Scott - this blog is a space used by all sorts for opinion, big noting,fun and a bit of shit stirring.

You'll go nuts reading comments about Liam and taking them with anything but a pinch of salt - not knowing who posted them or for what reason.

This is not facebook or myspace where everyone is your friend it's a public blog site like any other and people aren't supposed to put their real names here.

Most people who know Liam and have seen him play would acknowledge his commitment and his abilities. That will probably be confirmed when the squad is picked. I think you should maybe leave your expectations at that - or log off.

Also, for the record I would have Corry Smith in a rep squad purely on footballing ability and his versatility. Whether or not Kelly would be able to put up with his antics more than he already does is another thing - and Coory you know I'm right!

PS. Hello to Yellow Gemini - yes I know he can play (xxx)

Coxy said...

My Team:


Fagg Smith Telega

C. Smith

Self Ladic Pullen

Walsh Cripps Crosswell


May seem Zebras bias...But i think they are the better plays South Tas have to offer

Roundball said...

Spectator, Still not sure that deserves a spot either. They may have been terrible penalties i don't know, that doesn't really amount for much. how many actaul senior games is has he played?? When you look at Kaden, he has been playing for a few years in these ranks and saved many a penalty, and Peter has played at least 150+ seniors games and been in all the South squads from the last few years. Even though Mainella is playing Reserves and so is peters they both should rank surely.

geezer said...

Roundball, those penalty saves were outstanding, just ask Gordon, Page and McKeown. Surely it is irrelevent how many senior games or how many years someone has played?

Corey Smith said...

the uni keeper's positioning was horrible against zebras? and i didn't see any good saves? Tatnell has to be in the squad and if Mainella is available he is undisputed #1.

Darren Scott-
I have been one of Liam's knockers over the past year although I do believe he has ability. I think the problem is that he has been talked up as a great prospect but has failed to show much in the Tasmanian league. I recently saw him close up at a Futsal tournament and there is no doubt he has great technical ability and is good for his age. The best possible thing for him is to try his hand in Melbourne or something like that if you believe he can make it. I could find him trials at many clubs on the mainland and I am sure there are others who could also. A-League youth league is also an option.
Coming on here as his father is probably only going to create more angst towards Liam and hopefully people see that you are trying to do the right thing. One thing on this blog is that you need to be prepared to cop flack and not worry too much about it (i know that obviously).
Liam should push on and keep concentrating on playing, hopefully realize that Morton and the Tasmania United idea may be just a pipe dream at this stage (may happen in the future but not for Liam's age group), and get himself on to greener pastures and have a really big crack at it.. Obviously being a Joeys rep would help his chances with a contract.

Hat's off to you for sticking up for your son and backing his ability!

Someone that cares said...

I have been hearing about the state side selection and coaches and so I decided to log in and read the comments.
First of all a premier league coach should never been coaching a state side.
Second players are selected not by names or what they do for their own teams but for the experience of position that they play, attitude and their respect for the state.
We have a lot of young talent in Tassie, but a very poor quality of people to realise it.
The comments for what Walter suggested, A Tassie side to play an A-league side would be great. But I am afraid that if an A-League side came to play serious football then they would demolish our Tasmanian side.
We have no one in Tassie that could play A-league. The coach selected for the southern side is a poor choice.
We have two coaches to my knowledge that have coached out of Tassie, Ken Morton and George Krambosanos, that have been very successful.
Every team that comes over to play in Tasmania is not a full squad and come over here for a holiday.
Heidelburg (last year) hadn't trained for 8 weeks when they played in Hobart.
P.S. What we do have in Hobart is a amateur league run by amateurs. There is only a few players, coaches and committees that try to make it professional.

Chuq said...

To 'Someone That Cares' - we'll never get anywhere if we fear being defeated. Look at the National Youth League friendlies last year - we lost the first to Sydney 4-1, but defeated Melbourne 1-0, Queensland 1-0 and Adelaide 3-2!
Of course, it would be nice if the media covered it in the same way that Tasmania defeating Queensland in the AFL state of origin match was covered. Back page Saturday and Sunday and articles pretty much every day since!

observer said...

"Someone that cares" I have been reading this blog and previous ones but have resisted commenting.Some of your comments though deserve attention.

1) Who would you select as state coach ? If we had the luxury of having a coach of that standard , who is not coaching already ,then what is he doing in Tasmania? We do not have a state side with a dedicated coach waiting in the wings for a friendly match ( 1 of maybe 2 a year) to be arranged.

2)Re player selection....a player will only be selected based on his name(reputation). This is inherited by virtue of his (good) performances week in week out for his own side. Surely this is the only fair method of selection ,in addition to attitude etc that you mention.

3)Southern coach a poor choice ???? In your opinion maybe. Who would you select and why ?
I dont necessarily agree or disagree on this point ,but this person does have fairly recent success with the youth side last year.

4)Your point about being an amateur competition is just stating the obvious .As far as I am aware all players are amateurs ,and whilst they remain amateurs ,they cannot be expected to give 100% committment to the sport , effort and timewise ,as a semi-professional or professional would. Years ago teams trained 3 and sometimes 4 times per week ,depending on the coach at the time ,but were paid.Paid minimally mind you but were paid.Players knew that if they did not train not only would they not play , but wouldnt get paid either.
I dont know how many committees you have been a member of recently but I would suggest that most premier league club committees are as professional as time and other committments allow .

Darren Scott said...

player, yellowgem,etc if you are suggesting I am on here scanning for my sons name - then you blokes really are off the mark, and tells me how nieve you are.I was not suggesting he will play for aus. but if you read my post was comparing body size with Carney (as was the criticism) Its the weak 'sniper remarks" (as with all blogs) that are made slagging off aspects of football in Tassie. It would not matter, and will make no difference who makes any team - from U10 through to local senior, rep or state - selections will always be contentious - especially to those not involved. There are young players every week that excell at senior level, albeit at their peril - damned if you do and damned if you dont.
Corey - sorry, but I posted for me, not him!

Sam Walker said...

From my understanding Liam has already been offered a contract. But is waiting until the end of year 12.
Some of your best work Darren lol.

LPFC said...

Darren Scott Is a Champion Bloke.
As is Liam.
and technically speaking Liam is one of the best defenders in the competition.

Darbz said...

The Southern/Northern Squads always explode on the blog it makes for great reading. Darren if I was Liam I'd be ropable and embarrassed, the boy doesn't need you fighting his fights on a public domain here, considering he will now no doubt cop it on the park!

Someone that cares said...

'Chuq' Our under 21's side played sides that had a bye. Do you think that they played their strongest side? At one stage one of the sides had two under 15's and 4 under 16's playing, yes we had a few too!
Personally I think Neil Connelly and Tim Dale would make good state coaches.

Unknown said...

Hi, I have just transferred down from Melbourne and looking to settle in the North of the state. It's great to see that there is an A-League game being held in Launceston this month. I noticed that there is a ladies game scheduled. Great to see. Have the squads been published yet? Where on the Web can I find them? I am interested in playing next year and would like to know how to contact clubs in the northern league.

Walter said...

Hi Hendra

The northern ladies' squad has been published on this blog earlier this month, so if you look at the articles you should find it (could be late last month).

As for contacting clubs in Tasmania, check out the Football Federation Tasmania website and the Links section and that will give you a list of clubs and contact details (