Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uni keeper also excells in javelin throwing

Photos: University goalkeeper Hamish Peacock

University’s 18-year-old goalkeeper, Hamish Peacock, can throw the ball from his own penalty area way beyond the half-way line - and accurately, too.

It’s the sort of throw one sees from professional goalkeepers, and his throws send his team into attack instantly.

Peacock, an engineering student at the University of Tasmania, just also happens to be ranked at number one in Australia in the junior age group for javelin throwing, which explains it all.

He is ranked number 6 or number 7 in Australia in the open age group.

International javelin tournaments generally mean he can play only four or five games of soccer towards the end of each season, in whichever team University needs him.

“For the last couple of years, athletics commitments have been my main priority,” Peacock said.

“But, I love playing football because it’s just so much fun.

“This year, I don’t have any big international competitions so I’ll be able to play out the season.

“It’s fun and I love it.”

University are currently bottom of the Premier League, but are closing in fast on second-last Hobart Olympic.

“We’re only three points behind Olympic, so I don’t see why we can’t avoid relegation,” Peacock said.

“We’ve had two wins in the last week [2-0 against Olympic and 2-1 against New Town Eagles] and we can just forget about last week’s loss to Zebras [8-2].

“The team is looking really positive, and against Eagles, with most of the first-team missing, we looked really good and won.”

Peacock deserves considerable credit for that win as it was his goal-kick that led to the winning goal by Rory Mccallum, ironically, University’s other goalkeeper who has been converted to a striker.

And, Peacock pulled off a brilliant save from a terrific shot by Eagles’ Alex Gordon to keep his side in the game.

“I thought we played a lot better against Eagles than we did against Zebras,” Peacock said.

“It was an improved performance, but we’ve still got plenty more to improve upon.

“We slacken off at times.

“We play good possession football and then, in patches, we don’t, so we must be more consistent.”

Peacock can also play in the outfield, but at the moment, coach Scott Gallacher can be thankful that his two senior goalkeepers are doing all the right things at opposite ends of the pitch.

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