Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday's Division One Result

Division One

Hobart United 3 (Peter Otto, Adam Woodward, Emmanuel Otto) b Beachside 0

HT: 0-0


Hobart United 0-6 Beachside


Hobart United 6-5 Beachside


Captain Australia said...

a typo surely Walter????? Beach side upset by the United? Wow! thats gotta be one of the biggest for the season yeah?

Brendan NRFC

Unknown said...

It was a good game, sadly Beachside got extremely physical (over the top) towards the end of the game, which also seemed to have a excessive amount of overtime.

Peter Otto received a red for retaliation, after he was punched - no action taken against Beachside player. In an earlier instant game stopped for a player swearing, again no further action taken?
However, victory is sweet and the Hobart United boys pulled out a well deserved win; great game to watch under lights. These lights are perhaps only second to Aurora stadium. The HUFC win was the first of the season and just maybe will have a better finish to the season. They have recruited some young and fresh new talent over the last couple of weeks and worked hard to bring back some experience from season 2008. Well done to the boys and coach Mark Broadbent who has worked hard to turn things around.

The U19's game another cracker, with 11 goals scored, HUFC coming out winners 6-5; knocking in 2 goals in last 10mins to pinch the win; after leading 3-1 at half time.

Spectator said...

Watching the game, Otto was carded for his dangerous tackle and the Beachside player was carded for retaliation. Towards the end both teams became physical with both teams as bad as each other. A well deserved win by by HU as they played the better football on the night. A bit disappointing to see the crowd revving up the players towards the end especially when the win was in the bag!

Unknown said...

yes the crowd disappointing towards the end. As a club HUFC decided for the last few seasons not to sale alcohol at games to try and help promote the games to be more friendly.
Always hard to police BYO, however having fenced off the tech area helps.
Over all the spectators were well behaved, only a small element number bit negative towards the end. The players from both sides pushed hard towards the end, so cannot take away from either side- thats football.

The Realist... said...

Beachside again involved in another contraversial encounter...! The common demoninator being...?

Mico IV said...
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Mico IV said...

Adrian you’re a muppet. No-body punched Peter. I was at the game and he brought down an opponent very very late (not for the first time either). Then after a few words were said to him, Peter shaped up to fight until the other team members from both sides got involved. Peter should have been given a red for the tackle on its own, let alone trying to fight the opposition player. And from where I was standing, yes Beachside were physical, but at 50-50 balls. They weren’t tackling from behind or late like the United players.

tassieguy said...

again trouble in div 1 night matches..again Beachside involved ..again C.Ware involved??

Very disappointing really..can't club try and get rid of the trouble makers?? I know it's not easy but night matches are a good opportunity for the clubs and players to get bigger crowds

how did Hutd managed to go from 12 or 11 gol defeat to beating Beachside..??was guot there??

Just a last question..why City councils decides if the matches are to go ahead instead of the referee??i reckon most of Monday matches would have been played.

Amazed said...


Referees decide whether ground is safe for participants.

They only get to make that decision after the council and club make the facility available.

The councils want to make sure that the grounds will be playable for the coming months.

had matches been played last weekend some grounds would be closed for weeks.

tassieguy said...


I understand your oint and agree with you but as you say only SOME grounds were to be Sunday most of them would have been ok..and certainly they'd have been ok on monday

geezer said...
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geezer said...
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