Thursday, June 4, 2009

South Hobart desperately need to beat Tilford Zebras

Photos (Top to Bottom): Les charge of University this weekend; University's Jon Merry (right)...still injured; New Town Eagles' Jacob Kavanagh...joined the navy; Zebras' Henry Fagg returns to the squad; Kingborough's Charles White...must prove his fitness before being selected; South HObart's Bart Beecroft...back in training

Third-placed South Hobart must beat Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League leaders Tilford Zebras at home at Washington Street on Saturday to stay in the title race.

South Hobart trail Tilford Zebras by 6 points with half the season gone, and are a point adrift of second-placed Glenorchy Knights.

Utility player Daniel Brown is doubtful for South Hobart, while midfielder Gary Upton and defender Josh Heerey have not trained because of the flu.

Upton sat out last weekend’s 6-0 win over Hobart Olympic, as did Ricki Eaves.

Captain and midfielder Bart Beecroft has trained lightly but must make his way back through the reserves, while striker Eaves trained wearing an ankle brace.

Tilford Zebras will rest midfielder Paul Cairns, who has a hamstring strain, while goalkeeper Troy Kaden and defender Henry Fagg return to the squad after missing last week’s game.

Glenorchy Knights visit Lightwood Park on Saturday to take on fourth-placed Kingborough Lions United without midfielder Jade Clay, who has work commitments, and striker James Hope, who is injured.

Goalkeeper Alex Tatnell has a wrist injury and must pass a fitness test before being selected, while striker Tom Sherman will be rested and striker Corey Smith is unlikely to play because of some broken fingers.

The Knights are expecting their two new Brazilians any time now and they would be useful acquisitions were they to arrive in time for this match.

Defender Damian Pearce and midfielder Charles White must prove their fitness before being selected for the Lions, while striker Greg Freeman is out because of a hamstring injury.

Fifth-placed Clarence United host sixth-ranked New Town Eagles at Wentworth Park on Saturday evening at 6.30pm without injured central defender Toby Ling.

Midfielder Sam Cannamela and striker Luke Cripps are doubtful because of the flu, while keeper Sam Sweetten has an ankle injury.

Keeper Michael Moschogianis is ready to resume, but striker Ben Hamlett, who was to make his return, cut his leg on Thursday and is omitted.

New Town Eagles have lost Jacob Kavanagh to the navy, but midfielders Jacob Malakoff and Alex Leszczynski are available after being absent last weekend.

In the bottom-of-the-table clash at KGV Park on Friday night, second-last Hobart Olympic will miss striker Michael Bulis, who is in Melbourne, and defender Peter Tsakiris, who had his suspension reduced from three weeks to one, but who has had an operation on his fingers.

Emmanuel Tsakiris or Matthew Hedge will replace Bulis.

University’s coach, Scott Gallacher, is interstate, so the team will be coached by Les Richardson and Kevan Wright in this important match.

Midfielder Oliver Venettacci is unavailable because of exams, while Hamish Peacock retains his place in goal and former keeper Rory McCallum will again play as a striker, having scored the goal in last week’s 1-1 draw with the Lions.

Defender Jon Merry is still injured, but defender Damien Bones holds on to his place after his successful return from injury last weekend.

Striker Julian Proud has come through training successfully and may lead the Students’ attack in this must-win game.

University, who are last and 8 points adrift of Olympic, have a new striker from the UK training with them, but his international clearance has yet to come through.


The Phoenix said...

i am tipping uni to win at KGV tonight , olympic just seem so fragile at the moment and with bully away. I think they will struggle.
Zebras will beat South . nothing was gained by beating olypic last week and they will return to their poor form.
charlie will be happy , i think the lions can get up here , home ground knights missing a few key players. lions should get up.
clarence NEED to win this to stay in touch but again with some key players out may fall to an inconsistant Eagles, it will depend on which Eagles team turns up to play. Maybe a draw here.

just a question for all who read this blog . What will FFT do if grounds get closed and games cancelled, I mean FFT might need some help to solve this should it eventuate.

B P said...

should be a great round.. If the games are on.. rain on council grounds "they might get muddy" hope they stay open would like the opportunity this weekend!!!

Corey Smith said...

dislocated finger in the end.... somehow did it at training? should be right to play tomorrow though.

hopefully chel remembers he is not the keeper this week and we have a good 11 on 11 battle.

kingborough will be hard to beat down there and a big test for us.

The Phoenix said...

So no games at wwp or south hobart this weekend , dont know about Lightwood or kgv.So what will FFT do now ???? This will be three games that will have to be resceduled for Clarence.Hmmm headaches for poor old kenneth me thinks.
Oh dont forget to take your floaties corey just in case you do play lol

iw said...

Tips for the weekend.
Zebras 4 - South 2 - another south loss. Arrogance and slick hair doesnt win you games.

Knights to beat Borough 3-2, hopefully Coreys finger nail holds up ok! Can see him getting on the score sheet.

Shoe lace FC vrs Eagles 2-1

Olympic to beat Uni 1-0 in a thriller!

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Corey, how will it be returning to your place of victory of just one week ago? Thats if the game goes ahead of course.
Will the Kingborough players be so accomodating when you throw shots on goal at them rather than just Aces?
Benchie, will be tough for FFT to re-schedule if need be. The schedule is quite tight with Cup, League and Finals games.
Luckily they have KGV and WWP with lights that could be utilised for midweek games although that may mean home ground advantage needs to be given up by some clubs.
Big week of games, 3 games in 6 to8days for everyone should they all go ahead. Will definetely be a clearer picture for all heading into round 3.
Predicting the current top 3 to breaking away staying within 4 points of each other. The Knights with some gun Brazilians coming to be the bolter.
Uni have to make some ground up otherwise its Div 1 next year for certain.

ginger said...


are your comments re WWP and SH from council or just your guess?
where does one go to see what games are on/off??
if these games are called off will be a fixture log jam come sept.

heartbreak said...

No grounds are open, except Pontville and KGV, but KGV will play no additional games than are scheduled

Sub said...

Hopefully Corey plays instead of spending 80% of the game ON THE BENCH..

Corey Smith said...

sub, was that a sledge i detect? i believe i scored in my 20 mins last week?
I didn't train so had to be contempt with spot on bench, couldn't be helped due to work committments but obviously nobody likes the bench too much
all games off for us this weekend, what a disappointment but i guess it helps us a touch seeing we will have our brazilians for those two games if re-scheduled at the end of the season.

was pumped for the games so pretty annoyed.

no wash outs at clarence sports centre thursday nights if your interested in playing futsal though guys. If the rain continues for a few more weeks perhaps we can have a futsal comp to decide the league? lol

Sub said...

Corey was your comment about chel a sledge?

and hopefully when the match is actually played you will remember when the keeper already has the ball not to jump into him & elbow him in the head, then make stupid comments to your friends about doing borough a favour, real classy..

iw said...

Ground Closures - Queens Birthday Weekend
( last updated 11am Friday )

Hobart City Council advises all grounds closed until Tues
Clarence City Council advises all grounds closed until Tues
Kingborough Council advises all grounds closed until Tues
Glenorchy City Council advises KGV Park is OPEN

Captain said...

Cory Smith - you are such a tosser.

How does "had to be content with spot on bench" equate to your selfish, immature outburst toward your coach after you scored on Friday night?

Who cares if you scored - everyone else at Knights seems to have pulled their heads in - you shouldn't even be in the squad.

Corey Smith said...

well #8 that was an interesting comment. thank you for your ultra kind words. I am a big fan of yours also and must say you are a solid contributor every week on here. "shouldn't be in the squad"
hhmmm ok i will take that on board or not? stats don't tend to lie too much so will leave it at that.
maybe comment on something that you know the full story on i would say.
anyway sub, just want to mention i was not sledging chel (good bloke on and off the field) i was pointing out that the reason the game against borough was not a contest last time was they were reduced to 10 men and chel is influential. If they have their full line up available than we can expect a very hard game. One of the hardest games of the season is borough at lightwood.
On the keeper incident which just keeps coming up (a few others this season that have not been talking points) I would like to point out that I actually apologized to the relevant people concerned and that we should move on. i was very late and it was not good at all but i committed (wrongly) and then had nowhere to go in the end. no intent was to hurt the player.

also #8(blogger of the year) can you spell my name correctly? it is right above my comment every time so just copy and paste if you need to. to do this highlight the name and then hold control c and then go to the start of your comment and hold control v. good luck with it.

iw said...

i thought it was Cori Smif lol ;-)

Bruno said...

I was looking forward with another Smith v Saucehead 50/50 clash.

Will have to wait until later in the season now.

batistuta said...

Why are all the grounds closed? What a joke!
Conversations a bit heated on here today! I would think "Cori Smif" would be in any first 11 if his attitude was right wouldn't he?
Corey fill us in on what is actually the reason then?
So the only game this weekend will be Olympic vs Uni is that right?...... Walter I will take stats on completed passes if you like?

iw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sub said...

Blind Freddy could have seen it was very late, Corey even admits it was..

What do you have to say about your comments to your friends behind the goal your comment was "I probably did them a favour, be able to get there reserve keeper out here now" sounds very apologetic to me..

Corey Smith said...

smif has a nice ring to it... easier to say for those with a lisp also.... very funny guys..... haha
sub that incident is dead and buried and i am not commenting further on it, as said before i have made relevant comments and statements to the right people and it does not need to be put on here.

Dmitri Nester said...


Zebras play Uni at KGV on Monday so imagine this will still go ahead as well.

Action said...

Could someone tell me why the councils always close the soccer grounds they run but never close the footy grounds????

Action said...

It just alway make soccer players look like sooks! Compared to the big tuff footballer's who always play in the mud and rain. When it's the council who close the grounds not the players

The Phoenix said...

Action,IF you look at the HCC web site you will see that North hobart oval is closed as is the TCA.Lol and the forcast is for rain developing.
Got lost was looking for walters blog but seem to have found my way to "The cory Smif blog" LMAO

yellowgemi11 said...

i think people on here are very jelous of you corey, stats do not lie and i think you have won 4 or 5 premierships am i right so all you people get over it and stop trying to be like corey, also been hearing some rumors about marchello and another kingbrough player having a fall out on there trip to launceston a few weeks ago what happened there

Dmitri Nester said...

Congrats to Peter on his appeal. Lets hope Kim doesn't hold a grudge and shakes Peter's hand next time considering his comments in his Ref of the year award:
“As long as we all still talk when we get off the field and are friends, well, that’s the best part of refereeing.”

Brian Roberts said...

On a more mundane note I have an article that outlines the history of Promotion and Relegation .

If you would like a copy let me know

I am in the phone book

tasblue said...

Good thread - about time there was some 'bite'.

What's with this two Brazilian players joining the Knights? Backpackers on a holiday?

ps Brian - get out of the 'phone book.

the Den said...

Don't know about a falling out up there yellowgemi, i think there was a bonding session involving one or 2 players that got a bit out of hand... but i'm sure these players have come out stronger for the experience ;)

flaps said...

just one question ?

Corey is yellowgemi11 your girlfriend.

Corey Smith said...

answer no
discussion off subject yes

Shinpad said...

Handbags away girls!! Let the football do the talking!!! Who IS Corey Smythe any way!!LOL

yellowgemi11 said...

flaps oh yeh me and corey are lovers, everyone just listens to all the rumors going around bout him but if you actually watch him you will see what a great player he is and how hard he works, the den yeh i have heard a couple players got out onto hands