Thursday, June 25, 2009

Olympic win lifts them up a place to sixth on the ladder

Photos: Olympic's goalscorers, Hugh Richardson (top) and Michael Bulis

This 2-0 win lifted Hobart Olympic up a place to sixth on the ladder, a point ahead of New Town Eagles and six ahead of bottom-side University.

Eagles are now in second-last place and are in danger of being overtaken by University, who are just five points behind them.

If Glenorchy Knights had been a little luckier - they hit the Olympic woodwork three times in the first half - and if they had been more clinical in their finishing - they missed three other gilt-edged chances in the course of the 90 minutes - they would have won easily.

But, Olympic rode their luck, fought hard, never surrendered, and in the end, won the match with two superbly taken goals.

Chris Tsimiklis almost embarrassed the Knights in the opening seconds when he fired narrowly wide of Ben Peter’s right-hand post. Peter was back in goal in place of the injured Alex Tatnell.

In the 3rd minute, however, Tom Sherman rattled the Olympic crossbar with a magnificent shot from the left, the ball bouncing down and back into play.

In the 7th minute, Corey Smith flicked Jade Clay’s cross on for Amadu Koroma, but he also hit the crossbar.

As the ball rebounded into play, Smith clattered clumsily into Youssef Mohamad, who went down as if he had been pole-axed.

Mr Barker had no hesitation in brandishing the yellow card at Smith. Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, immediately substituted Smith as he probably thought he would certainly collect a second yellow during the match. Jackson Marsh came on as the replacement.

Olympic took the lead out of the blue in the 19th minute when Hugh Richardson scored with a half-volley from 25 metres that flew into the far right-hand corner of the net past the diving Peter.

Josh Fielding missed a great chance to equalise on the half-hour. He found himself in possession on the right and inside the box but pulled his shot well wide of the near post.

Olympic created another good chance in the 33rd minute, but Michael Bulis’s shot from an acute angle on the right was blocked by Peter and the ball was cleared.

Two minutes before the interval, a deep cross from the right by Jade Clay was headed at goal by Koroma, but Dmitri Nester’s agility enabled him to turn the ball against the bar.

It rebounded to James Hope, whose goal-bound header was cleared off the line by Chris Tsakiris.

Kelly was furious with his players at the break and, after voicing his feelings, stormed out of the dressing room and sat in the stand for the second half.

Fielding also let his team-mates know what he thought at the half-time break.

Dipendra Kunwar came on for Richardson in the 59th minute and it took him just ten minutes to create the second goal for Olympic when he slipped the ball expertly through for Bulis to run on to and score from inside the box.

The Knights’ final chance came gift-wrapped in the 86th minute, but they squandered it.

Clay’s deep cross from the right went to Carl Larzabal, who, in attempting to clear, succeeded only in passing the ball to Hope on the edge of the box, but with time and space, he blazed wide.


  • Hobart Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw, said:

“Probably one of the best team performances we’ve played all year.

“Knights were unlucky. I mean, they hit the crossbar three times in the first half.

“But, then Hugh Richardson scored a screamer from about 20 odd, 25 yards, out which sort of lifted the lads.

“It’s something we’ve been lacking.

“The second half was very even. Dippa [Dipendra Kunwar] came on and did what Dippa does. He runs at players, puts panic in the back-line and created the chance for us.

“We basically then held out. We held out strongly and there weren’t too many chances, which is good. I'm happy with the lads.”

  • Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“Absolutely woeful. It’s just like taking three steps forward and four steps back.

“The attitude that we came back away from Somerset with was the start of the rot.

“I’ve just said that to them in there. Anybody would think that we had won on Saturday coming back on the bus.

“You know, there’s just no pride. There’s no pride, there’s no commitment and until they find that pride and commitment, this is all that’ll happen week in and week out.

“You can’t have seven chances in the first half and not take them.

“There’s not much point in hitting the crossbar and hitting the post and missing by three inches.

“Goals win games, and if you don’t put it in the back of the net, that’s the result you end up with tonight.”


Hobart Olympic: Nester - Lebski, Mohamad (Percy 73), P Tsakiris, Tsimiklis - Larzabal. Richardson (Kunwar 59), Mason, C Tsakiris - A Hedge, Bulis (Substitutes not used: Banks, Plomaritis)

Goals: Richardson 19, Bulis 69

Glenorchy Knights: Peter - Lawler, Holmes, Green, Wiggins (Roberts 70) - Clay, Fielding, Hope, Sherman - Smith (Marsh 8), Koroma (Substitute not used: Vavoulas)

Booked: Smith, Wiggins, Sherman

Att: 100

Ref: K Barker


The Phoenix said...

crolaWell I was wrong , I said Olympic couldnt win another game after their loss to Uni ,Great to see them get up last night . It does'nt matter if it was scrappy , they have the 3 points . Some very interesting things said by Mr kelly after the game.The new brazilian must be wondering what the hell he got himself into!!!!!

ginger said...

Huge result for both teams.
Olympic well out of the mire now, and as silly as it sounds are an even bet to make the top 4 if they win a few more!!
The top 3 well set but with king, clarence and eagles startin to drop more points 4th place is wide open.
GK will be devastated with the past week. Eamon sounds a happy man, perhaps the boys were still hungover from the bus trip...

Weather doesnt look good for any action at WWP tonight....

eightball said...

haha yes ginger, agree and disagree with you for the moment- agree first; yes i'm sure its hard for the boys to concentrate and not let their hair down on the bus home (as all of us love to do, except kingborough do it up there!!)but when their coach, and spiritual leader eamonn hutt at the helm, and driving the bus home nonetheless, its hard to not get caught up in the things that he does, he acts more childish than the kids he plays!! and then goes and gets all hypocritical to our beloved walter how ordinary his team was, when we all know he would have instigated everything. still don't know whats up with corey- tassie's resident harvey dent is prob at a crossroads? is he trying to put too much pressure on himself to carry the team, or eamonn just riding his ass as usual?? watch this space.. and now the disagree- i'm sure you have ties with olympic, but i just don't know where they're sitting with things at the moment. yes the top couple of sides are leaving a couple of the bottom teams in their wake at the moment, olympic, aswell as a couple of other sides- including knights, need to work on their consistency. have they got it in them?? tell me mate whats going on over there?? wow that hurt my hands

M.J said...
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eightball said...

and i think we are all doing the right thing on here, and not commenting on the uni trio- the least said about that club in decline the better at the moment

M.J said...

Intersting comments there from Kelly, especially about pride and comittment!! Didnt he walk out on the club during a season a couple of years back!!! Do as i say not as i do?? Good win for olympic, they are more up and down than a yo-yo. Uni must be hating this, they get a couple of points on the board and this does them no favours. Still number 1 relegetion candidates!

ginger said...

eightball mate, certainly no ties to olympic. doubt they'd even let me in at the greek club!!
merely pointing out how close 4-7th is now. its plain to see they are inconsistent but so are the other 3 in the mix, hence my point!

olympic were third last season and have only really lost grillas. they could easily put together a few wins and compete for 4th.

Walter better get in a couple more uni articles as that win has sunk em i'm afraid.

Looking at FFT website it looks like we might be in for another weekend of sitting on the couch...

toyota1 said...

question is will corey serve a suspension

Captain said...

Clarence United
(S. Jacob A. Barron M. Chapman) 3 D Glenorchy Knights
(M. Nowicki J. Minnucci) 2

how did this U19 cup result (with goalscorers) get on FFT website when the score was 4 - 1?

B Garth scored Clarence's 4th goal.

eightball said...

word round the campfire is- corey is going to get subbed off straight away everytime he gets a yellow in a game.

The Phoenix said...

well that will help knights no end ,hmm using a sub in the first 7 mins is wise , great tactics .

ginger said...


where's the weekend preview?
hope you havent been washed away!!

More cancellation drama, first Thursday nights game called off at WWP (recently renamed Wet n Wild Park) but now miraculously there are games on this weekend! 1 game friday night and 3 games saturday. This will surely make a mess of it.... should be in tip top shape by the time the premier men step onto the hallowed mud.

olinda grove closed meaning yet another catch up game. one would think the weekend of the SWC semis would be a logical switch, but i'm not about to suggest FFT are logical...
Does mean South will be fresh for there 'title decider' on wednesday night...

if this keeps up we'll all be playing 3 games a week come august!!

The Phoenix said...

I would suggest some serious arm twisting would have gone on by someone to get games at Wet and Wild tonight and tomorrow. The grounds are saturated and will be destroyed after one game.
It is forcast to rain again next week so things will only get worse,hmmmm boxing day is good FFT might be dry by then !!!

Walter said...


I thought it better to delay publishing the previews because of all the possible postponements. Otherwise I would have been wasting my time by writing previews of games that were no longer on.

Who cares said...

CCC just needs to realise that grounds are to play on. Not much use haven a botanic masterpiece come the end of August if nobody has played on it.

The world has gone soft.