Sunday, June 21, 2009

South Hobart put pressure on leading pair with win against Eagles

Photos (Top to Bottom): Referee Kim Barker tosses the coin for the captains; Eagles' Shane Kent gets the ball away from South's David Abbott and Jonathon Ladic; South's Costas Kanakrisis confronted by Eagles' Nick Ferrall; Kanakaris is bundled over by a posse of Eagles players; Eagles' Adam McKeown squeezes between South's Daniel Brown and David Cooper

Third-placed South Hobart moved to within 4 points of Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League leaders Tilford Zebras by beating sixth-placed New Town Eagles 4-1 away at Clare Street today.

South Hobart took the lead through Daniel Brown in the 22nd minute, following a corner.

Eagles equalised in the 38th minute after an excellent build-up down the left.

Shane Kent put Cormac Collins through and, when his shot hit the crossbar, Adam Shackcloth stroked home the rebound.

Two goals in three minutes midway through the second half killed off Eagles, while a goal in the final minute sealed the three points for the visitors.

In the 63rd minute, Josh Heerey made it 2-1, while in the 64th minute, a low cross from the left by Liam Scott saw Costas Kanakaris initially hit the post with his shot.

The ball was blocked on the line, but Kanakaris was able to bundle it into the net as Eagles were too slow in reacting.

Substitute Julius Ross netted the fourth after being put through on the left by Kanakaris and then deftly chipping the ball over goalkeeper Michael Soszynski.

Goals by Akuel Guot, Andrew Otto and Alex Bellini gave Hobart United a 3-1 win over Northern Suburbs DOSA at Pontville and moved United off the foot of the Division One ladder, at the expense of Christian United.

In the Premier League Reserves, goals by Jared O’Brien, Seth Otte and Simon Burrett gave South Hobart a 3-1 win over Eagles, who replied through Matt Fennell.

In Division One Reserves, DOSA downed Hobart United 2-1, while in the Under-19s, Eagles defeated South 4-1 and Hobart United overcame DOSA 3-0.

Eagles’ scorers in the under-19s were Kain Davey, Andrew Hagger, Matthew Ball and Alexander Ayers, while Dylan Postma replied for South.


Coxy said...

seems there was more mud than grass at clare street...must have made tough conditions

Chaffey said...

Looks like Hobart United are hitting some form, will they match it with Metro this week maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hobart Utd were not only extremely lucky to win, but also to finish the game with 11 players. Unlike DOSA, Metro won't put up with constant late tackling from behind and will give as good as they get physically. Add that to that fact they're a league above Utd for skill and defensive capabilities and it's a no-contest.

tassieguy said...

agree metro too good..las ttime they met i think metro won 13-0..!too much firepower up front against a very average utd defence

OCT23JNR said...

To Kick Off. I don't believe Hobart United's change in fortunes are related to a form reversal. I'd be more inclined to think it's related to fact they've been able to acquire several quality players to their club which entail has led to a more competitive unit.

Pixel 40 said...

I agreed the development of senior player in Hobart United have been poor but on saying that, the coach never have given up on the club, the point is that when U/19 players perform better than the senior is a bit of worried, any one can be a good coach when you got the quality, but to get player to that level is coaching, metro have the Scottish but they didn't develop then and with out then metro will have straggle( so coaching or coach)?