Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taroona versus Metro tomorrow night at KGV

Saturday's postponed Division One match between league-leaders Taroona and second-placed Metro will now be played tomorrow, Wednesday, 10 June, at KGV Park at 6.30pm.

This will provide Premier League coaches and followers a rare opportunity to watch a Division One game and assess the standard of the top levels of that league.

Ricky Orr will be able to play for Metro, much to the delight of some of the Taroona defenders, who are keen to test themselves against the leading marskman in the league, while Steve McClung will be desperate for his clearance to be through in time for the match.

Taroona currently has a 2-point lead over Metro.

And, Hobart United's president Adrian Pickin has resigned following their first win of the season last Sunday evening, when they beat Beachside 3-0.

Pickin has another option he wishes to pursue at this stage and felt it might involve a conflict of interest if he stayed at the helm of the club.

He also felt it important to leave on a winning note.

The latest edition of the magazine "Soccer International" (Vol 17, No. 5), available at newsagencies now (Francesco Totti is on the cover), features a colour photo and story about the Australian Futsal team that competed in Spain, and our own Michael McKenna is in the team photo.

Well done. Michael, and congratulations again on your selection and winning Australian caps in that version of the game.

The Tasmanian section of the magazine features the exploits of the South Hobart under-13s who won the Merimbula tournament this Easter. There is also a colour photo of coach Steve 'Spinner' Adkins, and players Jack Bastick and Henry Garrett holding the trophy.


Carbo said...

Will they be playing the postponed Christian United/Dosa Match after the Taroona/Metro.
One would think so then they have a completed round.

Old Man River said...

So was Orr's red card revoked?

Walter said...

Only the one game scheduled. Christian United v DOSA probably the following Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Yes, Orr's red card was revoked.

Old Man River said...

Ah, that's interesting. Thanks Walter. Any idea why? fair bit of fallout from the beach vs met game...

Unknown said...

the only way a red card can be revoked is if it was mistaken identify. I was at the game and cannot see how that is possible.
At the very least he should miss 1 match, which is automatic. Under the rules that means he misses tonights match.

Amazed said...

It may well be that the second caution was given in error and may therefore constitute an ‘obvious error’ as defined by Section 4.3 of the National Disciplinary Regulations. In which case FFT can 'remove' the second caution, and therefore any suspension.

Corey Smith said...

Well done McKenna on the Spain trip. There should have been more made of this accolade as you are the first ever Australian Mens rep.
Congratulations and shows the chances that Futsal offers in Tassie.

Also well done to the kids who played in Merimbula, Many of whom are part of the successful Islanders Futsal Academy squad which were the first side in Tasmanian history to win a National Title.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Well done FFT for the quick re-scheduling of catch up games.
The fixturing may not be perfect but at least its been dealt with quickly which it needed to be given more games could be cancelled in the upcoming weeks.
Should be a bumper crowd for the double header next Wednesday.
If only we had more of them, although makes it a bit tricky with gate takings and reserves and under 19s.

Ril said...

Don't give them too much praise just yet Sir Mix A Lot. They've still got around 20 games to reschedule between Div 2-4 (plus youth leagues?), and that includes up to 3 games per team for some teams that have had their previously postponed games moved aside for others from this weekend now. Amazing what trouble they can find themselves in when they don't allow any spare weeks at the end of or during a season..

Although I will give them some credit for not taking a month or more like they normally do for any other reschduling for the Premier League games. It'll be interesting how long it takes for them to fix the other leagues up though. They do pay the same fees after all I believe..