Saturday, August 15, 2009

Northern Rangers win title for first time while it's ho hum in the south as boredom sets in

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eamonn Kelly gives instructions to Mynonge Kamba; Knights warm up; Zebras defend a cross; Ryan Smith pressures Jade Clay

Tilford Zebras and Glenorchy Knights finished in second and third places, respectively, on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder after drawing 1-1 in their final league match at KGV Park today.

League champions South Hobart finished six points in front of Zebras after downing fourth-placed Clarence United 2-1 at Wentworth Park tonight.

Clarence must now await the outcome of the postponed game between fifth-placed Kingborough Lions United and sixth-placed Hobart Olympic to see if they will contest the final-four series.

Zebras should have beaten Knights comfortably, but poor finishing cost them dearly.

Jayden Welch gave Zebras the lead in the 7th minute when he collected a cross from the right and was left with the simple task of steering the ball home.

Knights lost goalkeeper Alex Tatnell through injury after nine minutes.

His replacement was under-19s goalkeeper Trent Le Rossignol. He generally did well, but on two occasions in the second half punched the ball to opponents who could have scored with their shots.

Kurt Engels, Welch and Paul Cairns all fired wide for Zebras in the first half, while Andrew Robb had the best chance for Knights, but his shot went straight at keeper Troy Kaden.

Mynonge Kamba was in shooting mood for Knights, but his efforts were always wide or high of the target.

In the second period, Josh Thorpe, Cairns, Ryan Smith, Matt Hall and Engels all squandered good chances for Zebras, while the Knights’ Jade Clay tested Kaden but was denied by good keeping.

Knights equalised in the 70th minute when Clay’s free-kick from wide on the left, awarded for a foul on Amadu Koroma, was headed home at the far post by an unmarked James Hope.

Ben Phillips put Clarence ahead against South Hobart in the 26th minute with a cool finish after a fine left-wing cross by Andy Barron had set up a stinging shot by Sam McIntyre, which was blocked by keeper Mark Moncur.

Kostas Kanakaris equalised for South Hobart seven minutes after the resumption with a cool finish from inside the box on the left.

A terrible goalkeeping error by Clarence’s Michael Moschogianis gifted South the winner in the 77th minute.

Moschogianis inexplicably fumbled the ball in a harmless situation and young substitute Seth Otte gained possession and calmly slotted the ball into the net.

Northern Rangers won the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League when they beat second-placed Devonport City 1-0 at home at the NTCA Ground.

Sixth-placed Ulverstone downed seventh-ranked Burnie United 3-2 at home at the Ulverstone Showgrounds, while Prospect Knights ensured a miserable ending to the season for bottom-side Launceston United by beating them 3-1 at home at Harley Parade.

The win lifted third-placed Knights to level on points with Devonport City.

Fourth-placed Riverside Olympic overcame second-last Launceston City 2-1 away at Mitsubishi Park.

In the Reserves in the south, Glenorchy Knights beat Tilford Zebras 2-1 and Clarence United drew 1-1 with South Hobart.


Captain said...

The Kingborough, Olypmic game should have been played this weekend.

This is a vital game in determining the final 4 and the game should have been shifted to KGV today.

When played it should be a good game - Kingborough going for 4th spot, Olympic able to catch Kingborough on points with a win and in all likelihood a big crowd.

Walter said...

The lack of foresight by FFT is amazing.

Surely, Hobart Olympic and Kingborough Lions United, as well as New Town Eagles versus University, should have been a double-header at KGV Park today. There was ample time to organise this as everyone knew by mid-week that the games at South Hobart and Clare Street would undoubtedly be off.

A double-header at KGV today would have decided the final four and avoided the congestion that is looming.

To trot out the same old argument that the council only allows 7 games a week on KGV is wearing thin. There were two games on Saturday and nothing since the previous Saturday.

Brian Roberts said...

Congratulations to Northern Rangers on achieving the premiership.

All the moreso because of the opposition they faced when applying to join the league .

I was present at the meeting when they announced their intention to apply.

The had to overcome spurious arguments such as :-

Where will they play
They may cause a bye
We don't want any more teams
There are not enough players to go round and more .

I found such short sighted and selfish attitudes most frustrating as none of their players were currently paricipating in the Soccer Tas league.

Fortunately Soccer Tas guided by David Smith won the day.

I sill recall the social matches between Christian Utd and N R .

Again congratulations and every good wish in the 'strange' final series.

David Mitchell said...

Yep Cheers to the Northern Rangers Club. A short history with a great result for all involved. Strength and depth throughout the club suggests this may not be the last time the Rangers name is engraved on the trophy.
Without questioning Brian I'm not certain that it's a "spurious' question to ask where a new club might base themselves from.

harden up maggots said...

what day will the brough game be any1 no

Banksie said...

Apparantly the 30th Sep. Just after the finals series which they may or may not be playing in..........well done FFT.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Captain, i doubt many really care about that fixture other than perhaps the Kingborough players who will be "up" for it given the reward is a trip up North.
Wonder what will happen on that trip should they beat Olympic? Can they better their previous efforts?
Banksie, that is what the FFT site shows for all postponed game as a default time until they reschedule.
Good thing there is no Mad Monday like with the footy guys, another week of training for three clubs who thought would be putting their feet up.
Agree with Walter's thoughts, surely KGV could have been used Sunday especially for that game given it was scheduled for Sunday. Must be council changing their supposed 7 game rule again trying to protect the ground for its 6 months of inactivity coming up or FFT just not caring enough to pull their finger out late last week and change it.

Brian Roberts said...

David my comment "where will they play " was not sufficiently specific .

It should have read "Which league will they play in " if I recall they had already organised a ground

David Mitchell said...

Cheers Brian thanks for the clarification. Northern Rangers short but successful history makes a good lesson for all clubs and FFT.

Captain said...

Sir Max - I think there might be a few interested people from the Eastern Shore


Thanks for your comments Brian. How are you?

One question, whats so strange about the final series??

The Northern clubs are looking forward to it, an expanded state championship series should be a good promotion for the game in this state!

Brian Roberts said...

Rangers President , Firstly . I believe a State Championship should be a round robin of the top 2 teams. Total elapsed time is 3 weeks.

With current system either N or S Champ could disappear in round 1.

Re my health bearing in mind age , wear and tear O K thankyou

Well done once again


Fair enough funny how different people see things differently.

As number 1 team North of the Mason Dixon line for 2009, I think if we lose in round 1 of a final series so be it!

Ads on the Tele with NPL and SPL players reckon it will be a great promotion

Captain said...

Looks like it's Clarence vs Nthn Rangers 2 weeks in a row.