Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ricky Orr ace marksman for Metro

Photo: Ricky Orr of Metro

Metro striker Ricky Orr has scored 24 league goals in 14 matches this season.

It is a performance that has helped propel Metro to the top of the Division One ladder and the club stands on the crest of promotion to the Premier League with four matches remaining.

The 23-year-old is one of three Scottish imports that are currently playing for Metro.

A fourth, Steve McClung, had to return to Scotland for family reasons after just a month here.

Orr played for Hamilton Academicals as a professional when he was in his teens.

He then moved to Larkhall Thistle and was with Arthurlie before taking up Metro’s offer to come to Australia.

He played in midfield for Arthurlie, although he had some experience as a striker and did score some goals.

“I’m used to playing in the centre of midfield, but Metro needed a striker so I said I’d play up front,” said Orr.

“I would like to help or young players develop and that’s more important than the goals.

“I’m not worried about the goals as long as the younger boys are enjoying the game.

“It’s getting harder to score goals now because opponents know me and they’re starting to man-mark me.”

Orr said that Beachside defender Ben Davis has been his toughest opponent and they were both sent off the last time the teams met, although Orr appealed successfully against a suspension.

“Ben Davis has always given me a hard time and he’s knocked lumps out of me,” Orr said jokingly.

“But, that’s all part and parcel of the game.

“It’s a rough and tumble at times and I’m not bothered by that.”

Orr said the title is Metro’s to lose and he feels for Taroona, which is in second place.

“They deserved to win the last time we met, when we got a late penalty to draw the game at 4-4,” he said.

“They’re a good side and I feel for them if they don’t go up because they’re too good a side to be playing in that league.”

Orr is uncertain about his future with Metro and said it all depended on whether he could get an extension to his visa. He is a qualified electrician.

“I wouldn’t mind having a shot at Premier League, buy we’ll see what happens with the visa,” he said.


Unknown said...

if there is such a chasm in standard btw the top 2 in div 1 and the rest. why don't they extend the premiers by 2.

Status Quo said...

Because they stupidly reduced it by two at the end of the 2008 season! They relegated both Taroona and Metro and threw them into a wilderness where the only real opposition was Beachside.

They should have kept it a 10-team Premier League with the bottom side to play off against the Division One winners.

Ril said...

I think you're forgetting that when there was 10 teams in the Premier League there was a similar chasm between most of the teams and Metro/Taroona for multiple years also..

Marty Nidorfer said...

Status Quo, dont forget that the "wilderness" DID until this year include such clubs as Kingston Cannons, Kingborough Lions,Newtown Eagles, and previously other clubs like South Hobart of which I admit, are'nt uptoPremier league level, but were highly competitive in Div 1. Dont forget Hobart United's history as well. These are all teams that have taken points off all comers in Div 1 in the past.
Also, I believe 8 teams in the Premier League is a step in the right direction.
When Ifirst started out only 5 southern clubs were involved in a then State League.
Div 1 with the state league was a lot more competitive.

Walter said...

I don't know why Ricky Orr was not chosen for the Southern men's representative team.

I'm sure he'd be worth a goal or two or three against the North.

Just because he plays in Division One shouldn't exclude him. He's as good as any striker I've seen in the Premier League this season and probably better than most.