Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Adam Hedge (right) scored twice for Olympic and hit the post with the final kick of the match; Olympic's Chris Tsakiris has a shot; Alexis Bull puts University into attack

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Tilford Zebras 1-2 South Hobart
Hobart Olympic 3-4 University
Kingborough Lions United 2-0 Glenorchy Knights


Tilford Zebras 3-1 South Hobart
Kingborough Lions United 1-1 Glenorchy Knights
Hobart Olympic 3-1 University


Tilford Zebras 1-5 South Hobart
Kingborough Lions United 1-1 Glenorchy Knights
Hobart Olympic 1-3 University

Division One

Beachside 5-2 Nelson Eastern Suburbs
Metro 6-1 Northern Suburbs DOSA


Metro 3-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA (on forfeit)


Metro 8-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Riverside Olympic 2-0 Burnie United
Prospect Knights 2-1 Somerset
Devonport City 5-1 Launceston City
Launceston United 0-6 Northern Rangers


First coaching casualty 2010 said...

Ok interesting?

I am no Cory Smith fan but I looked up some stats last week and then if I add todays result the knights season looks like this-

8 2 1 32 21 25
Koroma goals = 10

2 4 1 8 21 7
Koroma goals = 1

Much maligned but cant argue on his influence if you add the above to his recruiting.

Just happy that he has not played against my beloved boys once yet this season.

Chaffey said...

Sounds like you are Corey Smith.
Who else would go through

Chaffey said...

Did anyone else play down south?
Or as usual, no-one gave Walter the results.....

Chaffey said...

Did I just read that correctly?
Dosa reserves FORFEIT?????


Corey Smith said...

Hi, Unlike others I always am happy to put my name to my comments!

Although flattering the above stats are not actually correct.... I have lost 3 games I can think of Clarence, Sth, Zebras first round and Army has scored more than 1 while I have not been playing.... Example, he got 2 after my send off against zebras!

I am not playing at the moment so lay off!

I was at the game today and saw the knights boys outplayed and it was very frustrating watching once again when I know I could help, It was my mistake so I live with it! Hope I can help when I return but in the meantime, keep your head up boys as it will come if you keep working hard.

Today the ground was heavy which most are at the moment and that does not suit our quick youthful side, the refereeing was not great either! All in All Kingborough were the best side though and will cause a few more upsets still this year! Remember they beat south down there.... Credit to Borough

Scrilla said...

reallly people need to stop having a go at corey and complaining about him its time some people showd some support, it has to be seen that Corey has done a lot for Football and Futsal in our state. The fact is the reason that our futsal comp and futsal it sself has become so popular down here is due to the hard work of Corey and the people around him like Mckenna etc. just look at the success some of state teams have had in recent years and the success of the supa liga last year or even the amount of futsal that happens during the summer out at the hockey centre. Coreys playing ability also speaks for itselff if those stats are correct i think it was his first season back this year from 2 knee injurys and he was one of the better players at the start of season. for people who know corey they know that yes he is passionate and an competitive player but they also know that he is a good person who makes an effort and knows when he makes a mistake like he did this season.
Coreys work in the state with the junior players is whats needed by alot more people if we wanted our standard of football to improve, so people need to grow up and leave corey alone and maybe more people should be working with juniors and getting involved.

Remember kids are our future I know i wanna be sitting back when i am old watching a high standard of football and seeing tasmanians playing in socceroos and overseas etc.

Chaffey said...

Hang on a minute "Scrilla" nobody was having a crack at Corey...

Move on...........
I'm more concerned at how there can be soooo few results handed in for a Saturday night, because unlike most that's what I'm interested in not Corey.

No offence Corey.

Scrilla said...

mm still just over people having a go at corey.

but yeh moving on they are all the premier games been played so far and i dont know what div 1 games have been played so far but that seems about right.

Unknown said...

anyone know what happened at Lightwood today? apparently coaches from Knights all sent off or something?

R U Serious Ref said...

Not all Premier League games have been played yet. 2 tomorrow. Well done to Uni also but I did hear that there was a bit of controversy near the end. Olympic should of had a penalty so I'm told. I was not there so I'm just taking that from a neutral watcher. Is this correct? Anyone see the game could maybe help

yellowgemi11 said...

disgracful act at lightwood park today by knights player jackson marsh elbowing marchello(handonman)marchiolli behind play and being sent off by dirk gadd, he should be suspended for life for this incident and should be criminally charged and put in risdon prison

Brian Young said...

Great result for South Hobart. They must be in the box seat now.

Chaffey said...

"yellowgemi11" big call. Please explain!!!

Greg Ludford said...

A great game at KGV tonight, both sides put on a show for the crowd who got their money's worth with the quality of play & an endless second half that ran for 9 minutes extra time ??
South looking good, had 2 more in the net but disallowed and a couple more off the woodwork. Tough and exciting game with some players on both sides not quite 100% but putting in 120%. Both sides also missing some chances. If SH can back up with a win over Knights on Tuesday it will put them in a good position for the league. SH & HZ goal differences are now the same.

Unknown said...

so MORE sendoffs at Lightwood?

Chaffey said...

Any other Div 1 results?
How ordinary is that Dosa reserve Forfeit???

that could potentially cost Metro a Premiership.......

Captain said...

whilst asking people to leave him alone cos he's not playing at present Corey still manages to have a go at the ref - hypocritical??

Where will TIS play if Uni go down?

Scrilla - I hope you're not suggesting futsal is the result of good performance by the State teams at Nationals??

Anonymous said...

Give it a wash captain, if you had of seen the standard of the officiating at Lightwood park yesterday you'd be saying the same things, trust me. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

I played against burnie for caledonians in a 1990. there were 63 in the crowwd. All with the same surnmame.I got sent off for calling john raymond a f###in cheat at the final whistle. Sort of deserved the send off

Anonymous said...

is'nt it funny that the referee (is more often than not) to blame for a team losing ?

Chalky ?? sorry but what is your claim to fame?

Behaviour from knights officials was NOTHING short of a disgrace.!

lets talk about the gift that the goalkeeper gave kingborough ?

or hang on .......was that the referees fault too ?

.....if a coach swears at a referee .....he deserves to go .......if the other people on the bench do the same .......then they deserve the same fate!

all i can say is that i feel sorry for the young guys who are there to try and do the right thing .......only to get taught these poor habits.

All said and done ...about time FFT grew some balls and dealt with these scenarios in an APPROPRIATE fashion.

Time for Kelly to be removed as Southern Coach

Unknown said...

Dirk I'd be careful what you say! I agree with you on all counts though. The Knights coach especially needs to have his behaviour punished.

Honestly I'm glad to see a referee have the guts to make the big call!

Dirk Gadd said...


Sorry to disappoint.

I don't mind putting my hand up and making a public comment under my own name ..... but ......please .....don't get too carried away.

For what it's worth .....I have completed my match report and FFT will get a copy of the report and relevant incident reports tomorrow.

what they choose to do is up to them ........

sure I have a few opinions .......just like many others do ......but i was only the referee.

wally said...

Digger or Dirk, which ever name you like to use, dont try and cover your identity, you know who you are and so do I.
Honestly its an absolute disgrace that people with hidden agendas are given the privelige of refereing in this state.
I say grow up and leave your bias where it belongs.
Its about time that clubs also start putting in match reports on referee,s such as yourself.
Just my 2 cents worth, have a nice day....

Anonymous said...

Digger (Dirk) , didn't know you had to be well known to post on here, why make a stupid, irrelevant comment like that! Pretty sure the blog is open to anyone who wants to put their views forward.

I'm not making excuses for anyone, if you swear blatantly, then of course you deserve to get punished. What i'm saying is that decisions BOTH ways were inconsistent and a lot of the time, completely incorrect - Not just in the seniors but in the Reserves as well - The linesman were below par and were not focused on the game! (Would of been tough in the conditions but hey, you're getting paid!)

Unknown said...

To "it's on baby", you're obviously miffed at DOSA having to forfeit the reserves. If this is because you missed out on a game, that's fair enough. Before you get too critical though, try to view things from the other side.
DOSA only had 4 reserves players available. The rest were either playing seniors (as they have over half a team out through injury at present) or were unavailble themselves. The U19's could have forfeited and played ressies instead as was done the previous week. Either way, players can't be pulled out of thin air & it's one of thos eunfortunate things that happens. Nobody's fault & certainly nothing ANYONE involved was wishing for.

Unknown said...

If the referee in the reserves was who I thought it was then there's no surprises Chalky. Some referees just aren't up to that level.

What sort of hidden agendas are you suggesting Wally? that could be called defamation.

Peter Kundall said...

Yellowgemi, From were i was standing on the hill where i was pruning the rose bushes it appeared that mr.marchello tried to groap the groin area of mr.jackson but he politely decined and offerd a cuddle insted and the excitement of the generous offer threw mr.marchello into a frenzy and consiqently into mr.jacksons elbow.
After that i notice the native shrubs behind the goal we a little underwatered so i took some of my special yellow ferterlizer down to them for a water, on my travels a spoke to the kelly gang on the hill and they mearly pointed out that they got a better view from up on the hill not only of the game but of some beautiful fawnige as well. Does this seem right my blooming yellow tulip gemi blossom??

wally said...

Defamation goes both ways I would have thought Fred, its obvious you know that Mr Gadd and Digger are the same people, pretty obvious to everyone else when you look at the layout of both his comments. Personally think it stinks if FFT allow him to get away with his comments, not sure of the date but I remember a certain "Digger" commenmting here on this blog, using emotive and defamatory language himself, funny it seems to be directed at the same people. I,d say its hypocracy at its highest, wouldn,t you?. About time the people running this fair game here, particulaly premier league (suppose to be the pinnacle) get rid of people damaging there product. I challenge anyone with honesty and integrity to make comment on here supporting the way he does his job. The " we just cant get enough people" speech wheeled out,everytime something is said about refs, has well and truly run its coarse, enough of the exuses, about time they recruited..

Dirk Gadd said...

Fred, wally, chalky

Sorry to spoil the party.
..but you're WAY off the money.

As I said earlier, I have filed the relevant reports with FFT and they will take care of the rest.

iw said...

Wally and Chalky totally agree. Refereeing at the Borough/Knights game was a disgrace in both games, towards both teams. The ref in the reserves game had no clue and barely moved out of the centre circle. Also, the same guy who was linesman for the senoir game was quoted as saying at half time "Its to cold and i dont really want to be out here" (really has his head in the game) This is extremely poor thing to say when he made soooooo many mistakes. Hmmmm what quality referee's we have here in tassie. Refs and fft always go on about code of conduct towards referees, which is fine and i totally agree with, but if a referee is consistently bad nothing ever happens to them. So many times a season a game is ruined by bad refereeing decisions. They get PAID to do a job and normally in any other profession if you dont do your job up to an acceptable standard you get the sack!

yellowgemi11 said...

peter,thats fair comments mate but i dont see why he needs another right hand man when hes got his good mate from launceston in the team and seems to be doing a pretty decent job

harden up maggots said...

i rekon there is only 3 decent referees in southern tas and thy would b kim barker ivan and simon the rest dont hav a clue half tym 4 example the 2nd goal eagles got on the weeknd against clarence the lines man was a gd 10 metres behind the play

Who cares said...

maggot I reckon the refs should get on here and give some views on players mate and I reckon they'd say you were pretty crap too - how good are you mate

Who cares said...

northern suburbs not good enough mate if dosa only have four reserves players available they should go back to division 2 where they can turn out a team the club is at x roads ...

Unknown said...

To ????, it's just been on of those years for DOSA - injury after injury. There were more than enough players for snrs/reserves/U19's at the start of the year.
The DOSA teams are competitive, so if you're suggesting they drop dwon to Div 2, then there's a few other clubs should be going with them.

I notice there are plenty of people whinging about referee's, well quite a few of the DOSA injuries were sustained against one particular Div 1 team in 2 games where the ref's should have been tougher earlier, but we haven't been on here complaining.

A forfeit is unfortunate, but with almost an entire team out at present, it's just one of those things that happens once every X years. Dont make mountains out of molehills.