Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Michael Anderson (left) battles for possession with Clarence's Luke Cripps; Eagles' coach, George Krambousanos, calls for calm; Clarence's Joseph Stevens gets a pass away ahead of Eagles' Jacob Malakoff

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 2 (Wass 3, Malakoff 44) dw Clarence United 2 (Cripps 30, 52)


New Town Eagles 1 (Hadfield) dw Clarence United 1 (Hamilton)


New Town Eagles 3 (J Clamp, A Ayers 2) lt Clarence United 6 (J Undy, L Marsh 2, C Flakemore, R Hegi, L Brown)

Division One

Taroona 4 (J Elliott, M Atkinson 2, H Macgregor) b Hobart United 0


Taroona 6-0 Hobart United


Taroona 11-0 Hobart United


Greg Ludford said...

Reasonably convincing by 'roona on the day it appears.
Should be the club that goes up given their depth & that all 3 tiers go up together.

The Special One said...
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The Special One said...
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The Special One said...

Cripps is Clarence Utd! That Jacob Huigsloot bloke is a liability tho he looks like he needs to drop back to the ressies

harden up maggots said...

are jacob has played reserves4 the past few weeks now

Southern said...

it's still tight in all three tiers between Metro, Taroona and Beachside (but Beachside '19's not really in it).

Many of the Div1 teams have players backing up from '19's to res and res to seniors (not just on the bench, they start).

Depth is a big problem.
The lack of many of the clubs having youth (boys) teams shows.

But a few of the premier clubs are not much better off!

Norge said...

Can a city the size of Hobart realistically support 48 viable squads (seniors res and u/19's, premier league and div 1)?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if im wrong, but J Huig hasnt been playing seniors in recent weeks "the special one" due to injury. In fact before the premierleague game on sun i watched 20 minutes of him at centre back for the reserves, in my opinion a stand out and surely not far away from seniors. Do you mean his brother Luke Huig?

Did anyone watch the Uni game? would have been a cracker from what i have heard.

Krauser said...

The last picture there looks to be joseph stevens is it not walter ?