Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teams and players from the past

Photos (Top to Bottom): 1. Olympia coach Otto Klaus with some of his star players (L-R), John Paplos, Paul Kaproulias, Marco Nikitaris, Peter Sherman; 2. New Town Eagles goalkeeper Peter Groenewoud is handed the man-of-the-match award by Lyndon Adams after the Summer Cup final; 3. Juventus Pioneer's Eric Young (left), formerly of Manchester United, and Peter Brine, formerly of Middlesbrough, in October 1982 at the Rothmans Gold Medal dinner; 4. Juventus Pioneer's Bruce Ward...ace marksman from Whitby; 5. White Eagles at KGV Park; 6. University at KGV Park; 7. Tasmania at KGV Park (v South Melbourne Hellas??); 8. Southern Tasmania (early 1980s??); 9. South Hobart at KGV Park; 10. White Eagles at KGV Park (mid-1980s??); 11. New Town Eagles at Clare Street in 1998; 12. Metro at South Hobart (circa 1984??); 13. Kingborough Lions United at KGV Park (early 2000s??); 14. Juventus at South Hobart; 15. Juventus at South Hobart; 16. Juventus at the Athletic Centre; 17. Devonport City at South Hobart; 18. Devonport City at KGV Park; 19. Devonport City at South Hobart.

Tasmania has seen some marvellous teams and players in the past 50 years.

Above are some of these.

There are many others, of course, but I am posting only those teams and players that I have seen in action and photographed myself.

It's a pity I didn't record the dates at all times, so I would be grateful if readers of this blog can provide me with dates, if they know them for certain.

The photographs will be numbered from top to bottom to assist with this.

This is the first in a series and so if your favourite team or players is not included, don't despair.


Charlie White said...

Hi Walter - Photos #7 and #13 i know about. The team in the yellow striped top #7 (1998) was a "Tasmanian Invitational" who played against South Melbourne. It was just as South Melbourne were about to go away and play in the World Club Championships. They had a full strength team and won 5 -1. Ben Harbinson scored and that team consisted of a couple of Kiwi internationals and Trimboli who went on to play a bit part for Australia in later years. The South Melbourne team played Man U, Vasco De Gama (?) and others in the championships. That team was part of Metro's foray into David Clarkson etc and while many were invited from up north no one showed. It was very early Sunday sessions and it would have been a very committed player to make that trip for the weeks leading up to it. I also have a photo of that whole squad.
Photo #13 was from the same year, 1998 and was Kingborough's Premier League team in a summer cup game, which explains the unusual red strip, Greg Calvert was the coach and at that time player as well, he did an ankle in that game and i don't think played again.

hope that this helps!

Walter said...

Hi Charlie

Thanks so much for that wealth of information. That is exactly what I was hoping for and I'm delighted that you responded.

Perhaps other readers will, too, and it will add to the history of our great game in this State.

Nice to see you, too, front left in the Tasmanian team and back row, fourth from left in the Kingborough side. Ah, those were the days!

Charlie White said...

I may be a year too early in hindsight, i think both were 1999, Kingborough's second year after amalgamating with Calies.

Tommy said...

Hey Charlie,

Did you play in defence that game? Looking at the first eleven Tim Dale is the only recognised defender. No wonder they scored 5 goals!

I'm guessing Adrian Mann, Damien Bones and Mark Falzon might have played in defence seeing as all of them spent some time there over their playing years.

Charlie White said...


yes I did play at left back, but ended up marking Trimboli, who gave me a hiding for 70 minutes, but was so disclipined he just received it, gave it, not once did he try and take me on, which he could have easily, they were very well drilled. I remember Falzon was the only player who looked like he could had played at that level. I think Manny played in the back line too, maybe Stoddy at right back? can't remember to be honest.

DB said...

The defence was White, Dale, Bones and Falzon
Tough night!
Stod and Manny played in midfield with Hadley and Shep. Daggy and Harbo up front.
I see you in that mighty Eagles team of 1998.

Neil M said...


Photo #2 is Greeny circa 1986 & 87 - probably a cup competition as we rarely played at South Hobart and he's getting an award for something. Photos 5 & 10 are 89 or 90 - again I'd say a Summer cup as we made a few back then but seemed to have trouble winning them. Really enjoyed the photos of Juventus and Metro. The earlier photos of Juventus with Wardie and Darren Bacon would have been possibly early eighties - 1984 ? The later one with Morty would have been later 80's. Metro would have been early 80's also as the Mac lads look very young. Nice work.



Anonymous said...

Paplos and co look like a poor women's manpower

DB said...

Neil M (Boz) - those Summer Cup photos also look to have been taken at the height of Fitzgerald catalogues.

NeonMan Junior said...

Dont forget Neil and his nutri-metics

Richard Bladel said...

Bloody oath some of those old strips were crook! The neo Budgie Smuggler shorts, and the number of mullets is something frightening. Great pics Walter, thanks a heap.

Brian Roberts said...

The South Hobart Team

Back Row l-r

Rhodes,Heath,Owen,Harbinson,Hedge, Schoemaker,J.Nicholson,J.McCormack Manager, B Anderton Coach

Front Row l-r

Watkins,Richardson,Ortuso, S Nicholson ,Russell,Rayner,Haertel, Plunkett.

Sorry dont know the year , Bret will

Freddy said...

Hi walter, re juventus pioneer early photos 1980s,(scarey thing is i played with just about all of them)#14 top left to right.(--- stands for i dont know), Carlo Ambrosino,Steve Craven,Nick Dimartino,Alister Cocrane,Sergio Pace,Frank Genovesi,Romeo Fabrizio,Peter Brian,John Genovesi,---.bottom,--- Bruce Ward,---,Ronnie Difelice,Nick Lapolla. #15 top L-R,Robert Kent,Frank Genovesi,---,Steve Craven,David Nichols,Nick Dimartino,Bruce Ward,Sergio Pace,---,Robert Corradeti(with Hair),bottom L-R,Bruce Pears,Leon Darko,Ronnie Defelice,Romeo Fabrizio,Bruce Ward,Ken Morten,Rocky Schiro,Frank Perry. #16 only other player who is not in other photos is keeper Craig Jones.Hoped this has helped. also nice to see that alot of these players are currently still involved with club today as coaches,assistants or committie member proves that growing your own potential coaches works look at our result in the past four years.

Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,
we need your help in a special case!!! we are two students from the University of he sunshine coast and our soccer coach is Otto Klaus!! He told us some info about his sport life!! Did he coach the Horbart Olympic Team?? and do you know some further clubs or national teams he had coached?? I hope you can provide some more information because we are really interested in the information!!
Hope you can answer ASAP...

Fabian & Claudius

Walter said...

Anonymous, or Fabian & Claudius

Otto Klaus is pictured in the first photo of this article. He is with four of his Olympia players. Hobart Olympic was called Olympia back then, in 1984.

Otto also coached Rapid, in southern Tasmania, and Ulverstone on the North-West Coast. Ulverstone won the State-wide Cup when Otto coached them.

He also coached Hobart City for a while.

I believe he coached an Australian university representative side on a tour of Germany many years ago but cannot confirm that.

Amazed said...

Fabian & Claudius

Ask Otto why Hobart City are no more!!