Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eddie Krncevic is excited about bringing South Melbourne to Tasmania

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Olympia team that played South Melbourne Hellas at KGV Park in 1986 (Olympia coach Ken Morton is second from the left in the back row, next to club president Steve Tzortzis, while current Olympia coach, Chris Hey, is second from the left in the front row); The South Melbourne captain receives a trophy after the match against Olympia at KGV (the frame of the administration building can be seen in the background); The South Melbourne team that played Olympia {Ange Postecoglu is at the extreme left in the back row); South Melbourne welcome Olympia onto the pitch; Three South Melbourne players, including goalkeeper Peter Laumets, with the trophy; South Melbourne coach John Margaritis talks to his star player, Alan Davidson, who did not play against Olympia (Margaritis had sat on that KGV bench many times when he was coach of Olympia); South Melbourne goalkeeper Peter Laumets parades the trophy [PlessPix]

There are so many interesting coincidences when one looks at football history.

This is even the case in Tasmania.

South Melbourne Hellas first visited Tasmania in 1986 to play Olympia at KGV Park. That was before the administration building was constructed at KGV Park. In one of the above photos taken at the time of that visit, one can see the skeleton of that building in its early stages.

Former Greek international John Margaritis had been appointed coach of South Melbourne in 1980 and again in 1986.

Margaritis had, in fact, coached Olympia for a season before moving to Victoria.

He was replaced at South Melbourne in 1982 by former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty.

Docherty had actually played in Tasmania in 1965. He was manager of Chelsea when they toured Australia that year.

Chelsea beat Tasmania 12-0 at North Hobart and Docherty put himself on in the second half and scored a penalty.

The Olympia team that played South Melbourne in 1986 was coached by current South Hobart supremo Ken Morton.

Alan Davidson, the Australian international who had just returned from Nottingham Forest, was a member of the South Melbourne squad that met Olympia at KGV Park, but he did not play.

He had played for the Socceroos against Tasmania at KGV Park in about 1984.

Ange Postecoglu, the Brisbane Roar coach in the A-League, was also in the South Melbourne team against Olympia and he is shown in the team photos above.

South Melbourne coach Eddie Krncevic, 50, is looking forward to this week’s visit to Hobart and is hoping for good attendances at the games.

Krncevic, born in Geelong, played professionally in Croatia, Germany and Belgium and represented the Socceroos 35 times, scoring 17 goals for his country.

“I’m quite excited about the visit,” said Krncevic from Melbourne today. “The last time I was in Tasmania I was only 14.

“I haven’t been back since. I’m excited about it and I’m looking forward to having a look to see what’s available, to see what’s happening in Tasmania and to establish a good working relationship with the clubs and people in Tasmania.

“I think it’s important because I think Tasmania has been neglected.

“I look forward to seeing what sort of talent the boys have got to offer. Yes, I’m excited.

“It’s a preparation for my players. We’re bringing a mixture of young ones and senior ones in a squad of 19 players, with two goalkeepers.

“Some of my players will fly in on Saturday as they’ve got work commitments.

“It’s a fairly competitive team and it’s our pre-season so I’m looking to hopefully play my best team, especially on Sunday, but fielding a strong team in every game we play.”


Anonymous said...

Eddie was great player. One of best Australian forwards ever.

Alf Ramsey

Anonymous said...


Eddie could hang in the air before he headed the ball. He was the top scorer in the Belgian League.

Anonymous said...

Walter, tonights game against sth Melbourne has been called off die to weather. Friday and Sunday still on.

Anonymous said...

Walter, I am not usually a stickler for detail however I would say that those photos are not from 1981.The Olympia team has Mick Berwick, Anthony Greenwood, Michael Goldsmith, Paul Tsangaris that I can see and they would have been about 13 or 14 years old in 1981. That team photo would be from about 1986. That Olympic team with a couple of additions went on to win the league in 1987. The '87 season included a pre season training trip to Parkleigh NSW for a week including a couple of games against NSW state league sides. Instigated and organised by Ken Morton 25 years ago. He has always been a step or two ahead and offered something better to be involved with. If there were half a dozen more of him in the state we would not see so much debate about the 'lower' standard of football in the state. We may even see teams willing to take South Hobart on at their own game, rather than watching one team knock it around while the opposition stack the back half waiting to pinch it back due to the congestion of having 10 behind the ball. Yes, it is a legitimate tactic but surely you owe it to your clubs supporters and younger players to try to improve your ability to play the ball all over the park rather than to teach them how to play with one up front. For the record I am sure it wont be believed on here but I have nothing to do with South but I am a fan of the MORT.
Another point of interest to me is that when I played under age the state coaches were not the same most years and varied as age groups went up. This gave a good insight into various styles and approaches. It also made the selection process a little more open to change. The coaches included Jock Glass (Launceston), Peter Sowden and Brian Davidson (George Town), David Smith, Steve Darby, Ken Morton.
David Clarkson and Kurt Reynolds both came out of that year group. David has been spoken about on here a number of times so to Kurt Reynolds more recently. Dominic Longo came from the following year group. Back then there was no Futsal, no TIS and no academy squads (these are all good things to keep kids entertained and adults in jobs) but they don’t seem to be putting kids into A-league squads or Australian youth sides. Back then there was less BS about what gear you didn’t have who was coaching your regional squad etc. etc.
They sell a lot of candy to the parents and kids these days.

Walter said...

Anonymous 11.43am, thanks for that. I think you are correct. It probably is 1986 as Margaritis was in his second stint at South Melbourne and Alan Davidson had just returned from Nottingham Forest. I appreciate you commenting and setting things right. Many thanks.

The building had me puzzled, too. Was it really only built in about 1986? How time flies!

Anonymous said...

anon 11:43

its all well and good to say what a great job ken does and all other clubs should do the same but you are forgetting one thing. Ken is a PROFESSIONAL coach, he does it for a living and a very good one at that. When Ken leaves South, You will see South Hobart slowly drift back to "the pack" as people call it. And before you say "why dont other clubs get professional coaches?" because they are all striving to coach at a much better level than this one down here. Ken, the great coach that he is, is happy doing what he is doing because his Morton soccer school is a great little earner and he has probably had enough of jetsetting around the world only to end up back here tired and unemployed. Ive known Ken for a number of years and he is definately not putting in this effort for the game in Tasmania.

so please dont preach about how great ken is compared to everyone else, he SHOULD be that much better as that is his job!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:34

I did not say that all other clubs should do the same. I dare to say that there is only room enough in Hobart for one club to do what Ken and South have been doing and what they continue to do. I did say that it would be great to see other clubs willing to play the same style of football that South do. I imagine it would lead to better quality games with more interest for the supporters and greater opportunities for players to show their skills.

Maybe if the leagues continue to go the way they have in recent years with a Div 1 team being promoted one year only to be relegated the next and the bottom sides in Premier league playing defensive (we need a point from this game) type football FFT could put a freeze on promotion relegation so clubs are able to play a better, brighter more attacking style of Football with out fear of relegation and the inevitable loss of players and coaches that comes with being relegated.

I don’t believe that South Hobart advertised for a professional coach to take over the senior job and to run a vibrant soccer school. My understanding is that South was not significantly better than any other club before Ken arrived and they did not have a fully functioning soccer school ready for him to take over. I don’t imagine that the money Ken is paid by South to coach them would see him earning “a living and a very good one at that”. The reason Ken would be able to earn a good living is because he has value added via his own hard work alongside but outside of South.

Interesting that the answer to catching South is to wait for Ken to leave then hope that South will slowly drift back to the pack. Organisations don’t close the gap on better ones by waiting for the good ones to come back to them. They plan, they learn, they improve. I hate to say it because I dislike them but Collingwood did not wait for Bomber Thompson to leave Geelong and come back to them. They modified the plan went overseas to train, developed a better list and went past Geelong. Don’t get bitter get better.

Who are the stand out people in Tasmania that are doing it solely for the game. Who is driven in Tasmania for the game. Everyone does it for their own reasons the results may or may not help the game but I don’t see people doing it for the game. The game will survive I am not sure about the spectators.

To say that Ken should be that much better as that is his job means nothing. There are plenty of people that are crap at their job. Just because you have a job does not mean you are good at it. South Hobart are playing good football because Ken is a good coach not because it is his job.

I don’t think that Ken alone has elevated South to the current levels they enjoy. I imagine he is supported by a very well oraganised and skilful committee as well as dedicated and hard working players, something not to be jealous of but something to aspire to.

I did not say that Ken is great compared to everyone else, I said He has always been a step or two ahead and offered something better to be involved with.

From what I saw of the TIS side last year they too are being instructed by someone that believes possession football played well will win games. The TIS played some fantastic football.

Martyn Wells said...

Walter whilst I appreciate the right of your readers to state opinions strongly,
anon 5.34 pm, being a classic example, I find if despicable that continually people hide behind "anon" rather than having the courage to identify themselves. By all means state your opinions fully but have the b***s to name yourself.
I'm sure the majority of your readers agree with me on this.
Martyn Wells.

Anonymous said...

To say that other clubs do not play a similar style of football to what South do is rubbish. I believe that knights and zebras at the very least played it last year. Olympia too have made it clear that they are trying to play that style. This may have been altered a bit in some games to ensure they survived relegation but they never really changed it even then. They have also commenced their plan to eventually topple South by blooding youngsters last year so that they can build the foundations for future years.
To make a generalisation that South are the only ones doing the right things is misguided. The fact that they have a good coach and a stockpile of gifted players allows them the luxury of playing that way but other clubs are working towards knocking them off their perch.

Anonymous said...

The difference between South and all the other clubs is that they are led by a professional coach who has high standards for himself and his players.Whether they are 15year olds or 25 year olds, they are all committed to learn and be the best they can be.I suggest some of you go and have a look at the number of youngsters that attend his school and many of who play for South. Before we all criticise ,have a look at the standard and technique of the youngsters at the soccer school and South .They are way ahead of youngsters I have seen at any other club. Why ? Because someone has invested his time in these kids to raise the standard of players for the future of the game .Yes he earns a living from the school ,but no-one else is prohibited from starting up their own school if they wish.It is called thinking outside the square and as usual , the not so successful are quick to point the finger and criticise those that are. Ken would be a fool to think that all these kids will stay at South for ever and a day,and I am sure he doesnt. Who benefits from these kids in a few years ? It is the other clubs that some of them will move to.They wont all play for South. All of a sudden in a few years, there are 50 kids who understand and can play the game , that will be spread amongst other clubs in Tasmania. Why should anyone have the right to criticise a coach who has the ability to see what is required for the future development of our game and put a process in place for that to happen. I only wish I had the thought and guts to do something similar.

Anonymous said...

no one has "criticised" Ken. He is a good coach doing good things, my point is, nobody on this planet, can successfully coach a senior premier league side AND successfully run and coach a bunch of talented kids on all the other days AND have a full time job somewhere else AND have a wife/husband and kids that are happy not to have their partner home any night of the week. Ken can because his full time job is coaching.

all the senior coaches i talk to are all trying to play better, more attractive football. South and TIS have shown that it works. But it will take time for other clubs to catch up. and belive me they will.

BTW as much as i dont go much on South Hobart personally i do respect what they do.

Just please stop degrading other clubs and coaches, they are doing the best job they can.

Comparing AFL to Tas soccer is again stupid, ALL AFL coaches are professional coaches, only one in tassie is.

Anonymous said...

would have to agree with comments about coaches such as Chris Hey. With relegation a threat rebuilding is a two edged sword and nobody wants to be on the wrong end (or edge). With someone like Morton its a case of success breeding success.
With Hey its trying to instil a train and play culture and a decent style of play whether that be with the young guys or the older ones - they know they're all a team now. It's just going to take Chris longer to get there and convincing players to come across (that can make an immediate impact) is very difficult in an era when a lot of players want quick success - and we can see those players now gravitating toward Zebras and Sth Hobart.


Anonymous said...

Wow! There is a bit of defending to do when you make a comment on here. Could be why it took a few years to get round to it. I did not say all clubs. I said clubs. Zebras have GENERALLY (could be my new favorite word on here) played interesting football.

Do you have to take South on at their own game?
The 4-3-3 system with early pressure seemed to put them off their game better than anything else. It also caught Northern Rangers out in the 09 finals series (by their own admission).

As a spectator my concern is when teams GENERALLY show other sides to much respect particularly due to playing away. Sitting in just because it is an away game shows some teams more respect than they deserve.

As regards to style of play, what came first a sub standard ground with a cricket pitch in the middle at Clare Street or the home teams desire to boof it long? I always try to sneak in there because $6 to watch football on that ground is not right.

Reading Walters report from last night I am sure someone will want to say it was a bit harsh on Olympic. I imagine that Olympic new they were on a hiding to nothing. They at least took on the challenge and it wont hurt their goal difference come the start of the season. Walter merely reported what HE saw.

With regards to relegation, every two years could be an option. This would allow clubs rebuilding (Olympic) to have some lee-way and clubs coming up to have a chance to settle into the Premier league. Promotion relegation should also be done on a play off basis. If you want the league to get better you should have the best possible sides in the Premier League.