Friday, January 21, 2011

Koroma surveys the KGV pitch for his return against his former club

Photos (Top to Bottom): Amadu Koroma in a Melbourne Knights top; Koroma surveys the KGV Park pitch this morning; Glenorchy Knights coach Nick Harrison wishes Amadu all the best [PlessPix]

Amadu Koroma was delighted with the KGV Park pitch when he had a look at it this morning prior to Saturday and Sunday’s games between Glenorchy Knights and Melbourne Knights.

Koroma recently signed for Melbourne Knights and will play against his former club this weekend.

The two Knights outfits will meet at KGV Park at 6pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.

“The pitch is looking fantastic,” Koroma said. “It’s one of the best pitches I’ve seen.

“I haven’t seen many pitches looking like this.

“The pitches we train on in Melbourne are bigger than this, but they’re hard. Training can make your feet sore.”

Koroma said his new team-mates had accepted him and he feels quite at home at his new club.

“People remember me from when I went to Melbourne Knights last year on trial,” he said.

“Everything is just perfect and there are no problems at all.”

Koroma said he had made the right decision to stay in Tasmania for another year to complete his education before returning to Melbourne Knights for a second trial late last year.

“I had some talks with my Dad and my family and friends and they all said it was the right move for me to finish my education first,” Koroma said. “It was definitely the right move.

“I’m now going to focus on my soccer and my studies.

“I’m going to do a personal trainer course first and then later go to uni and do a course on physical education and then later do coaching courses.”

Koroma is predicting tough physical clashes in the two weekend games and how long each side can last physically is going to play a big part.

Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison, said he would field a side of players who were committed to the club for the coming season rather than invite guest players.

“The squad is based on players who will be at the club,” Harrison said.

“We could have done with more practice games, but we’re hoping for a big crowd and we’ll enjoy it.

“The pitch looks lovely and probably as good as South Hobart last week.

“The rain will probably help it and it’ll dry out before the game and there’ll be no excuses for not playing good football on it.”

When asked if he had any special tactics to counter Koroma, he laughed and said: “Yeah. Lock him up in the change rooms.

“No, it’ll be a great evening for Amadu. For any player who goes on to better himself, it’s something I have respect for.

“I’ve known him for three years now and it’s something he’s always wanted. He could have done it a year ago and I think he and his family probably made the right decision for him to finish his education.

“I wish him all the best. You couldn’t meet a nicer lad and I just hope he goes on and we even see him playing in the A-League shortly.”


Tilford Zebras will play a practice match against Launceston City at Sandown Park on Saturday at 1.30pm.

Zebras head to Queensland next week for a training camp and friendly matches.

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