Monday, January 17, 2011

Uphill battle for Glenorchy Knights' under-19s against a polished outfit

Photos (Top to Bottom): The South Hobart Development Squad; The Glenorchy Knights Under-19s squad; Referee Alistair Cooke (centre) and his assistants; South Hobart's Max Clarke netted a hat-trick; Max Clarke and Nick Morton run to congratulate goalscorer Joshua Quigley; A race for the ball; A battle for possession; South Hobart's Christian Di Martino was a force in midfield; A South Hobart free-kick clears the bar; Nick Morton in possession and on a run; Spot the paraglider (a); Spot the paraglider (b); The Knights' Matthew Nowicki organises his defence, quite oblivious to the paraglider approaching; Knights could have used the aerial reinforcement [PlessPix]

South Hobart Development Squad 8-3 Glenorchy Knights Under-19s


South Hobart’s Development Squad played some excellent football in demolishing Glenorchy Knights’ Under-19s in this curtain-raiser to the senior game between South Hobart and South Melbourne Hellas.

They should have won by a larger margin, but poor finishing let them down.

They demonstrated good tactical understanding and fine technique and it was only after the Knights introduced Matthew Nowicki, who has senior Premier League experience, that the Knights started to show some fight and team understanding.

Nowicki’s presence seemed to galvanise his team-mates and Josh Dingjan came into his own and scored twice. Unsurprisingly, Nowicki got their third against a side a much younger outfit,

South Hobart created numerous chances and Max Clarke should probably have had a double hat-trick rather than just one.

Nick Morton sprayed passes around with aplomb and it was he who put South Hobart ahead in the 5th minute. A minute earlier, Max Clarke had headed over the bar from Will Howcroft’s cross from the right. The Knights dillied and dallied inside their own penalty area and failed to clear the ball. When it fell to Morton, he despatched it instantly to give his side a deserved lead.

In the 8th minute, Morton’s pass presented Max Clarke with another chance, but the youngster shot wide. A minute later, the same player headed wide from Josh Quigley’s right-wing cross.

Possibly tiring of chances coming his way, Max Clarke set up Morton in the 11th minute, but his shot hit a post.

Max Clarke finally got off the mark in the 14th minute to give South Hobart a 2-0 lead.

Tom Harbod then came into his own on the left wing and his pace and crossing presented Knights with plenty of problems.

In the 19th minute, Harbod crossed from the left to Max Clarke, who fired across the face of goal. The energetic and speedy Morton chased the ball and cleverly kept it in play at the right corner flag before crossing it for Max Clarke to miss an easy header.

Six minutes later, Quigley made it 3-0 with a powerful shot from range that would have done a senior player proud.

In the 37th minute, Harbod again raced down the left and delivered a perfect cross for Max Clarke to tap home goal number four.

Two minutes after the interval, central defender Ned Clarke scored South’s fifth following a corner in what was his comeback game after a year out with a hamstring injury.

Josh Dingjan pulled a goal back for the Knights in the 51st minute from Jack Harrison’s square pass, but South almost struck back immediately as goalkeeper Alex Woodham was forced to make an excellent save to deny Max Clarke, whose looping header lacked pace.

In the 59th minute, Conor Lees restored South’s five-goal buffer by volleying home after a free-kick from the left.

Max Clarke completed his hat-trick in the 61st minute, firing home on the turn, while three minutes later it was 801 courtesy of Maxim Devine.

Dingjan’s volley in the 68th minute made it 8-2, while Nowicki added the Knights’ third in the 72nd minute, but South Hobart were home and hosed by then.


South Hobart: Becker - Chorny, Nugent N Clarke, Fahey - N Morton, Di Martino, Quigley - Howcroft, M Clarke, Harbod (Substitutes: Lees, Wright, Devine, Maxwell, Ross, Downes)

Goals: N Morton 5, M Clarke 14, 37, 61, Quigley 25, N Clarke 47, Lees 59, Devine 64)

Glenorchy Knights: Deering - Nichols, Johnston, C Kilpatrick, Harris - Gill, J Kilpatrick, Kolele, Jaffari - Dingjan, Harrison (Substitutes: Woodham, McDonald, Robinson, Clark, Nowicki)

Booked: Johnston

Goals: Dingjan 51, 68, Nowicki 72

Att: 100

Ref: A Cooke


Anonymous said...

Walter I think you will find that all of the knights team was under the age of 16 apart from matt nowicki and that the sth hobart team although young also will play in under 19s this season too

It was great to see so many talented young players on the one pitch and it does make you wonder why these kids are not in state programs

Anonymous said...

There is no State under 15 program anymore, the only program for this age group is TIS a few of these boys were probably invited to try out for that but either didn't make the cut or didn't bother trying

Anonymous said...

ALL South Hobart players were 15 or younger.

Anonymous said...

Very simple,parents don't want to pay $2500-$3000 for their child to play for Tassie.

The State teams are struggling for numbers. There are some coaches in the past, male & female that may have upset a few players & parents.
FFT will NEVER admit that this is the case.

The majority of parents and players don't want to be part of a full time program they believe that this is what the TIS is for.

If these kids are never allowed to play with their mates then what else does FFA & FFT expect, this is tasmania not Victoria or NSW

Anonymous said...

State U/15? Who cares? The majority of players on the pitch were 13 and 14 year olds on both sides so why would it matter about 15s? Why would FFT not be trying to chase these players? I tell you why..... because they would not even know talent if it bit them on the nose and Ken and Corey are smart enough to identify players and bring ability out in them and the parents will always stay with them because of this

Anonymous said...

Sorrry but I think most of the players were 14 and 15 which means they are in the under 15 or under 16 age bracket. Some good players, but plenty more good players of that age elsewhere too. And not allhave to pay Morton soccer school $1200 a year to play either

Anonymous said...

anon 419, please dont try and use ken and corey's names in the same sentence again - chalk and cheese

Anonymous said...

Ned Clarke is about to turn 18 in a few months....

Anonymous said...

ANON 4.41

djalbacore said...

Anonymous 4.41 that last salad line was a classic!!!!

Corey Smith said...

Dear Great Anonymous at 4.41,
I am guessing your comment is a direct pot shot as per usual at myself. Just to clear things up, Ken is the best coach in Tasmania at present and has many more experience than me, One day I would hope with that sort of experience that I will too be at that kind of level but in the meantime I will keep seeking ways to develop my coaching and harness the coaching ability I do have which is clear by the number of players who follow my programs.
I do like cheese a lot but would prefer you keep stupid comments that are only derogatory towards the game off in future, spend a bit less time knocking people on here maybe and come and help us guys who are trying to put something into the game?

Anonymous said...


in fairness, if you really aspire to one day be in Ken Morton's class, then stop engaging (by responding) in these sorts of pointless spats but nmore importnatly stop acting like a knob when you're on the park which is why so many don't rate you as a 'development' coach. Observing those who you wish to emulate, would be a good starting point.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hugh Undy, Cam Rodgers and Harrison Thomas are at the TIS.

Corey had a lot to do with their development.

Both Corey and Ken Develop kids for a living

Anonymous said...

All i can say is that south hobart had a younger and more talented team than glenorchy knights. This is due to more training and commitment from souths players, The extra training shown on sunday when knights were outclassed