Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenorchy go into match against Melbourne Knights with limited preparation

Photos (Top to Bottom): Kwon has signed a contract in Indonesia; The three latest Koreans to arrive have already left [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights play Taroona at 6.30pm today at Prince of Wales Bay in a final hit-out before the Knights take on Melbourne Knights this weekend.

“We will be missing a few players tonight who, hopefully, will be okay come Saturday,” said Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison.

“Jackson Marsh is ill, Jason Dawes is injured and Tom Sherman, Will Roberts and Jade Clay will also miss tonight’s game.

“This will enable some fringe players to have a run out.

“We will be looking to win, but I think the most important thing is to get a game played and work on certain things that we have been training on over the last six or seven weeks.”

Harrison expressed disappointment at going into the game against Melbourne Knights with so little preparation.

“In all honesty, with our inter-club training game cancelled Wednesday and the Metro game being cancelled on Saturday, we will be going into the Melbourne game with only one friendly under our belts, which will be our game against Taroona tonight,” Harrison said.

“Obviously, I would have liked to have had more friendly matches prior to this weekend.

“We will finalise our squad for Saturday after a training session on Thursday evening.

“We have a few concerns with a few players but, hopefully, all players will be available come Saturday.”

Glenorchy Knights will meet Melbourne Knights at KGV park at 6pm on Saturday.

Harrison said Sunday’s match at KGV Park against the Melbourne Knights at 4pm will consist of a select team.

“The team will consist of five or six ex-Tasmanian Institute of Sport players, along with the Foley twins and seven or eight Glenorchy Knights players,” he said.

“This squad is yet to be finalised, but will be coached by Dean May and myself.

“The other TIS boys include Cam Sweeney, Cam Williams, Alex Nandan, Jamie De Smit and Hugo Bladel.”


South Hobart’s South Korean utility player, Kwon, has been signed by an Indonesian club.

Makassar have signed Kwon on a 2-year deal which will see him earn $7,000 a month, together with a car and match bonuses.

The other three Koreans who arrived a couple of weeks ago have already left, probably back to Korea.

Makassar is in South Sulawesi in Indonesia.


Metro's scheduled game this weekend against South Hobart for the Steve Robins trophy has been postponed because no venue is available.

The late Steve Robins played for both Metro and South Hobart and this trophy is in his memory and is competed for each year by the two clubs.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that some of these boys who left the institute on such bad terms would consider playing for Dean May. Very selective on their behalf. I for one won't be watching "this so called Tasmanian select side". Knights game on Saturday but not Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! What a sook. I would say that u know nothing about thread boys and they will be stoked that are attending the game with ur negativity. Walter, do we know what sort of a squad melb knights are sending down?

Anonymous said...


How can no fields be available? Surely a field somewhere must be available and ready..?

Anonymous said...

So Hugo Bladel is ex-TIS??

Anonymous said...

why wouldn't Will Abbott and Jeremy Walker be considered to play in this game over others who walked away from the TIS?

Anonymous said...

interetsting comment...who left 'on such bad terms'? when and where is the game i want to see it. should be a good squad. this is the sort of stuff that should be dun more often.
pleased you won't be there who ever you are

Anonymous said...

Such bad terms? I think your info might just be false on that one. They didn't leave on bad terms, otherwise would they really be playing?

Melb Knights are sending down their full squad, so ideally its great preperation for them too.

The Saturday game between Knights and Melb Knights will be good, but the Sunday game should be a more interesting encounter. The squad will look something like
-Sweeney, Bladel, Foley boys, Nandan, Peter, Holmes, Huigsloot, Smith, Nowicki??

My guess anyway.

V Bomber said...

Knights will win by at least 15 - 0.

Anonymous said...

I believe abbot and walker are both on mainland training with a league clubs otherwise I guess thru would be playing. Will we see Liam Scott and Sammy Mac? Wood think so

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok a few points

no Hugo Bladel's not ex-TIS but was offered a scholarship at one point, I think.

Why couldn't Sth Hobart "Oval" which is what the HCC call Darcy Street, be used for the Sth vs Metro game? It's good to go.

The ex-TIS boys didnt leave on bad terms but some of their parents did.

Good luck to Abbott and Walker but hard to see them get a contract with South Melb Hellas let alone an A-League club!

BTW has Liam Scott given up his dream of being a professional footballer? At least Greg Downes and Amandu were prepared to move out of thier comfortable zone to pursue their goals.

Anonymous said...

Shame that we don't get to see Kwon play in the SPL this year - all class.

Anonymous said...

Liam Scott and Sam Mcintyre playing for Zebras on Sunday, so were unavailable for selection. Walker and Abbott both interstate with A League Youth Clubs. It s my understanding it s a past and present NTC squad on saturday against Knights reserves so should be an interesting Squad that gets picked for the game on Sunday that plays Melbourne Knights.
Bladel played for the TIS at the Institute Challenge 3 years ago. Cant understand why we are bagging out young players who have made themselves available to hopefully put a strong squad out against an interstate Team. Surely will be better than what we saw from Olympia last week.

Anonymous said...

I think Scott and Sam Mac are in QLD with Zebras. Shame these two plus Abbott and Walker are absent but those TIS players current and ex will still be great to watch. Great idea to organise game - agree with squad prediction above.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.50

All the answers. My car won't start, any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Liam told me that he could get a A-League youth contract, which was worth $5000.

The hard thing was trying to be able to find a job to pay the bills as well as train 4 days a week