Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Ben Whitehall (left) battles with South's Loic Feral; Jim Pennicott scores for South; Eagles' Andrew Clark (left) tries to contain South's Shae Hickey; Eagles' Simon Strang and Adam Bates give chase to South's Kostas Kanakaris; South's Hugo Bladel passes from midfield; Olympia's Bliss Cantrell (right) seeks to tackle a Clarence opponent; Olympia's Bliss Cantrell makes a break from midfield; Clarence's Edwards (left) about to tackle Olympia's Hale; Olympia's Bliss Cantrell feeds her forwards [PlessPix]


Wellington Phoenix 1 (MacAllister 20) beat Newcastle Jets 0

Att: 10,917

Ref: C Beath

Melbourne Victory 2 (Allsopp 25, 56) beat Gold Coast United 0

Att: 8,287

Ref: P Green

Friendlies (Wellesley Park)

South Hobart 4 (Feral, Lo, Pennicott, Roach) beat New Town Eagles 3 (Leszczynski, Quon, Page)

Saturday (Venue unknown)

Clarence United 7-0 Taroona


South Hobart Development Squad 2 (Quigley, Morton) beat New Town Eagles Reserves 0

Metro Reserves 2-3 Olympia Warriors Reserves

Queensland Flood Relief Charity Day Women's Football

Final: National Training Centre 6-0 Olympia Warriors

Consolation Final: Metro 1-0 Taroona

[The proceeds for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal was $3,180.]


Anonymous said...

clarence 7 taroona 9 whats the go there

Walter said...

Anonymous 7.32pm, sorry about that. A slip of the finger. Correct score is up now (7-0).

Anonymous said...

who played for clarence? they have lost everyone so be interesting to see who is playing seniors?

Anonymous said...

Kingborough v Beachside 3-3

Anonymous said...

So what negative comments are we going to see about the eagles performance against south? Still missing minimum three first team players and again playing away from home.

Anonymous said...

Eagles had a decent crack but are probably flattered by the 4-3 score line as the fill-in keeper made a hash of a couple of routine takes but that's football.

South not in their best form at the moment but youngsters doing a great job for them - Bladel, Williams and Pennicott stood up well today.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Hobart Zebras for putting together a great tournament in the Lightning Premiership. What a wonderful way to bring the women's soccer community together for a great cause. Apparently everything from food to raffle prizes and even the band were donated, so thanks for all those involved for making it a success.

Anonymous said...

Clarence senior squad players lost from last year.

Cam Sweeney
Nick Mayne
Adam Mcintyre
Sam Mcintyre
Luke Huigsloot
Angus Hardwick
Sam Cannamela
Jules Mcmahon
David Hoppitt
Luke Cripps
Jon Darby
Ben Hamlett
Andy Barron
Chris Hunt

Probably more but cant think.

Gains C.Tskiris

Anonymous said...

there was another game on last sunday.
zebras vs nelson and Im pretty sure that it ended up being 10 - 0 to the zebras.

yes they are a div 1 team but didnt they draw 3 - 3 with knights earlier on in the week?

also I heard that the eagles south game went of for a while in the second half. until there was a result... for south.

Walter said...

Anonymous 10.57am, why don't clubs tell me of practice games and results? I try and attend ones I am told about, but it would be nice for clubs to let me know the results from ones I've missed. Surely there should be a media liaison officer at every club. But, then again, I've been saying that for more than a quarter of a century. One would think that email makes it so easy these days.

Anonymous said...

So what does that say for Taroona.

It may well be Metro for promotion in 2012

Anonymous said...

i heard at the south vs eagles game that the second half got timed at around 53 minutes. only south would do something like that. south referee in gary upton was goind to let the half go on until south scored. dont suppose you checked the time walter?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that not all clubs feel the need for their pre season friendlies to be all over your blog so that other people can bag them out for whatever reason they feel like. Sometimes a friendly is just that, a bit of a kick between two clubs

Anonymous said...

Yep, sorry Walter, I did mention we had the game coming up in my comments after our match v Knights. I made it 11-0 to Zebra's actually, but once it hits double figures it's better to stop counting! These are only practice matches after all!! We had 5 players unavailable from the squad that played Knights on Thursday evening in addition to a couple of our starting 11 who have been away for a few weeks which did leave us with a thin squad. But having made an excuse (woops), no more excuses, zebra's were way too good and look extremely menacing for the season.

Thanks To Sandi, & Romeo at Zebra's for organising the game down at Sandown Park.

Thanks to Ivan as well for reffing, and he even left his cards in his pocket!

Walter said...

Anonymous 3.48pm, yes, I have thought of that. But, then those clubs shouldn't come crawling when they want some publicity during the season either.

Anonymous said...

too true walter;)

Anonymous said...

i heard at the south vs eagles game that the second half got timed at around 53 minutes

If it in fact went that long, that might be down to the 'handbags at 2 paces' that broke out and some injuries that stopped the game. Stopt whinging - there werent 3 pts at stake.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48
Walter is the most committed personality in local soccer/football and his coverage of games is second to none and his absence would forever be a huge loss to the game statewide but particuarly in the south. For clubs to not want their games covered, practise or otherwise, is ridiculous as it boosts the games audience and raises publicity.
I support everything you do walter, even when Im not always portrayed in the best way haha. I hope you ignore morons who make comments like that and continue your amazing work!