Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melbourne Knights down a stubborn Glenorchy Knights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Glenorchy Knights' Jade Clay (left) tries to get to teh ball ahead of his Melbourne Knights opponent; Glenorchy Knights' Corey Smith (left) holds off Melbourne Knights' Leo Shin; Michael Furjanic (left) presents the trophy to Melbourne Knights captain Ben Surey; Glenorchy Knights coach Nick Harrison was pleased with his boys; Melbourne Knights coach Ivan Duzel; The match officials (L-R) are Kim Barker (fourth official), Hanna Manuela (referee's assistant), referee Brenton Kopra, and assistant referee Patrick Galloway; The Glenorchy Knights starting XI; The Melbourne Knights starting XI; Melbourne Knights' Amadu Koroma (left) gets a foot in as Corey Smith tries to get a pass away; Glenorchy Knights' Callen Griffin (right) in a tussle with former team-mate and now Melbourne Knights player Amadu Koroma; Will Roberts (left) goes for the ball with Amadu Koroma; Corey Smith (right) holds off Leo Shin as Matthew Nowicki looks on; Will Roberts (right) in a battle for possession with Melbourne Knights Jacob Colosimo [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights 1-2 Melbourne Knights


Glenorchy Knights were flattered somewhat by this 2-1 score-line at KGV Park on Saturday evening, although no one can doubt their courage and commitment.

They were denied possession for long periods, and they had few chances. But, they were resolute in defence and did try to attack.

Melbourne Knights lacked penetration. They used the flanks well and played the ball around at the back without really threatening to score. When they did create chances, poor finishing and good goalkeeping by Ben Peter denied them.

Glenorchy Knights took a shock lead in the 65th minute through a penalty, awarded for Ryan Filipovic’s foul on Corey Smith. Jacob Huigsloot scored easily from the spot-kick.

The match changed when substitute Jean Charles Dubois came on during the second half.

In the 72nd minute, the French striker headed the equaliser from Ben Surey’s cross from deep on the right.

Two minutes later, Peter did well to turn the Frenchman’s shot from an angle on the right out for a corner.

In the 75th minute, Daniel Dragicevic cut the ball back from the left and Dubois made it 2-0 with a cool and clinical finish.

Peter kept his side in contention in the closing minutes. In the 81st minute, he denied Craig Sweeney, while in the 90th minute he blocked with his feet as the same player threatened to score.


Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison, said:

“I was pleased to only get beaten 2-1, I suppose, because all week we’ve been thinking we don’t want to get hammered and outplayed.

“I think the biggest factor was fitness. The 10-minute spell before half-time we were just hanging on and half-time came at a good time for us.

“We rewarded everyone who’s been training with us for the past couple of months with a game and I think we did well.

“Fitness did tell, but they’re not a bad side. They’re a good side and they pass the ball well. If they’d taken all their chances, it could have been a bigger score-line.

“I’m proud of our boys. They’ve done well and, overall, it’s a good result, even though we lost 2-1.

“I think extra-time would have killed us. There are a few positives we can take away from tonight.”

Melbourne Knights coach, Ivan Duzel, said:

“I think the game was very competitive. We pushed the ball around a little better and had more possession, obviously, than them.

“But, after going down 1-0 we brought on that French striker. He’s a quality player and he scored twice.

“It was our 90 minutes of running and trying to score that came good in the end.

“I’m happy with the performance and it was a friendly game. We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s game.


Glenorchy Knights: Peter - Roberts, Holmes, Huigsloot, Millington - Garth, Russell, Clay, Griffin - Smith, Nowicki (Subs: Robb, Grainger, Knight, Bolonja, Frank, Langdale, Grundy)

Goals: Huigsloot 65 pen

Melbourne Knights: John - Filipovic, J Colosimo, A Colosimo, Shin - Zilic, Surey, S Romein, Sweeney - Koroma, Dragicevic (Subs: Cetkin, Franjic, Dubois, Magdic, Saglam, Kozic, A Romein, Alinejad, Stefanou)

Goals: Dubois 72, 75

Att: 350

Ref: B Kopra


Anonymous said...

Well done Glenorchy! You may have parked the bus early but showed good heart and kept shape all game.
Great team performance and some standout defending with hugi and homes. Well captained by peters and also the midfield held it's own breaking down many attacks. Glenorchy should take alot from this result.

Anonymous said...

Knights midfield was anonymous all game!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Dont listen to all the anonoymous comments slagging you off lads, you did a good job considering the circumstances. The people saying you arent senior players can keep talking smack - ignore it, you are the ones stepping up when noone else is. Alex Holmes and Jake Huigsloot along with Ben Peter did a great job, I also thought Griffin and Russell blocked the channels and tirelessly covered ground and made a few good tackles whilst under immense constant pressure. Glenorchy really need to get a lot fitter. It showed this was only their second game.

You lads have lost a lot of your quality players and stood up when it counted. Well done to you. Look foward to playing you this season.

Anonymous said...

Is the bald headed bloke the worst player tpo ever play premier league?

Anonymous said...

interesting that neither coach made mention of the incident with Sherman. Sounds very spiteful and not like a "friendly" game spirit

Anonymous said...

anon 10:51

You are clearly a Knights player stop trying to disguise yourself

Anonymous said...

anon 10 51, i agree with all you've said. However, people aren't slagging players off, just stating that Knights fielded an average squad; with plenty more expected to come into it. The better Glen players like Holmes, Hugie, Peters and Smith had to step up, as simple as that. Otherwise the scoreline would have been much greater. Melb Knights were quality, but really badly lacked a good finisher and target.

Thought Koroma (think thats how its spelt) was okay for Melb, should be played as a defensive player though. Has no attacking ability in contrast with his defensive capabilities. The Melb Knights captain was superb, and a standout.

Thought Hugie was best on ground for Glen Knights. Controlled the back line well, and saved the Knights on several occasions. Took a good penalty under pressure also. An odd player though, seems to be more like his uncle Thomas than his father Peter. Thought Holmes was good also, good in the air and tackled well. If the Knights have any injuries to key players, they will really struggle to replace them. Not much depth is seems.

Walter, know of any other friendlies taking place soon? Are any other VPL clubs coming down? I enjoyed watching both Hellas and Melb Knights. Its interesting watching the standard change from the prem league down here, compared next to the one up there. Hellas seemed to have a little more quality than Melb i think.

Anonymous said...

where was the Knights new Ace goal Scorer Jason Dawes???

Why didn't he play?

Anonymous said...

interesting that neither coach made mention of the incident with Sherman. Sounds very spiteful and not like a "friendly" game spirit

maybe thats because the coachs have the sense to look for positives from the games not negatives like most anon morons who post on here.
sure we got flogged in second game and held on for a fair result in the first - what did you all expect a tasmanian all conquering win - get some brains get some life attend the matchs and be positive because 200 odd people attending these matchs are nothing short of b**l s**t - you lot winge moan complain put others down and you sit at home slagging off others like a bunch of two headed morons when you could be supportive active and loyal to your state and its sportsmen and women - try it you may like it and im sure the bunch of guys out there busting there butts would appreciate it a lot more - well done knights for giving it a go well done fft for being a part of it and well done walter for covering it ,
3 cheers for the positive anons on here