Monday, January 10, 2011

Tassie's Amadu Koroma signed by Melbourne Knights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Amadu Koroma has signed for Melbourne Knights; Koroma in action for Glenorchy Knights against Tilford Zebras [PlessPix]

Amadu Koroma is now a Melbourne Knights player.

The 19-year-old Glenorchy Knights midfielder signed a one-year full-time contract with Melbourne Knights on Friday and will play against Glenorchy Knights when the Melbourne outfit visits Hobart on 22 January for a two-game tour.

Koroma, who is originally from Sierra Leone, began his career in Tasmania with New Town Eagles before transferring to Glenorchy Knights.

He is a fitness fanatic and also played Futsal.

Speaking from Melbourne this evening, Koroma said he missed his family and friends in Tasmania but he had achieved a dream which he had been pursuing for some time.

He is living in Melbourne with an uncle. The home is about 30 minutes away from the training ground.

“This is what I have been waiting for and my time has come,” said Koroma.

“I’ll be coming down in a couple of weeks with Melbourne Knights and playing against Glenorchy Knights.

“I reckon I’ll get a bollocking.

“They’ll book me a flight and I’ll come down earlier to see my family.”

Koroma has been in Melbourne for six weeks and on trial with Melbourne Knights for the past month and he has relished the four-day-a-week training regime.

“It’s been going fantastic and we train four days a week,” Koroma said. “It’s very intense.

“The first week or two we did long distance running to get our stamina up, and after that, it was short and sharp stuff.

“There are sprints and rests, sprints and rests, just like in a game. It’s pretty hard, but I was pretty fit when I came over. I was training six days a week on my own.

“I’ve been signed on a one-year full-time contract and it will be reviewed each season and can be renewed.”

Koroma said his parents were very proud of him.

“This is what I want to do and this is my life,” Koroma said.

“I’ll respect everyone at Glenorchy Knights when we play them, but I hope we get a win.”


Anonymous said...

Well done young man.

Anonymous said...

Well done Amandu. Nice to see a good kid do well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Amadu and his family. Great to see his ambition and persistence pay off.

Tommy said...

This is great to see and hear.

Well done Amadu.

Anonymous said...

congrats to amadu! walter, what does he mean by full time contract? how much would he be getting paid for it to be full time?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Army

Anonymous said...

well done amadu, all contracts in the vpl are full time contracts so depends on how much the club can afford really

Anonymous said...

well done mate, great achievement

Anonymous said...

More Power to you Amadu, glad to have shared some of your sporting journey thus far, am personally very proud of you as are you family, well done mate..

Anonymous said...

just show when the kid's good and itas all fair everyone's happy. Well done - I'm sure he has a smile in his heart :)

Anonymous said...

great news for the 'du but it gotta further wreck the Knights chances for 2011

Anonymous said...

well done good luck hope he goes well never heard of this guy is he good ...??

Roy said...

I spoke to Armi on Monday and he is so excited its not funny! Having known him for the last two and a half years I know Football is his life, he is committed and focussed on getting the most out of his ability, doesn't stop working on his Physical fitness and is always training either on his own, with his mates, with the African boys in Newtown or training with knights.
This has been a goal and a valuable stepping stone for Armi in his football career.

Well Done Armi and I hope you don't stop here!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear!!!

I hope he ha success.

Casual Observer