Friday, January 7, 2011

Glenorchy Knights to take on Melbourne Knights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Nick Harrison, coach of Glenorchy Knights [PlessPix]; Adam Woodward has joined Metro from DOSA [Photo courtesy of Pedro Ramirez]

Glenorchy Knights will play Melbourne Knights at KGV Park on Saturday, 22 January.

The curtain raiser will be a match between Glenorchy Knights reserves and a Tasmanian Institute of Sport team (proposed Kick-off time of 3.30pm to be confirmed), followed by Glenorchy Knights seniors against Melbourne Knights at 6pm (proposed time and still to be confirmed).

The TIS side will include some past TIS players in order to strengthen their team, which is currently young and relatively inexperienced.

Melbourne Knights will arrive in Hobart on the Saturday morning.

On Sunday, also at KGV Park, Melbourne Knights have asked to play against a Southern Tasmania select team.

“As coach of Knights, I didn’t want to select that representative team as it would bring Knights players into the equation,” said Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison.

“I’m working with Dean May on this and, from the two games on Saturday, we will select a squad of 16 players from the TIS and Glenorchy Knights to play Melbourne Knights in the late afternoon, probably, as they fly out at 10pm.

“That’s the plan, but we’ve just got to confirm kick-off times.

“Michael McKenna has been involved in it all and they [FFT] are back at work on Monday and he’ll be able to confirm the kick-off times.”

Melbourne Knights will receive 50 per cent of any profits made from the game.

They will bring a squad of 20 players.


Metro and Glenorchy Knights will meet in a friendly on Saturday, 15 January, at Prince of Wales Bay.

There will be a reserves curtain-raiser at 2pm, followed by a senior game between the two clubs at 4pm.

Metro have signed Adam Woodward, DOSA’s best-and-fairest player from the 2010 season.

The Knights are also endeavouring to arrange games against Nelson Eastern Suburbs and Taroona.


Anonymous said...

Hardly a southern tasmanian select team if only TIS and Glen knoghts players involved - how many of either will be capable of playing two matches in two days ?????

Unknown said...

What is the point of the TIS if they are going to bring in past players to strengthen their squad? I thought the point of its existence was to develop young players, but sadly all they seem to care about is winning and trying to put on a good show for the visitors. It would be much more beneficial for the TIS players to show what they can do as a gelled team and play good football, instead of aiming for a 'good result'.

Anonymous said...

Another negative comment from someone who probably wouldnt have the capacity to draw a side from the mainland.

Well done to all those at Knights for their organisation and ability to help raise the profile of the sport locally.

Who gives a crap what they call the side playing Melbourne Knights, another 15/16 players get an opportunity to play against quality. Isn't that what we want?

Mike McKenna

Unknown said...

Well that ultimately depends on what Tasmanian football is striving for. If we are using this and similar occasions as the pinnacle of where we want Tasmanian football to sit, then sadly we are further behind and out of touch with world football than anybody could begin to imagine.

Please don't slaughter me again for suggesting that we could use this as an opportunity to develop young players to move onto greater heights and Tasmanian football onto a new level. I know that the game has made great progressions here recently, but the hard work of others has enabled us to move to even greater heights, instead of sitting pretty and taking what we have for granted. If opportunities aren't taken when you have the chance, they are often hard to come across again.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what the TIS is about any more. One thing is clear is that it draws its strength from the notion that the only way forward is to be in the TIS and therefore the management pretty much does what it wants without fear of scrutiny from within - oh except those willing to risk being kicked out.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jan 7 10 PM. You have no idea have you !

Anonymous said...


My comments were not directed at yourself but the first anon post.

Mike McKenna

Anonymous said...

Mr McKenna - the first post was emphasising the point that Melbourne Knights wanted to play Glenorchy Knights on the Saturday and a SOUTHERN TASMANIAN SELECT TEAM on the Sunday. Glenorchy Knights in their wisdom chose to join forces with TIS to provide a joint squad of players to play their second game in two days. Hardly close to a competitive team compared to what might have been possible - most Premier League squads have been training for months so a true Select Team was a definite possibilty - seems strange that it wasnt allowed to become a reality. Especially if FFT have been involved.

Anonymous said...

Again not understanding the whole situation. The Knights have organised the whole thing FFT have only been involved in regards to offering KGV as a venue.

Melbourne Knights asked for two matches. It was Glenorchy Knights decision (and a good one) to offer other players an opportunity to participate in a second match.

I have been restricted over the past few months on what I can write on blogs but now have an opportunity to put my OPINION foward.

The game will not grow unless people start supporting it. This is a perfect example. Who gives a crap who is playing Melbourne Knights the point is that Glenorchy Knights have made the effort to get a quality side down here.

Instead of getting on here and pasting every article or every opportunity that is made public try and find something constructive about what is happening.

Well done to all those clubs and the people behind the scenes driving them.

Mike McKenna

Anonymous said...

Well Mike, Walters article must be wrong - it says: "On Sunday, also at KGV Park, Melbourne Knights have asked to play against a Southern Tasmania select team."

Again it still isnt as good a team as it could have been - seems as if TIS is running football here in Tas and not FFT!

Anonymous said...

Michael 10.39 am Jan 8 , what the hell do you mean by the second paragraph ? It does not make sense .

rhodesy said...

Mike dont but your head out they will chop it of buddy best of luck in your new job mate

cheers rhodesy