Thursday, January 27, 2011

German exchange student lights up local Division One scene

Photos (Top to Bottom): Lars Engisch is naturally right-footed, but he's no slouch with his left either, as he shows here against New Town Eagles; Engisch in Metro colours; Engisch moves in on an Eagles opponent [PlessPix]

Metro’s 17-year-old German midfielder, Lars Engisch, had an excellent game against New Town Eagles on Tuesday evening.

The right-footer controlled the midfield for large spells and his work-rate was impressive.

He displayed excellent vision and technical skills as he sprayed passes around to bring his team-mates into the action.

Engisch said he was happy at Metro and had enjoyed the game against Eagles.

He is still awaiting an international clearance, but he won’t be returning to Germany for another three months, so local fans should see him in action in competitive games soon.

Engisch is from a small town near Mannheim, in south-west Germany, and he played for FC 08 Hassloch, an amateur club that has links with Bayern Munich.

He is studying at Elizabeth College.


Goalkeeper Craig Minty has left New Town Eagles to join Tilford Zebras.

Zebras keeper Jason Voss had moved to the Gold Coast for work, so the senior position looks like being a tussle between Troy Kaden, Frank Mainella and Minty.

Zebras had to cancel their pre-season trip to Brisbane because of the floods, but they are having a full-scale training camp this week, with up to two sessions a day.


South Hobart are playing a practice match against Launceston United at Wellesley Park on Saturday at 2pm.

On Sunday, they will take on New Town Eagles at the same venue at 11am and 1pm.

Next Wednesday, South Hobart will spar with Taroona at Wellesley Park at 6pm.

On Saturday, 5 February, South Hobart will play Beachside at Wellesley Park at noon and 2pm in another reserves and senior friendly series.

The pre-season Hudson Cup in Launceston starts the next day.


Sam Cocks has been appointed coach of Burnie United for the 2011 Northern Premier League season.

Rumours had been rife that Cocks was finished with Burnie, but he re-signed as coach last week.


Anonymous said...

kingborough vs beachside lightwood park, this sunday.

Anonymous said...

Walter, which spl teams are entering the Hudson cup this year? And also, u have outlined the prize money for the summer cup, what is the prize money for the Hudson cup? It's more isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Also Walter, Knights play Nelson at 6.30pm Prince of Wales Bay tonight, and Ulverstone on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I hope frank does the right and give the young blokes there chance his been a great keeper but i hope he doesnt fall in to the trap of playing one season to many we cant play for ever and youth are the future.

Anonymous said...

Lars is awesome, wish he was here for the entire season. He reminds me of Berbatov the way he is so calm and composed on the ball, his touch and passing skill, as well as the way he makes playing the game so effortless....

Anonymous said...

south hobart vs launceston united is laughable. last years top club verses the worst

Anonymous said...

The german player and Berbatov in the same sentence,calm down. yeah he did play well but at the same time both eagles teams midfield was non exsistent and easy to overcome. there are many div 1 players just as good if not better but they dont get talked about? must they be an exchange student from germany to get talked about?

Anonymous said...

cause Lars in interesting and cool.

Anonymous said...

Lars is new to local soccer and he can actually play the game.... well worth a story. Good job walter.

Anonymous said...

Lars is average at best and would not play in any top premier teams so get over it

Anonymous said...

players be hatin! just cause your pissed or disenchanted that Walter has'nt done a story on you yet. Get over it dude. Lar's is some thing new interesting obviously unlike yourself who ever you are

Anonymous said...

Yeah prob wouldnt play for south or zebras, but would play for every other Premier Side.

Anonymous said...

Anon Jan 28 10.18am

You are a joke, this is a 17 year old and you saying he is crap, you need to wipe the crap out of your eyes.

I saw the game and this kid was very good and i think you are jealous because you were never this good at this age.

Lars could play in the TIS or any Senior team in Tassie.

Well done Metro for giving this kid a go.

Anonymous said...

"Lars could play in the TIS or any Senior team in Tassie."

lets not go overboard here mate, he has only been seen in one game, now im not denying that he isn't a good player, but he lacks a few things, for example, strength, composure on the ball, communication and distribution of the ball, to say he could play TIS or a premier senior side, pfft, you're dreaming, how about you wait until he is on a real pitch in the proper season and see how he goes.