Friday, January 14, 2011

Olympia outclassed by their South Melbourne cousins

Photos (Top to Bottom): Olympia Warriors starting XI; South Melbourne starting XI; Match officials (L-R), assistant referee Simon Natoli, referee Sean Collins, assistant referee Kim Barker, and fourth official Stratos Plomaritis; Olympia's Warren Wadawu beats Seb Petrovic to the ball; Olympia's Warren Wadawu battles a South Melbourne opponent; Nick Jacobs scores his and South Melbourne's second goal; A South Melbourne pass into the danger zone; Olympia's Lee Mason shileds the ball from South Melbourne's James Riccobene; Olympia's Brendan Garth tackles South Melbourne's Rob Naumoski; South Melbiurne's Rob Naumoski speeds away from Olympia's Brendan Garth; Olympia's Brody Cronk in possession and marked tightly [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors 0-9 South Melbourne


Olympia Warriors were never in the hunt and it was plain for all to see that they had only had one practice match before tonight’s game, which was played on a fine KGV Park pitch.

South Melbourne’s youngsters showed technical expertise, good understanding and team-work. There passing was excellent and each player knew what was expected of him and what his role was. This is an obviously well-drilled outfit which will improve with age and experience.

It was 2-0 at half-time through fine goals by Nick Jacobs. His first was very clever and brilliantly executed. Receiving a pass down the left from Seb Petrovic, Jacobs looked up and, seeing Dmitri Nester off his line, chipped the keeper.

Olympia rarely strung more than a handful of passes together and they were slower to the ball than their opponents and their first-touch left a lot to be desired.

Jacobs completed his hat-trick with two minutes of the resumption after an error by Youssef Mohamad, who tried and failed to get a square pass to team-mate Declan Hickey on the edge of the 6-yard box.

Kyle Joryeff headed South Melbourne’s fourth in the 56th minute after a cross from the right by Jacobs.

South Melbourne’s four big guns came on for the last half-hour and Olympia sank without trace as they ran riot.

Jesse Krncevic, son of coach Eddie Krncevic, scored five goals in the final 28 minutes as he received fine service from his team-mates. A goalkeeping error and a penalty assisted the visitors, but Krncedvic showed fine skills and pace, as well as lethal finishing.

The stage is now set for South Melbourne’s showdown with Tasmanian champions South Hobart on Sunday at 4pm at South Hobart. This should be a game well worth watching.


Olympia Warriors assistant coach Mark Loftus said:

“Disappointed. Obviously, we don’t want to get a shellacking like that, but three dead silly give-away goals didn’t help.

“Two-nil at half-time wasn’t so bad. For the first 20 minutes, we were looking all right.

“We lost our shape and perhaps we tried to give everybody a run. It’s pre-season and we’re trying to give everyone a fair go, but perhaps there were too many substitutions which leads to lack of consistency in play.

“I thought there were some good performances. I thought Sam Cannamela was excellent with some important tackles, and I thought young Jayden Hey at right-back was good. He can hold his head up.

“Some of the boys will be disappointed with their performance. If they’re not, they shouldn’t be playing. At the end of the day, there was not enough ticker shown out there. This game’s all about ticker.

“We can build on that. It’s not the end of the world and it’s only pre-season. It’s only our second run. South Hobart was a bit of a disaster last week.

“Our training facilities have not been the best. I’m not looking for any excuses, but we know once we get our home ground and we get our home-ground feel - we’ve got the best home ground in Tasmania then - we can start playing some velvet football.”

South Melbourne coach Eddie Krncevic said:

“For us, it was important that we had a good training session. It’s still part of our preparation.

“For me, it was interesting, the first half, mainly because I played with nine under-21 players and I thought the youngsters did quite well.

“We introduced four senior players for the last half-hour and you could see the difference.

‘For us, it was good to have a good hit-out and it was good for the confidence as well to score some goals.

“But, let’s not forget that for Olympia it was only their second game and so they were under-prepared and we thank them for a good game and a good hit-out for us.”


Olympia Warriors: Nester - Hey, Cannamela, Mohamad, Nandan - Wadawu, Mason, Phillips, Kumpulainen - Cronk, Meredith (Subs: Kay, Hickey, Garth, Heggie, Stockdale) [Interchange applied and all substitutes were used]

South Melbourne: Sardelic - Colosimo, Venderman, Simmons, Treloar - Petrovic, Gasparis, Naumoski, Riccobene - Joryeff, Jacobs (Subs: O’Dor, Topolovic, J Krncevic, Recchia, Zanelli) [Interchange applied and all substitutes were used]

Booked: Topolovic

Goals: Jacobs 7, 25, 47, Joryeff 56, Krncevic 62, 73, 75, 87 pen, 90

Att: 200

Ref: S Collins


Anonymous said...

Jayden Hey played well a shining light at the warriors and he is only 17 or 18, maybe it is time for Jayden to try his luck across Bass Strait.

South Hobart will give the Hellas a run for thier money and without suprise could win.

A lot of goals due to poor body postioning. The warrior could not string together more than 3 passes were as the Hellas had 8 or 9 passes before going past half way.

None the less a great experience for the Warriors, as a unit should come away with heaps from the game

Anonymous said...

if he thinks the games all about ticker maybe loftus shouldn't be coaching just an underprepared side that was always going to struggle anyway easy to blame the players when there was no system or stability how many time do you want to change your backs during a game and still expect players to perform can i have my six bucks back

Anonymous said...

Velvet football haha . That will not be played with the players that where on show. Sam cannamela will be leaving, one of your best players on the night . Velvet football can't be played unless the players have a first touch 6 players didn't have that. The left back that came on was shocking. Who was the centre back that came on think he was number 12?

Anonymous said...

A team with 9 under 21 players smashing one of our premier teams is terrible

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Why did Olympia insist on being involved in this game? Surely, it does their coach a diservice and discourages players from joining their club.
It was always going to be a bad result for them on current form. Did they expect a miracle? Is that why their priest was there?

Paul said...

I hope the 'ticker' comment isn't indicative of the style of coaching that predominates in Tasmanian soccer. Apart from that, an interesting game regardless of the scoreline, with both sides fielding very young lineups. Thanks to the Olympia crew for their hospitality after the game.

Anonymous said...

hi walter is the squad game being played today between south hobart and south melbourne

Anonymous said...

If we're talking about how many young players South had well Olympia had 8 teenagers and 6 who were 17 or under.

Anonymous said...

"We lost our shape and perhaps we tried to give everybody a run. It’s pre-season and we’re trying to give everyone a fair go, but perhaps there were too many substitutions which leads to lack of consistency in play"


Anonymous said...

On that performance and on the stupid comments by Loftus could we see a mass exodus from the Warriors?

Anonymous said...

I think that all the players had a go. They just weren't as fit, organised, disciplined or skilled as they needed to be. They played competitively for 45 minutes winning several corners and had several shots being 2-0 down at half time.

7 goals in the second half can be put down to a few noticeable factors:

1) Olympia changes at half time, particuarly to its defensive unit.

2) changes made by South Melbourne bringing on 4 players from its first team starting 11.

3) Olympia players getting tired (2 goals and many chances in last few minutes)

Walter said...

Anonymous 10.10am. No, there is no squad game today between the two clubs. Everyone is having a rest for tomorrow's big one between South Melbourne and South Hobart, when both sides should be at full strength, or close to it.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA anon 12:37am.

The Most stupid comment I have ever read. (1st paragraph)

Anonymous said...

i think the most worrying factor should not be either teams performance but more on attendance figures.
when 200 people show up to watch a class side like hellas play i think its time to bury any aspirations of a-league in tasmania or perhaps we may get 500 to a-league matchs to pay the million dollar costs

Anonymous said...

I agree anon 10.58 am. Why was Jayden Hey the only player not to be subbed. Surely it wasn't on form. Only 2 players on that Olympia team can be considered senior quality players in Mason and Nester. If Nandan and Garth is all theat they can offer well it will be a long season and I can't wait for this velvet football but it might be a good idea to learn how to pass and control the ball first.

Anonymous said...

You have all forgotten the efforts of Olympias number 11 he was just in a whole other league.... Of crap! Yes Olympia didn't play well but that bloke was horrible and if that is one of Olympias signings for the season, it is a worry for the club! Not much talent too come back into that squad from last night for the season only kosta with injury to come in and hedge when he returns from overseas worrying sign! Best of luck for the season!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.22 you just lost 9 nil to a reserve side, what would it be against there 1st team, olympia will lose 4 players from last night so long season ahead

Anonymous said...

Anon January 15, 2011 12:50 PM

When you're maing a joke maybe a little less subtlty, some may not get it.

outclassed said...

With all due respect to Jayden Hey, he was far from a shining light last night - only Cannamela came close to that superlative. Jayden worked hard but struggled like the rest of them and for anon 12.37am to suggest he is better than Tassie SPL is stretching the bounds of incredulity.

Warriors will get better than that but I have to also agree with some other posters that last night's game did zero to present Olympia as an attractive proposition to the calibre of player they desperately need to attract.

redeem yrself said...

Would be great if Olympia donated the gate takings to Qld flood relief - only then will something good have come from that match!

Anonymous said...

anon 12.50 lots of jealousy shown there at least these young boys are committing themselves whilst you probably sit on your lounge weighing 100 kg and dream of what could have been with a packet of bbq shapes and slagging players off get a life and dont try and make these kids feel bad about themselves because it is comments like these that push them away from the sport .twat

Anonymous said...

Hey did well but and showed good intent but lacked quality with his passing coming out of the back, like most of his fellow defenders which put them under the pump deep in their defensive half!
Yousef Mohamad is the worst defender in the league and cost olympic 4 goals; 2 through free kicks which were both yellow cards atleast and 2 through poor defending and trying to be way too smart for his skill level on his own 6-yard box.
Olympic did try to play into their centre midfielders as much as possible and way over emphasised playing out from the back when releiving some pressure may have been better options. Could've been a lot worse for them without Cannamela and Stockers, despite his questionable tackling sometimes!

Anonymous said...

How awesome will it be for us Div 1players to be able to play at Warrior Park in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather Jonathan Hey.

Anonymous said...

Hay and cannemela were good. Mason had some good touches and stocky showed some heart (which is clearly lacking) even though fitness is a concern.

South Melbourne were class and the score line was expected.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest that of Olympia's startng line up only Canamela will be missing from the season's start and of other squad membersd only Heggie - and they are more likely to join Olympia than other Clubs when the eventually return to play SPL. Stockdale will be a good addition. To be honest I thought Olympia did Ok in the first half. Eddie's boy coming on and scoring 5in the last 35 minutes obviously made a bit of difference. I don't think Olympia will face any one of that ability in the SPL.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to be entertained by some very good SM players. The weather was great and the ground was A1. Maybe next time Olympia play SM they will give this ocassion a bit more thought and treat it with a bit more respect. I'm sure they could have done a lot better on and off the park and maybe attract a big crowd in 2012.

Andreas Akamotakis said...

Hi Walter i think it is time you made people state their real names when making a comment on this blog. unfortunately I think this would mean your comments pages would be empty bar a few.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As a player on the night I for one am not embarrased at all. I knew full well what potentially could have been the outcome but still think it was a good opportunity to play a game against an oppositin that was far superior. You cannot gain that experience any other way and it was fun to play under that kind of pressure. Personally I am no where near where I want to be come the start of the season but saw this as a good opportunity to try and play the way I want to play this season against a better opposition to what I will face this year. Whilst I made a number of mistakes, the number of things I learnt far exceeded the mistakes.

Olympia will be better as a result.

Anonymous said...

Well said, player on the night.

Despite what spectators on the night (or blog readers) may think of the tactic, the Olympia coach clearly put loyalty to his squad players ahead of a "save embarrasssment" result.

Despite having a rather shallow squad all 16 players got a good run and it was probably a combination of South having its best players against players outside OlympĂ­a's best 11 (eg. Kay, Hickey) that lead to a real blow out in the second half.

Hopefully the players appreciate this from their coach.

Anonymous said...

Compare our facilities, media coverage, sponsorship, national reps - with sports like hockey, cricket and hockey. Our football in Tasmania is an absolute amatuer backwater.

What has Olympia done? - building a first rate facility, employing a highly qualiifed/experienced coach and a sports trainer, building a squad based on quality youth.

There are good reasons why serious players should think about playing at Olympia.

Roy said...

"lots of jealousy shown there at least these young boys are committing themselves whilst you probably sit on your lounge weighing 100 kg and dream of what could have been with a packet of bbq shapes and slagging players off get a life and dont try and make these kids feel bad about themselves because it is comments like these that push them away from the sport .twat"

I weigh 100kg, are you calling me faaaat?

Anonymous said...

highly qualified coach? who?

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2011 11:15 AM

you're all muscle 'Roy' - especially your pulsating pectorals!

Anonymous said...

Chris Hey might be highly qualified, but I feel his tactics were bizarre. I know it's better for the goal keeper to release the ball along the ground to a player to keep possession but on goal kicks when the players are set it was just putting the defenders under pressure for no reason. The short pass from the goal kick is only good when its done quickly.

bruce shemp said...

The players shouldnt bear all the blame for Friday night's debacle but the real issue was why the Warriors didnt turn up better prepared as this fixture couldnt have been a late minute arrangement. Walter you pondered the same question after the Sth Hobart flogging.

I assume that Warriors will be better prepared next year as George has committed to making the pre-season hit out against Sth Melb an annual event and he won't want the club's pants pulled down again.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.15 if the cap fits no dont worry cause maybe it dont lol

Anonymous said...

Reading the drivel on this blog attacking the Olympia coach is is a wonder any coach speaks to you Walter.

JOKER said...

Lets compare the olympic of 2-3 years ago to now (and the years the youngest players were born)....

Dimitri, Pete T, Robert L, Adam H, Chris T, Manuel T (92) Youssef M (88), Carl L(87), Hugh H, Lee M, Danijel D (88), Dippa K (90), Michael B (87), Kosta G (86),

in reserves... mostly 17-19yrs olds ready to step up... was it necessary to reject these players... this looks like a young team to me with lots of room to develope with the right coach?!?

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2011 12:49 PM

Thanks for your insightful analysis. You must be a really good coach yourself.

Anonymous said...

Joker 10:22pm
From your so called list. Dmitri, Lee, Tskiris x 3, Hugh, Youssef, Kosta, Hedgy, Kosta - None rejected

Karl - long term injury
Danijel - Move to Launceston
Michael B - moved interstate

From the 1st list above, some made decisions to move on but ALL were playing Senior Football with the club when they left.
From an outsider, the players don't dictate and turn up to training when they want, hence some changes.
From the other night, there still needs to be others moved on from this list as it did not appear the passion was there with some of the players. Lee Mason is obviously liked by the coach but Lee ball watches and is becoming too slow with age to be a midfielder, along with the fact he only plays one side of his body which is restrictive. Where is Dmitir's passion as it looked like he was plucked out of the cupboard (Very rusty) with his distribution. Youssef (what a joke - unfit, unskilled, unmotivated and not a team player. I heard the coach was livid and is about jack of Youssef simpy doing what he wants on & off the park.

Current List
Nandan & Cronk 16, Phillips/Hey/Hickey/Garth 17
Rob Kay 18,
Warren 20,
Kumpa/ Meredith/ Kosta 23-25
Stockers 24-26Yrs
New keeper and some decent centre backs things will be fine.

Grape vine indicates more youth coming. Things don't happen overnight BUT they will happen at this club, not in 2011 ut in 2012. Long term planning is best way to go

Anonymous said...

January 17, 2011 7:53 AM

word on the street is that Mckeena will sign. was seen having talks with mcmaccas and hey after match.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

madmcglone you have no clue what is going on down here your comments are irrelevant how about you bring byron baywatch down and play a couple of spl teams if you're sooooooooo good.

Roy said...

Yeah I'm with you there 'Madmcglone' I don't like shapes either!

And yes I am just Protecting my loser image. You really know how to cut to the core of me! :(

"bloody embarrassing the standard down there must have dropped significantly. Fitness would no doubt have played a big part but that's just an utter capitulation"

"neither for shooting young players down"

"I'm not lambasting any player, just the overall state of your game."

So just putting a few quotes out here. So your not shooting young players down just the whole league? well that's a little contradictory because a very high percentage of our league is made up of players under the age of 21. Also by the sounds of it everybody in the league is a fair bit younger than yourself.

So fitness played a part and it was an utter capitulation...

You have made these comments because you watched the game I take it?

I remember hearing about a game in the ACT last year it was 7-0 it was a capitulation and fitness must have played a part. you tell this from the photo's, they do speak a thousand words after all.

So now that I'm not trying to protect my loser and I have admitted I have no friends, I might just stick to attempting to bag out something I didn't see on a forum that talks about competitions I haven't seen since back when I used to walk 7 miles through snow and volcano's in homemade sandles just to be amazing and dominate everybody cause I used to be awesome.

Oh and do you prefer TV snacks like me? the chocolate coated wafer ones are my favourite :)

Anonymous said...

MadMcglone -

"Roy, I'm neither for shooting young players down or jealous of being pumped 9-0 and shapes aren't my thing.Maybe you're projecting your loser image by saying these things. I'm not lambasting any player, just the overall state of your game."

I dont see any earlier comments from Roy "shooting young players down" as you say??? I do however see comments from you stating the standard of our game is "embarassing" if your worried about younger players being pushed away from the sport then maybe you should at least try to make your comments positive. And without seeing the game, should you really be calling our standard embarassing??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Roy doesn't even play for Olympia lol

Anonymous said...

Ian you were not even that good when you played so be quiet.

Roy said...

You are right Walter is a very good assessor and is well educated and yet doesnt see the need to bag out our league which going on population has no where near the number supporting the VPL.

Once again your lack of knowledge and understanding of the SPL clearly shows when you refer to these teams as state league teams and claim they are not provincial. It is the Southern Tasmanian Premier League which by name itself explains that however this is not a state league and hasn't been for some time. This show how far removed from this blog you really are. Once again attacking a possible young player which you said you weren't trying to do.

I really like people who construct arguments and before every one of their statement, personal attacks or facts you place the word 'probably' suggesting that in fact you are guessing and thus showing all of us that your comments warrant zero respect what so ever.
Get off your high horse you David Hasselhoff wannabe! I'm David Hasselhoff ahahahahahaahah And your not!

Anonymous said...

mad mcglone,

it's a real tricky one to assess. the scoreline result of the match didn't reflect the quality of the sth hobart team.

you only have to look back a couple seasons to see the tassie yth team beating quality A-League yth teams.

club infrastructures seriously need to improve for the game to improve.

Ken has shown that this is quite possible. The game is improving, but an entire generation down here was effectively lost due to poor club administration. Administration includes the provision of quality coaching staff to get players ready.

What seperates sth hob and sth melb? well the players wages at sth melb for a start. many would be taking home 1k + a week, whereas noone gets a cent at sth hob.

pay the boys and you'll notice further improvement where you can't split the teams.

Anonymous said...

Roy, get off the blog, and back on the phone!

Paul said...

The South Melbourne boys are not on 1k a week. Most of them probably half of that. Still, not a bad earner on the side.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy said...

Sorry Hero Goalkeeper sir! :(

Roy said...

Im only 20, maybe you should come see if your theory is correct? Oh and the junk food bit... It's a little bit of humor for you. ;)

As mentioned earlier maybe its what was done previously that is why we have so many younger players now?

Care to elaborate on which Older players have been push down?

Please share your wisdom?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Roy - you're doing well mate. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

" I drank heavily did some stupid things and my game was affected, pretty much lost interest in other words. "

Say no more PLEASE.

Anonymous said...
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John Longsnoot said...

We don't train 4 times a week down here because no one gets paid, it's pretty simple people have jobs and can't do that.

are you stupid?

Roy said...

Oh my days!!!

I watched the games, I was there. Olympic used all their squad players trailing new things for the upcoming season, this itself resulted in several goals simply because these players where not used to playing along side each other and were yet to gel. Plus Olympic are in the middle of a rebuilding process where they had very few older players left so youth has been a policy that has chosen itself. 2-0 at half time in a game made up of SPL squad level players vs VPL (semi-professional) Squad players seems appropriate. Second half saw several highly rated VPL players enter the game which in turn lifted the standard out of the reach of the Olympic boys. Heads dropped so a mixture between a drop off in confidence, a team that is yet to gel making mistakes and the lift in quality and intensity by the Hellas. That's how I would of described it but as you say your opinion is valid so you must know what happened better than everybody else... we were only there after all.

I too like debate as you can see but where possible I use facts to back up my statements. You have once again claimed to not be downing young players yet you make statements like "But your only 20 and probably feel insulted because it's 'your time' and some old geezer is making a mockery of it." I don't feel insulted at all but frustrated in the lack of understanding and reasoning in every single one of your comments. Other would most likely be insulted because you are attacking 'our game' down here but understand that you are just hurting because your missing this fine state and are trying to tarnish it to make yourself feel better.

You really don't get what I have been trying to tell you do you? We are happy for debate and comments but unless it is in good humor then back it up with things you are sure about and have facts. If you want to say such things then maybe place it as a question and see what people who saw the match or have more first hand knowledge have to say about it. We know where our game is at, after all as you put it, it is our game down here.

Roy said...

Comment deleted:
This post has been removed by the author.

Nuf said

Anonymous said...

Good reply Roy. I did say I was playing devil's advocate. Maybe a humble question would not have yielded such an effort from you. I deleted the comments because they might have offended young guys out there trying there guts out on the field each week. Not my intention at all. But you might want to peruse some of the more offensive comments targeting individuals anon 1.37 for instance, If that's what really gets your goat.

Roy said...

Thanks madmcglone, now for anon 1:37... Who do you think you are!!! attacking a young kid like number 11! He has been given an opportunity to step up, he is attempting to make the most of it and i applaud him for that... Have a good hard look in the mirror! I've seen the birds number 11 pulls on the town! I would be happy to swap places with him for that reason alone!

Anonymous said...

I think I better stop before the debate turns into how shit a player i was