Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last night's results

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Mariners won far from home (The Calypso in the Aegean Sea photographed by PlessPix); Glenorchy Knights' Matt Russell (left) in pursuit of the ball; Matt Russell attempts to get possession for Knights; Matthew Nowicki gets in a cross for the Knights; A midfield tussle; Taroona's Hugo Luttmer gets in a shot; Hugo Luttmer shields the ball near one of the specially imported Croatian corner flags; The Knights' Corey Smith shapes up to shoot; Brendan Garth, who netted twice, in possession; Alex Holmes, who scored the opening goal, watched by Jacob Huigsloot [PlessPix]


Melbourne Heart 1 (Terra 17) drew with Gold Coast United 1 (Djite 40)

Att: 5,187

Ref: S Delovski

Perth Glory 1 (Howarth 38) lost to Central Coast Mariners 2 (McBreen 23, Simon 24)

Att: 6,828

Ref: J Gillett


Glenorchy Knights 5 (Holmes, Nowicki, Robb, Garth 2) beat Taroona 0

Ref: M Thain


Anonymous said...

i wonder why cam sweeney (clarances goal keeper) is now a TIS player?

Anonymous said...

Don't the council know how to use a catcher to pick up the grass when they cut the pitch?

Anonymous said...

he was in the TIS for 3 years or so before joining Clarence

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Djite's goal for gold coast was 40th minute, just before half time

Walter said...

Anonymous 12.55pm, thanks, Mate, All fixed. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i was question the fact that he left the TIS and was a keeper, but now is back in as a field player and is not even up tot he under 19 standard?

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a very closed view to the TIS selections. If May doesn't want to use his current players for whatever reasons why not look at 16 - 18 yo who played in full time FFT programs instead of selecting players from KMSS.

I thought it was meant to be all about the SYSTEM.