Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenorchy Knights easily account for Taroona

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' Matthew Nowicki (left) tackles a Taroona opponent; Amadu Koroma (second from left) watches tonight's game with some mates; Corey Smith lies injured; A Taroona player tries to halt a Knights attack; Knights start a build-up from the back [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights beat Taroona 5-0 in a friendly match at Prince of Wales Bay this evening.

It was the Knights’ final hit-out before they take on Melbourne Knights of the Victorian Premier League at KGV Park on Saturday at 6pm.

Alex Holmes opened the scoring, while Matthew Nowicki added a second before the break.

Further goals by Andrew Robb and two by Brendan Garth completed the tally.

Taroona, who fielded a very young side, had few chances, although Hugo Luttmer and Marcus Atkinson did keep the Knights’ defence on their toes at times.

Taroona rattled the Knights crossbar late in the match but were unable to find a way past Ben Peter, Alex Holmes, Robbie Bolonja and Anthony Grundy at the back for Knights.

The Knights were without several senior players from last season, including Jade Clay, Jackson Marsh, Josh Fielding, Amadu Koroma, Mynonge Kamba, Juma Barabara, James Hope and Will Roberts.

Koroma, who has just been signed by Melbourne Knights and will play against his former club on Saturday, was an interested spectator at tonight’s game.

New signing from Metro, Jason Dawes, watched the match but was unable to participate because of injury.

Corey Smith was injured in the course of the match and appeared in agony when he went down. He suffered a foot injury but should be fit for Saturday’s match.

Knights are conducting a media conference at KGV Park at 11am on Friday featuring Amadu Koroma.

He has signed a one-year full-time contract with the Melbourne outfit, which last visited Hobart in 2007.

They played Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park as part of the Glenorchy club’s 50th anniversary celebrations and won 2-1.

Before that, Melbourne Knights played Perth Glory at Launceston’s Aurora Stadium in a National Soccer League match in 2002.


Anonymous said...

Wow, solid from the Knights. Zebras only managed to beat Taroona 2 1, interesting.

From what i've gathered, the Knights have lost Fielding and Karoma from last years squads. From the squad you named that wasn't there Walter, it brings me to attention that players like Jade Clay, Will Roberts, Jackson Marsh and Jason Dawes are still to come into the side which easily beat Taroona 5 nil. A lot of people are saying Knights are rebuiliding and such, but, really? I wouldn't write them off.

Anonymous said...

good to see jackson marsh recovering for suspected malleria, unfortunalty he is out of saturdays game with suspected food poisening from an indian curry house

Anonymous said...

It seems that Corey Smith's terrible injury (which caused him to roll around screaming, thumping the ground, and clutching his ankle) wasn't enough to keep him off the O-bar dance floor last night... even though he had to be stretchered off the ground. Maybe he's after an Oscar nomination?

Anonymous said...

Corey is looking at an acting career.

Vinnie Jones would call him a big fairy.

Corey Smith said...

I am genuinely injured. And it was genuinely painful. Get serious.

Anonymous said...

Corey, you tried to come back on. You made a meal out of the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you blokes on here are losers, There was nothing wrong with the challenge, The bloke got the ball!! lol It was the rolling my ankle and landing all my weight on it that hurt, got some nice bruising but I will be playing tonight..... I am sure you are as stoked as I am!!