Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Football Results

Photos: Vitor Sobral of SBS was at South Hobart today (top) with a cameraman to film some of the action for a forthcoming SBS show

South Hobart defend a Lions corner (bottom)

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

South Hobart 0-0 Kingborough Lions United
Tilford Zebras 1-3 Clarence United


South Hobart 3-0 Kingborough Lions United
Tilford Zebras 5-0 Clarence United


South Hobart 6-1 Kingborough Lions United
Tilford Zebras 0-2 Clarence United
Glenorchy Knights 1-6 University

Division Two

New Town Eagles 3-2 Tilford Zebras

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Burnie United 1-4 Northern Rangers
Devonport City 0-6 Prospect Knights
Riverside Olympic 7-0 Launceston United
Somerset 3-0 Ulverstone

Southern Division One

Taroona 7-0 DOSA
Metro 5-2 Beachside
Christian United 2-3 Nelson Eastern Suburbs


Ril said...

Thanks for posting the Saturday results so promptly Walter. I missed them on WIN news, and with the referees/clubs slack on logging the scores for the FFT website as per usual, I'll now be checking here more often in the future!

Captain said...
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Chaffey said...

cheers boof.
Got two out of three, not sure about Metro just over Beashside though. 5-2.

wiggo said...

yep good tip, we rolled over in the second half unfortunately! Taroona a lot fitter and a bit faster than us today, hopefully with a full squad we give a better account of ourselves in a few weeks time.


The Phoenix said...

Walter, how did the Knights u/19s go against the TIS?
And the Season begins what form maybe Walter should enlist your help with the tipping lol

Marty Nidorfer said...

Well done Metro would of liked an 8 goal win Chaff, to make us look good. We still must look allright compared to some of those teams out there. You guys will cruise to the premiership, just keep them focussed.

harden up maggots said...
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harden up maggots said...

clarence looked good today against the zebras in the u/19s and seniors both getting good results but the reserves were way to flat

The Phoenix said...

What is happening with Devonport?Has there been a big change in personnel?