Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chaffey no longer at the helm of Metro

Photo: Darrin Chaffey...asked out of the blue to step down as Metro coach

Metro, the Division One leaders, have parted company with player-coach Darrin Chaffey.

Chaffey was asked to step down as senior coach last night prior to the club's training session at North Chigwell.

Chaffey agreed and Bob Nicholson took the session and will be in charge for the rest of the season.

The move comes as a surprise as Metro are top of the league and favourites to gain promotion to the Premier League next season.

Chaffey was, understandably, disillusioned by the club's decision to dispense with his services.

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The draw has been made for the semi-finals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy state-wide competition.

Somerset are at home at Cardigan Street to Northern Rangers, while Clarence United will host Tilford Zebras at Wentworth Park, thus ensuring a north versus south final.

The semi-finals will be played either on Saturday 18 July, or on Saturday 25 July. The FFT website lists both dates in different sections of the home page, so I hope someone decides which is the correct date.

The final is scheduled for 29 August.

Meanwhile, in the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League, Hobart Olympic will meet Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park this evening at 8pm, while tomorrow, Clarence United take on Kingborough Lions United at Wentworth Park at 7pm.


ginger said...

I'm led to believe the change in rosters for SWC matches was to enable as many players as possible to be 'available' for the north south matches on July 26th. The league matches originally scheduled for that week have been moved forward to the 18/19th and the SWC semis put back a week.
However i would expect a few players from the 4 remaining clubs in the SWC to be involved in the rep games!! so not sure it is such a great plan.
Another interesting point is both clarence and zebras reserves are currently rostered to play in catch up matches on the same day as the SWC semis, against sides that arent in the comp. surely this puts them at a disadvantage??

a very strange decision by mets, one thinks there must be more to the story??

The Realist... said...


a disgraceful decision. There is no more to it than the idiocy of the person at the top. Despite Metro's on field success which whether people like to admit it or not is largely down to Darrin Chaffey, off field the club is falling apart.

Disgraceful, disloyal and disrespectful decision and Metro, you have done yourself no favours in retaining teh players you have or getting more.

yet2b said...

3-16 very strong words??? you must be in the fray to be able to call it as you have? or is it a sour statement from past expierance?
any way they must be doing some things right?? but never easy for a playing coach can you really see the game, call the shots or make the decisions as a coach should when you have only been a player for a number of years and little time on the side lines to observe?

It happens to clubs at all levels to change staff.... will it change anything???? time is a great decider i think and with the current recuruits they have their winning way is set to continue!

The Realist... said...


Let's just say that I am a confused supporter, with no past experience as a player or coach but with enough 'experience' to see that Metro has done it again.

And let's be realistic, the loyal supporters it loses out of this, would have been around longer than the recruits on hand at the moment.

The Realist... said...


as I have never coached Metro, it can hardly be a sour statement from past experience, so I'm not
sure what your next line will be. I reckon they were doing a lot right headed up by Darrin Chaffey. I acn tell you that after last years disaster and the young players left, he was the one that got them back and the reason they came back. For people to believe that anybody else was responsible for that would be sheer ignorance.

Perhaps followers of football could answer the following questions. Where are Metro on the ladder ? Have they lost a game this year? Did they win the Div 1 Summer Cup ? Who has been the coach during thsi time ? Why would you change the person that has overseen all of this mid way through the year for a lesser coach. For what reason was this done ? maybe someone from teh inner sanctum at Metro might be able to get on ghere and explain the rationale behind this decision as I 'm sure that many players and supporters alike are a little bit confused at the moment.

Unknown said...

Interesting decision by Mets. I agree in principle. Not a huge fan, personally, of Chaffey, or of having player-coaches.

Surely a player-coach doesn't have the same detailed outlook on the game that a non-playing coach does.

Clarence-Kingo to be interesting tomorrow night, will both teams turn out full-strength?

Krauser said...

Metro = Strange
interesting draw for the laka cup,
rangers and zebras wuld be a cracker of a game. my tips btw.


State cup games are scheduled for July 25th. Where possible July18th and 25th were reversed. Some guys will back up the next day, but what do you do

M.J said...

Weird decision there regarding Chaffey, one of the only decent guys at metro for a long time and has always been there and done his best for the club. 3-16 i agree with you in regards letting Chaffey go and i can answer your questions as well. Its called Scotland. Over in The UK, just above England. Metro were a senoir club dropping to a very average div 1 standard, yet they still needed to recruit 26 scottish players. With this talent along with a few of there younger guys playing in div 1 i would say that almost anyone who coaches them would have them sitting top. Hats off to chaffey for his good work, playing coach is never easy.

eightball said...

surely this is the last we here of chaffey in metro colours- i said earlier that he might stay, but now he's gone, here are the latest odds for the new coach

glyn jenkins- 3-1
bret anderton- 8-1
eugene mycek- 15-1
ian parker- 15.50
andrew brown- 16.50
rod sanders- 24-1
george krambosanas- 32-1
corey smith player/coach- 150-1

Anonymous said...

Metro may have the best squad in Div 1, but Chaffey hasn't really done anything wrong. South Hobart have the best squad & most depth in Premier League. Ken Morton would be in a world of trouble if the SH committee was as demanding as Metro's! :)

jasond said...

training wasnt hard enough and he wasnt getting the best out of his players is what chaffey was told by jimmy

Daggert said...

Last time I checked winning games was what a coach is meant to do. Lack of motivation is the reason I believe that Darrin was asked to step down. Players were not asked if they lacked motivation nor told of the change prior to it happening. Chaffey has done alot for Metro and to be "stabbed in the back" as it seems is pretty low.

toyota1 said...

jims done it again .how many players can he drive away from this club have a look at some of the players he has alienated from metro you only have to look at the clarence div 3 side to see that metro eat their own ask pitchford .cheers ps reality 2 tipped this scenario last week good call

toyota1 said...

how many young kids have metro lost this year to prop up the recruits that will stay 5 minutes then same old same old metro .clean the place out of their penny pinching old farts and let some their fresh minded people start running the show for this habitual underperforming club that has developed enough talent over the past 20 years to at least have some that remain loyal to them .there lies the problem .time to go jim

googles said...

metro have done it again, didnt they learn the first time when they destroyed there club by bringing over scotsman, have many players do they have to lose before jim wakes up to himself, how many players have they lost since 2000 i would say about 20decent quality players,how many players are left from there best season in 2003, i would have to say none,they had a good team back then with the likes of corey smith,mathew sanders,paul cairns,jaydyn wiggins,sean green,jarrod saunders,chaffey,matthew gasprin plus more who i can not think off the top of my head,then you add goran jozilic,shane kent,adam mcewen,troy kaden just for a couple more and you add all of these togeather and you would still have a young very good team worthy of a title challenge, need i say more?

Anonymous said...


eightball said...

oh man mr tiles does this every time, whenever metro play well (when!) they always find a reason to mess with things like they don't want to improve. even when he wasn't president he was still pulling the strings. money talks

eightball said...

does this mean most of us are on chaffey's side?? maybe not the players, who prob count for the most, but for us minnow's peering through the outside, not too much seemed wrong.. what ever, div 1 anyway wait till they try get back to premier league if they can!!

Skeet said...

Eightball, I believe the players were not consulted on this decision, only informed on the same night as the coach. Talked to a few of them and their NOT HAPPY

C.Ronaldo said...

I support you 100% Chaffey, my 9 year old was also shafted last year from the junior division!!!!!!!! "He wasn't good enough to play to win"!.......hey so much for loytaly for years of hard work,all of us out here support what you, Gassie and Sheep did for the club. Money doesn't always buy everything!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im disappointed to see Chaffey go, have the utmost respect for Chaffey both off and on the pitch (especially since he has scored the most goals against me since I have been in Tassie... Pity it was while I was playing with but who says the players should get a say in what decision is made by a club. That has been the problem for way too long at Metro... The players have made the decision. Those players that choose to leave becuase of the decision... Good, go... the club still exists and needs to move forward... I will miss playing with Chaffey and hope that he can put this behind him and help us achieve what WE set out to do at the start of the season... Win promotion.

Anonymous said...

Those who are being critical of Jimmy Mc... Have a good look at what has happened this year... the club now has four players from overseas... Without those four players lets be honest the club would not be in 1st position. Secondly some of the young players at Metro will never get a chance to player with players as good as these boys, admit at times the boys are a bit disruptive... But really what other president has tried to grab some talent from somewhere. Since I have arrived in Hobart all I hear is how good the standard used to be. Jimmy brings four guys in to a squad to try and get the club back to Prem and he is critised... WHY?

Clarence Young Gun :D said...

why get rid of a coach that has got them so far?

Who cares said...

getting 4 scottish boys is ok if they're going to hang around. It's one thing getting a brazilian or scotsman to add something to the league but 4 at 1 club doesn't auger well for the medium term future (2-5 years)of Metro.

On the coach, whatever the reason it was poorly handled. the guy clearly deserved better.

Captain said...

Born to win - not just the boys who leave but the boys who don't go there. xx

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you mate... If they arent around for at least three years. BUt the club isnt going to attract players while in Div 1. It is hard enough in the prem to attract players to the club

Anonymous said...

Clarence Young Gun :D
What has been achieved so far this year? They need to win Div 1 to say something has been achieved.

Having Chaffey in at coach this year gave the club a good feel at training.

But Chaffe will be first to admit that unless the club wins promotion it is a failed season

Southern said...

on what grounds would the club attract players - now or in the future?

The club has demonstrated a complete lack of faith in their own players.

I think it's sad that they feel they must resort to the tactics they have in a do-or-die effort to re-enter Premier League.

Their imports have put them 2 points in front of Taroona. A draw or loss could make the whole exercise futile and costly in more ways than one.

There are at least 4 players who are missing out on playing seniors at Metro due to the scots. That's really developing the local game and the club - not.

Pixel 40 said...

There is no right or wrong, just wrong decisions, the club is doing the best they can. as a committee member of a club is not easy to tell a coach what is expected, let alone get rid of him
i am not a metro supporter but will say this, club's and player make decisions, as a coaches will on the pitch weather we like it or not i hope metro can pull this one up as top spot is in Desiree. i will also say it was the wrong time to do what they done. Good luck to then

yellowgemi11 said...

my sources have told me rod sanders has been named coach for season 2010 and has verbaly agreed with a few new players including another scottish import named john adam,ex metro players nick harrison and corey smith, eagles players chris wass and father and son combo chris and craig jones

eightball said...

those odds were way too long- good to see wassy going back to his junior roots, and rocket was long shunted by the club, so its good to see the metro faithful put their future into the hands of such an accomplished, experienced and fearless strikeman for so long. as for the jones's we'll see how that goes, it was rumoured craig was looking to move back to tassie from melbourne for work, while CJ has been making long strides in the VPL with preston lions for the last few weeks. He has mentioned john adam who he has played with rod's son mat at green gully, who has similar skills of a juan roman riquelme. with the inclusion of big man harro, the human fireball smith, scottish hardman adam, aswell as the flying cat craig jones and his human battering ram spawn CJ, metro is bound to be the underbelly of the comp next season

yellowgemi11 said...

metro team season 2010
gk-christopher jones
rb-marcus burn
cb-dean fak
cb-darrin chaffey
lb-ivan vucica
rm-nick harrison
cm-john adam
lm-ben trott
cf-craig jones
st-rod sanders(player-coach-captain)

corey smith
marcus mitracevics
lincon conquest
steve pitchford

Sir Mix a Lot said...

I hear a team manager/mascot has been lined up also in Grant 'Tassie' Brown. He will be using this as a stepping stone to Underbelly 3 where he hopes to land a gig as a hard-nosed killer/boxer who shines under the one and only Mick Gatto.

Chaffey said...

I've been in Sydney for the last 3 weeks this would've been the last thing I would've expected at Metro. Chaffey has been there since I can remember, and to be brushed aside as it seems from reading above is a pretty low act from McKinnon. But I guess besides big Jim's family members out there, is there any good people he hasn't pushed away from that club.