Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tassie A-League bid in the balance

John McGirr, the head of the Tasmania United A-League Taskforce, was on WIN TV news this evening with a sobering view of Tasmania's chances of an A-League team.

McGirr said that unless $100,000 was raised in the next two weeks, the bid was dead.

He said that FFA required a professionally prepared bid on the table within two weeks and that the cost of that would be $100,000.

Does anyone think the Government will chip in again? They recently gave the Taskforce $40,000 to finish off the feasibility study.

Who will be accountable for this state of affairs. The Government is certain to want to know what happened with the feasibility study.

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Goran Jozeljic was at KGV Park last night to watch his former club, Glenorchy Knights, beat Kingborough Lions United 3-0.

Jozeljic, who plays for St Alban's Saints in Victoria, took a week off to visit family in Hobart.


Captain said...

what a joke. $100K in 2 weeks.

yellowgemi11 said...

sounds like another failed bid then, whats the next plan?

The Phoenix said...

Hmmm does'nt even rate a mention on the Tas united site .totally wasted oppertunity that will never come around again. so sad .

tassieguy said...

it was never an opportunity but more of a publicity stint...including the sheikh..i hope they use those $40.000 for soccer-related purposes

Unknown said...

to be honest, the marketing and promotion for the bid has been poor indeed.

Little or no information has been provided to those members who signed up via the web, or at least very ineffective communication.
Perhaps if they had offered a part ownership to members for $50 each, it would have only taken 200 members to raise $100,000. I for one would pledge $50.

Guess too late now. Shame they had not held a match fund raiser

eightball said...

whats the rule for tassie born players if this miracle went ahead- 4/5 tassie players?? who would everyone think would they be???

Cando Snr said...

Adrian, did you go to school only to have your lunch?
200 x $50.00 = $10 000.00

yellowgemi11 said...

obviously adrian went to school at cosgrove

Unknown said...

forget the typing error, its the principle. either $100 or more memberships #. Thats the point.

instead of sledging others on this blog, put your energy in improving the level of football in Tasmania

Captain said...

typing error? what typing error??

Chuq said...

How much has the government put into the "failed" AFL bid? Didn't they even set up a project team at the Dept of Economic Development? Why wouldn't they fund $100k for this?

Being Tasmanians who support football, I would expect a better reponse than "what a joke", "sounds like another failed bid", "it was never an opportunity". Great attitude guys. If this is how the actual football fans treat it, what hope do we have?

Only thing I will agree with is COMMUNICATION! The TUFC guys have kept pretty quiet about a lot of things, to the point of some mainland commentators not knowing about the bid. Of course when they leak something to get a bit of media coverage (ie the Sheik thing) they get bagged for that as well.

Are people happy playing on paddocks in front of two men and a dog or do you think our state deserves more?

Neil said...

I certainly expect the Government to live up to their word and fund the next stage of the bid process. If the feasibility study has shown up the need to prepare a full business case to further the bid then Bartlett should sign the cheque straight away.