Sunday, February 14, 2010

Clarence and Eagles winners in Summer Cup

Photos (Top to Bottom): Luke Huigsloot is congratulated on his goal; Clarence's Joseph Stevens with the ball in midfield; Kingborough defend a Clarence corner; Olympia's Dipendra Kunwar and Emmanuel Tsakiris lead Eagles' Chris Wass and Jamie Vernon a merry chase; Eagles team-mates are concerned about goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford's shoulder; Olympia and Eagles prepare for the penalty shoot-out; Eagles' Nathan Pitchford saves Ben Phillips's spot-kick; Olympia keeper Dmitri Nester's penalty hits the post [PlessPix]

Clarence United beat Kingborough Lions United 2-1 at South Hobart today to go second on the Group B ladder in the Premier League section of the Summer Cup competition.

Several youngsters caught the eye for Clarence, who deserved to win against a Lions outfit that was too cautious at times.

Sam McIntyre and Alex Nandan were excellent for Clarence and their combination play caused constant headaches for the Lions’ rearguard.

Nandan, a 16-year-old left-footer, is fast, powerful and a wonderful striker of the ball. His corners, extremely accurate and taken with ease, are a delight to watch.

In the second half, he showed his power in the air when he got onto the end of a delightful chip from Sam McIntyre and thundered a header against David Leamey’s left-hand post.

Clarence hit the lead in the 20th minute when Luke Huigsloot cut the ball back from the byline on the right and Luke Cripps swept the ball home from inside the 6-yard box.

Luke Huigsloot headed Clarence’s second in the 23rd minute from Sam McIntyre’s deep cross from the right.

It took Kingborough until three minutes from the end to get on the scoresheet, Greg Freeman reaching Ryan Bevan’s free-kick from the right and tapping the ball home from close range and past a static Clarence defence.

In Group A, New Town Eagles and Olympia drew 1-1 before Eagles won the penalty shoot-out 4-3.

Nathan Pitchford marked his return to action after an injury kept him side-lined all last season by producing a brilliant save from Olympia’s Ben Phillips in the 6th minute.

Eagles went 1-0 up in the 9th minute when Jamie Vernon’s cross from the right found Adam McKeown unmarked on the edge of the box and he drew keeper Justin Farrugia before slipping the ball past him and into the net.

Farrugia then did well to tip another long-range effort over the bar, while Eagles cleared an Olympia shot off the line.

The Olympia equaliser came in the 13th minute when Phillips slipped the ball through for Dipendra Kunwar to score.

The second half was goalless and a penalty shoot-out was required to settle the issue and deliver the bonus point.

Olympia’s Adam Powell suffered a deep gash above his right eye after a clash of heads with an opponent late in the match and went off with blood streaming from the wound.

He later went to hospital for stitches.

Olympia goalkeeper Dimitri Nester, who had taken over from Farrugia for the second half, took his side’s first spot-kick but fired against Pitchford’s left-hand upright.

Andrew Clark scored to give Eagles the advantage, while Phillips’s second penalty for Olympia was saved by Pitchford.

Shane Kent netted to make it 2-0 for Eagles before Emmanuel Tsakiris was successful for Olympia.

Alex Leszczynski made it 3-1 for Eagles and Aaron Smith-Richardson then netted for Olympia to make it one goal the difference.

McKeown blazed Eagles’ fourth effort high over the bar and it was 3-3 as Kunwar scored for Olympia with their final penalty.

It was then left to Josh Hadfield to score and give Eagles a 4-3 win in the penalty shoot-out and a 5-4 triumph overall to take them to second place on the Group A ladder.

Liam Marsh scored a hat-trick for Clarence in the reserves match against Kingborough.

Grant Malcolm, who was one of Metro’s Scottish imports last season, grabbed Clarence’s remaining goal, while Jeremy Brown replied for Kingborough.

Olympia beat Eagles 2-0 in the other reserves match after a goalless opening half.

Olympia were terrible in front of goal, with Nick Meredith due for some nightmares with his misses.

Saad Mohamad had gone close for Olympia early on, his shot scraping the outside of a post.

With nine minutes remaining, Fletcher Tracy, back from overseas after a year’s absence, volleyed home from a through-ball to give Olympia the lead.

Five minutes later, Chris Tsakiris received a short pass from Tracey and lobbed the keeper to make it 2-0.

In the Steve Hudson Cup, two goals by Jonathon Lo and one each by Tom Roach and Jim Pennicott, as well as an own-goal, gave South Hobart a 5-1 win over Riverside Olympic.

Launceston City kept its two English imports - a centre-back and a centre-forward - on the sidelines and still beat Western Knights 1-0.

Ulverstone caused raised eyebrows with a 3-0 win over northern league champions Northern Rangers, while Taroona made a great start with a 6-0 demolition of tournament hosts Launceston United.


Booby Watcher said...

Kingborough Seniors looked pretty average over the weekend as did White Eagles, not sure who they had out but they are going to struggle if that is all they have for the season. Olympic looked a bit rusty with weird formations at times getting caught out but a good turnaround for their reserves, from 14-0 the previous week against Sth to a 2-0 win(which should have been 10-0) against Eagles...

Anonymous said...

Just found this site

hope you dont mind me advertising this on your blog walter, will be exellent to have two reviews of some games.

well done to both Julius and Walter keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that one of Metro's Scottish Imports from last year can only make the Premier reserve grade at Clarence. Is that showing the difference of quality between Div 1 & Premier League?

Blog Reader said...

Anonymous (Julius???), I'm sure Walter won't mind.

eightball said...

good report walter- justin farrugia should be one of the stories to watch. he has spent around a decade of low level football for DOSA and has now made a somewhat successive appearance individually for olympia. a couple of players from both teams i thought struggled to find their groove- it was very eagles though, just creeping over the line.

everyone loves a shootout.

eightball said...

and we all hope pitchy's return is not shortlived, he has struggled with injury so hopefully this shoulder is nothing of a concern for the red and whites. on any given day nathan can be a match winner

Anonymous said...

No not julius, just read his blog a couple of times, and he has just started to advertise the local game. shame he isnt still playing really

Anonymous said...

clarence well and truly dominated kingborough. kingborough will certainly be battling in the bottom 3.

cripps lucky not to get a couple of cards on sunday however

clarence definitely are a top 4 team now, finally displaying some of their promise.

Anonymous said...

Well and truly dominated..? Other than the one that hit post, I can’t recall any other real chances that Clarance created. Granted, Kingborough didn’t create many of their own but I wouldn’t say they were dominated!

Anonymous said...

watching the game, kingo sat everyone in their own half and didnt look like scoring at all other than through their set piece.

clarence certainly looked the better side

Anonymous said...

Clarence will make the final of the summer cup, although i think south will be hard to beat in this comp. Luke Huigsloot is by far their best player and is showing why he is the better huigsloot.

Anonymous said...

Not to sure Luke is better then Jacob at his best, in saying this, both have certainly made their mark in 2010 by scoring good goals in the first round of Summer Cup. As much as i rate Huigsloot (Luke), certainly not Clarences best player. Sam Mc has the most talent, where as Cripps often carries Clarence with his leadership qualities.

Martin Handford said...

both Huigsloot boys are good on their days! and they both play different positions? why compare. i think Jacob will have his best year yet along at the knights, now that his not competing to be one of browny's favorites!

Pixel 40 said...
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Pixel 40 said...

When a player put a hard training. it is amazing what they can do but sadly lots of those player treat Div 1 with poor respect and that is why Div 1 luck quality, players that move from Div 1 to play Premier have to put 2 training a week to be look at.
thought to those coaches up there for Div 1 don't let those so call seniors player get the best of you

Anonymous said...

Positions aside, overall Luke is much stronger in all area's, and if he had to play in the back four he would do a much better job than is older brother, the reason why they should be compared is too often people overlook these facts, and players get away with hype. prove themselves on the pitch i say, and Luke is well and truly a mile ahead

eightball said...

pixel 40 i think i get what u were saying, were u agreeing with me?? i've known justin previously, and he is one of the games good guys. he has put up with a lot in his career, good to see him start to reap some benefits

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.35pm. I think you need to take off your Rose coloured Glasses. Luke can not play defence. His stint in the Ressies back 4 at the beginning of last season proved that. Stop comparing the 2, they are like Chalk and Cheese and if I was a coach then I'd gladly have both in my starting 11

Anonymous said...

who cares which one is better? that is like comparing crosswell and ladic??? you would want both in any team if you could have them!!!

wake up clarence supporters! we know luke is good but in the knights line up there would be no room for him!!

Chop said...

Clarence supporters can't take losing their players to other clubs well haha worried hugi might do well at knights?? Well u should! Didn't even know Jacob had a brother!?

Anonymous said...

Luke in Defence over Jacob?...Awful comment. Shows how much you know about the game my friend. He was barely playing ressies as a centre back. Id love both Huigsloots in my team, stop bitching and move on.

Anonymous said...

By the way alot have groaned about Huigsloot, it seems a few are a bit hasty about his move to Knights? Bad luck Clarence, yet another quality player gone.

Anonymous said...

Clarence will be fine they have one of Metro's Scottish imports

Pixel 40 said...

Yes eyeball I was agreeing
Dosa always have had poor training turn up, but when those player want to play premier the coin turn
It is sad.

Anonymous said...

Justin Farrugia is definitely a player to be watching this season, especially now that he has the opportunity to showcase his skills in a more appropraite level of football.