Monday, February 22, 2010

Zebras keep final hopes alive with win over Eagles

Photos (Top to Bottom): Zebras' Adam Young (left) marks Eagles' Joshua Hadfield; Zebras' Dwayne Walsh (left) tangles with Eagles' Mark Page; Zebras' Kurt Engels (right) prepares for the challenge of Eagles' Michael Anderson; Eagles' coach George Krambousanos thanks Jamie Vernon for his contribution; Zebras' David Cox (left) tangles with Eagles' Joshua Quan; A near miss for Zebras' Jayden Welch; Zebras' Adam Young (left) battles with Eagles' Steve Louden [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup (Group A, South Hobart, Sunday, 21 February 2010)


New Town Eagles 0

Tilford Zebras 2 (Self 7, Walsh 60)

HT: 0-1 Att: 150 Ref: S Collins

New Town Eagles: Minty - Page, Wass, Louden, Hadfield - Vernon, Kent, Anderson, Whitehall - McKeown, Fennell [Interchange: J Clamp, Quan, Menzie] [Coach: George Krambousanos]

Tilford Zebras: Voss - Fagg, Telega, Smith, K Engels - Hall, Crosswell, Self, L Engels - Walsh, Welch [Interchange: Fisher, Thorpe, D Cox, Young] [Coach: Romeo Frediani]


Tilford Zebras went all out in attack from the opening whistle, while New Town Eagles tried to make the most of the limited counter-attacking opportunities.

Luke Engels went close for Zebras as early as the 4th minute when he shot just wide of the target.

But, it was Eagles who should have taken the lead when, in the 5th minute, Adam McKeown controlled a long ball forward on the edge of the box, turned, and played the ball perfectly into the path of Jamie Vernon steaming down the inside-left channel.

Vernon was presented with a marvellous scoring opportunity, but his inexperience told when he failed to beat Jason Voss because his shot was too weak and flew at waist height, which made for an easy catch by the Zebras keeper.

One lets Zebras off the hook in such a manner at one’s own risk and, two minutes later, they took the lead.

Ricky Self shrugged off the physical challenge of Michael Anderson in midfield and then advanced on goal before beating Craig Minty from 25 metres to make it 1-0.

This goal demonstrated the Zebras’ willingness to shoot from range, and they continued to do so throughout the match.

In the 23rd minute, Dwayne Walsh produced an incredible miss for Zebras. Ben Crosswell passed to Luke Engels on the left and his cross found Walsh inside the 6-yard box, but he somehow managed to scoop the ball over the bar when it would have been easier to score.

On the stroke of half-time, Jayden Welch missed an absolute ‘sitter’ from Luke Engels’s pass.

Early in the second half, Anderson’s shot was charged down and the ball fell to McKeown, who had the ball in the net off a defender, but the assistant referee’s flag for off-side ruled out the effort.

Minty was then injured in a collision as he went for a cross and at first it was feared he would have to be replaced. After treatment, he was able to continue but looked shaky for the remainder of the match.

Eagles’ central defender, Chris Wass, also suffered a shoulder injury and had to be rested. Eagles’ coaching staff were hoping it was not a broken collarbone.

Zebras did not kill of the game until the last minute. Matt Hall’s shot was parried by Minty and Walsh swept home the rebound to make it 2-0.

Zebras can still qualify for the final, but it will depend on South Hobart losing their last match against Eagles.

Zebras reached the final and won through a similar miracle qualification last season, but lightning never strikes the same spot twice and they have probably run their race.


· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“I think we’ve still got five or six very important players out.

“I don’t think we’re in trouble. I think it that’s the best they’ve got, they’d better start thinking a little bit.

“That’s not taking any respect from Zebras, but I think once our team gets those quality players back we’re going to give it a good go, a real good go.”

· Tilford Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, said:

“I was happy. We played well and they gave us plenty of room in the middle of the park, especially in the first half.

“Ben Crosswell, Matty Hall and Ricky Self exploited that.

“We had a lot of opportunities, which we probably should have put away, so we were a little bit unfortunate there, but maybe a little more practice in front of goal will fix that.

“Overall, I was more than happy. Three points is good enough for me.”


Anonymous said...

zebras still seem a bit off. not a good start for the new coach if he ends the run of summer cup trophies. Early to read into much but the youth still may not be up to a season of senior football.

relegated eagle said...

zebras dominated? is krambo for real? what planet is he from as his blokes looked second rate relegation material and he has nothing to come back in that is quality unless he is looking at slugger coming out of retirement, on another note zebras look very sharp and are the 2nd best side in the comp but are unlucky south are in their group and they had them first up, lets remember south are already at their peak

eightball said...

so wass, clarkm alex l, and pitchy aren't quality???
big GK has an ace up his sleeve

alex said...

have heard an ex player has signed in the last day or so for eagles who has played at a higher level can anyone confirm?

morton's left testy said...

wass rubbish

alex l lazy and fat

pitchy is the darren anderton of tas soccer (always injured)

but i did hear that eightball has siggned on with krambonopoulos

concerned future referee said...

can the referee have the final say on strip clashes? for example if i was referee i would probably have asked the zebras keeper jason voss to wear a hat in the game against eagles as it was very hard to distinguish the clash of colour between the eagles strips and vossy's head

Anonymous said...

8ball has signed with Eagles I heard, any truth to this?

Maybe Walter can do an interview with him on Sat at the game to ask why he is such a knob.

junk in my trunk said...

one player who should not get a game for zebras this year once they have a full side is jayden welsh it makes my eyes water watching that talentless goose on the field

Zoolander said...

With Shane Kent now looking like he has reached Iron Man fitness levels, Eagles would be a challenge to the top 4.

The Humble Pie said...

Is it true that shane kent and midge are brothers?

canteens open said...

yes yes that is true and googsy is their uncle

eightball said...

i assumed i'd become part of the rumour mill eventually. i don't know anon who u think i am, but i have never played for eagles or intend to. i am happily retired thanks, but enjoy the current game at the moment, with a couple of exeptions

Anonymous said...

Eightball, from wat I have gathered from most of your posts, there is no way you would get a game for Any team in the premier league, whether you are 70 or in ur peak. You know nothing about the game, and you were probably one of those players who couldn't get a senior game cause you weren't good enough.. But hey, what eve floats your boat, post as much as you like on this blog, cause that's as much fame as you'll ever get. It always good to make up for lost dreams of playing 1st team football in tassie, with bagging out the players that are now.

eightball said...

we could sit here all day and talk about who has done what, the fact is 3/4's of people on here know who i am, and know i have played at a higher level, and have played with, and against former internationals, albeit for half a season. you can reveal yourself and tell us all your amazing stats if you want to, everybody takes this blog for gospel. i dont rip people on here, its just one person's view. if a couple of young guys down here wanted to take the next step, instead of talking about how greta hey are, or other bloggers blowing steam up there ass they would have done it already. i'm sure there is a majority of us that want to see young tasmanians succeed, but with some of their attitudes the way they are at the moment, i don't see it happening in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Chris Jones has signed for Eagles, and will play this saturday. Walter can you find out more please.

Anonymous said...

Walter the reason I asked is, doesnt he live in Melbourne. And who is going to fit the bill to fly him down each week ??

Anonymous said...

Gostaria de ver fotos e também comentários do Time Reserva e sub 19 do South Hobart. ( Hernane Caires - Brasil )

Anonymous said...

sorry i dont speak portugese

Walter said...

It's just the father of South Hobart's Mizael Linhares Caires, the young Brazilian, asking me to post some photos and match reports of South's reserves and under-19s.

Anonymous said...

great news for eagles if true will help them greatly as he played in the vpl last year

Anonymous said...

he only got a game because none of the Preston players would play because of a pay dispute.

Anonymous said...

jones and the new preston players must have done something because when they got to preston they put on more points in 4 games, than the original seniors did for the whole season

Anonymous said...

cj was on a reported 200 a game so it was prob money well spent considering some of those mainland players demand up to 6-700 a game

blaze said...

cj apparently got 9 votes out of a possible 18 in the games he played so he must of done well so it will be good for eagles to have him back in there line up