Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Goal!Weekly"now available in Hobart every Tuesday

The Melbourne weekly soccer newspaper “Goal!Weekly” is now available each Tuesday in Hobart.

The first edition for the year is available now.

There is a half-page feature, including match photo, each week about Tasmanian football.

Victorian football is covered in great detail with match reports, photos and general news.

This week’s edition features one page on each of the Victorian Premier League clubs, including squad lists, coaches, office bearers and photos.

All states are given half-page coverage and the A-League, English Premier League and other European leagues are also featured.

The paper costs $4 and is available at the following newsagencies:

Ellison Hawker

Angus & Roberston

Elizabeth Mall Newsagency


Mick Morley said...

FFV are also showing 1 live VPL game a round streamed the there website.

1st game they are showing is on sat between Green Gully v Hume(Matty Sanders). Good chance for everyone to see a Tassie boy playing in a decent league.

Anonymous said...

What time is that happening Mick?

Anonymous said...

3pm sat