Monday, February 22, 2010

South Hobart rout Olympia Warriors

Photos (Top to Bottom): The teams enter the pitch [Quiz: Find George]; Kostas Kanakaris is congratulated for his goal by captain Bart Beecroft; Olympia's Nick Meredith (left) and South Hobart's Jonathon Ladic; South's Liam Scott is booked by referee Craig Phillips; South's Jim Pennicott has a header at goal [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup (Group A, South Hobart, Saturday, 20 February 2010)


Olympia Warriors 0

South Hobart 4 (Kanakaris 19, Scott 26, Lo 32, 37)

HT: 0-2 Att: 150 Ref: C Phillips

Olympia: Nester - Lebski, P Tsakiris, Percy, Hey - Smith-Richardson, Phillips, Mason, McCallum - Kunwar, Meredith [Interchange: Wiggins, Richardson, E Tsakiris, Farrugia] [Coach: Chris Hey]

South Hobart: Kruijver - Downes, D Brown, Ludford, Scott - Beecroft, Pennicott, Ladic, Hickey - Kanakaris, Lo [Interchange: M Brown, King, D Cooper, Upton] [Coach: Ken Morton]


Hobart Olympic's change of name to the original Olympia this year was accompanied by a change of emblem to that of a Greek warrior's helmet and much talk about the fighting spirit of the ancient Greeks.

Well, on Saturday at South Hobart, Olympia Warriors really were like the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480BC.

They initially held out the South Hobart attacks bravely, but they then went behind to a goal from one of their own - the Spartans, too, were betrayed by a Greek helping the Persians, who showed the enemy another entrance to the pass - before eventually being overwhelmed and succumbing to superior forces.

By the time Kostas Kanakaris - ironically a Greek, who once played with Olympia - had breached Olympia’s defences, it was only a matter of time before the Warriors capitulated.

South added another goal before the interval and then two more in the second half to run out easy 4-0 winners.

Kanakaris hit the opener in the 19th minute from the right-hand side of the box, while the marauding fullback Liam Scott added the second seven minutes later when Olympia’s keeper, Dmitri Nester, cannoned a clearance off the youngster and the ball ricocheted into the net to make it 2-0.

South played cleverly, with accurate passing, rapid movement and interchange of positions, while Olympia tried to use the long ball out of defence, but to little effect.

South went 3-0 up just two minutes after the break when Scott’s low cross from the left was deftly flicked over the goalkeeper by Jonathon Lo, who has returned to the club after a year in the north-west with Somerset.

South’s fourth goal exemplified all that was good in their play.

The move was started in defence by Scott, who put Kanakaris away down the left. His low cross eluded everyone but Lo, who scored easily from close range.

The win made it six points from two outings for South Hobart, who are top of Group A and a hot favourite to reach the final.


· Olympia Warriors coach, Chris Hey, said:

I thought in the first fifteen we started off well and kept possession of the ball, but I didn’t think we pushed our back-line up and allowed them to come to us.

“We talked about their ability to play the diagonal ball, but they were still very effective. We just couldn’t combat them today.

“I was disappointed we didn’t hold our different lines of defence and with some of our decision making, where we had the opportunity to hold on to the ball and yet we played those early balls. Whether we panicked or whether it’s just where we are in the season compared to them, I don’t know.

“It’s still encouraging. I mean, we’re a work in progress, I suppose. I always said we were going to be slow starters. But, there are some encouraging signs.

“I thought Emmauel Tsakiris did well in parts and I thought Benjamin Phillips was excellent in the centre of midfield. He’s a really good pick-up for us. It’s good to see someone so young wearing the captain’s armband today in place of Hugh Richardson, who wasn’t going to play because of a virus.

“Ben Phillips stepped up to the mark today and I think showed a lot of people that he’s going to be a top player in Tassie football for years to come.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“It was comfortable in the end. We played some good football today.

“Whereas in some other games we may not have taken the chances, today we took the chances.

“I’m very happy with the way the boys have committed themselves and doubling up again tomorrow is not easy, but they’re doing very well at the moment.”


Yoda said...

Scott lucky to stay on field thought i did.

Pleasant to watch sth midfield move the ball it was.

Anonymous said...

yes Yoda. He was close to a second yellow in second 1/2 - he seems incredulous when pulled up for obvious indiscretions - good player tho.

Anonymous said...

an early skirmish Walter.

South may be a mountain too far but the Warriors will get stronger(er).

Anonymous said...

basically i love liam scott :P

Yoda said...

Agreed anon 9.37.

Intelligent player. Interesting it would be to watch the young scott go 1 on 1 with a decent right mid one day.

Anonymous said...

the photo of scott getting his card is a cracker walter. the look on the south players faces is priceless. they seem to be very frustrated with young scott for getting a stupid card.

Anonymous said...

scott gets cards, so what? The young olympia player was away on goal, foul was commited, get over it.
be interesting when he plays teams when players foul him back.

Yoda said...

Mmmm, often mr.Liam doesnt have a man to play against.

I think when little dipendra skipped past him that once, was the only time ive seen liam have to think defensively in 2 games.

That says more about south than anything else perhaps. Easily the best defensive side at the moment.

Anonymous said...

the only time olympia looked like a threat was little dippa was on...
what was wrong with his leg?

Anonymous said...

Sammy K has got all the power ranger outfits Green last week Yellow this week. perhaps pink next week?